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  1. Neighbor/friend flew these so I decided to build one of them. He provided numerous photos and typical mission load-out. About half of his photos, a/c didn't have slime lites and only one had red stripe turbine burst marking. So I didn't add those. Shark mouth as comes from MicroScale Decals was wrong style. Wasn't ready to hand paint the correct one. Have at it. Bo EDIT: Put is name on Pilot canopy and his Wife on Rear seat drive one!! (Gotta get my fun where I can!!)
  2. A neighbor/friend flew this one so I decided to build one for him. He provided numerous photos of Squadron a/c and provided typical load-out. About half of photos he provided showed a/c without 'slime lites' and only one with red stripe turbine burst???? So I didn't add those. Have at it. Bo
  3. Future dipping canopies. I usually wait a week or more to mask and paint to let Future fully cure. Bo
  4. Outstanding build!! I've always loved the look of the X-15 and wanted a Monogram/Tamiya quality 48th scale kit!! This kit is NOT of that level; but, after ur touch, it sure looks like it!! Good show all around!! Bo
  5. Alright. I re-posted my images that departed the scene recently. Hope they stay this time. Bo
  6. Anyone else notice posted photos going away??? What's the best photo posting service, now?? Postimage.org is what I've been using. Bo
  7. When in the WORLD is someone going to make a NEW Tool, 48th scale AH-1G???? The first design from the start, attack helicopter with tons of Vietnam era markings!!! Geeesh!! Bo Roberts
  8. Don't everyone answer all at once!! The silence is deafening!! Guess the one I recall never made it, huh?? Bo
  9. Has anyone made a resin gun nose and sights that would represent those T-Birds flown in Korea?? TIA Bo
  10. Get well soon, then back into the modelling swing!! And cut out that physical activity that broke your ankle!! Bo
  11. I just now got my Thinnerline Circle Cutter and mine DOES have scale on inside of wheel and the instructions has one put provided Arrow on cutting arm. I'm guessing arrow is placed to 0 (zero). Each number on scale is 10 mm. I'll have to convert MM to inches for my use, ..... or just get close enuff for Gov't Work!! LOL!! My inside scale is actually engraved with paint in the recesses. Pretty well made. Has SWISS on Ring?? And BTW, mine is Black instead of the 1st Gen Yellow ones. Bo Bo
  12. Thanks. I was TRYING to cut a 48th scale circle of 15 inches, the old way and "What a PAIN"! Finally did get there but hope this tool makes job much easier!! And, thanks. Bo
  13. Finally broke down and bought Shadow Hobby’s Thinnerline Circle cutter!! Tired of other ways to cut circles 1/2 inch or smaller. Anyone else have experience with this tool?? Bo
  14. Here ya go. https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_3_9?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=illumibox+1%2F18&sprefix=Illumibox%2Caps%2C194&crid=1AAQVL5GQC605
  15. Additional photos of my Huey inside a PERFECT Display case for it. It JUST does fit and lights add something to it. Ordered from Amazon. It's made for 1/18 scale cars but this Huey works, too.
  16. Thanks, but also found them at Micro Scale website. Again, thanks. Bo
  17. Squadron Codes JJ and/or JV. Neighbor friend flew these in SEA circa 1974. If ya have any and willing to part with them, let me know your asking price. Bo
  18. What a Guy! And makes EXCELLENT decals, too! Bo
  19. Love ur T-6 Texan and T-33A decal sheets , ...but, would like to build these subjects from OTHER Bases like, Goodfellow, Webb, Sheppard, and Reese to name but a few. These ATC Badges and possibly aircraft codes would really enhance your present sheets. What do ya think??? Bo
  20. The Instructions for mounting the Stab Bar has you connecting P/C link tube, Scissors Tube and Dampner tubes to set height of Stab Bar. Part A59 looks kinda like the real Stab Bar Support that makes things alot easier!! Then ya have to lenghten all of those tube to connect to Stab Bar. I agree with Salvador001 that one really needs to swap mast splice just above the mast boot and add to top of mast inside of M/R yoke. That'll lower dampners. Soon, I gotta sit down and write out changes I made and should have made for my next effort. Such as sanding down that tear drop antenna on roof. Way too proud. Bo
  21. Don't mind at all!! Thanks. For all you that want a display case for your build, I found one on Amazon that is 14 inches long, 6 X 6 inches wide and high. Has 4 LED lights at the corners. Tight fit but it DOES fit!! Took pix with my phone and will TRY to post here. Wish others would use this case and post some worthy photos of their builds. Bo
  22. Collective Sleeve and Lever with Push Tube was added to mine. I DID screw up aft Swashplate Support by moving it to the right to clear Main Driveshaft. Wasn't 'til I saw illustration that I knew each swashplate support arm IS 120 degrees apart and aft is stepped over for Main Driveshaft clearance. Next time I'll fix that. Bo
  23. I can find mask for the Revell/Monogram B-17G model but not the F Model. Does anyone make them?? The nose, upper turret and maybe the ball turret would be different. Don't know if the common parts would be usable or not???? Bo
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