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  1. Thanks, but also found them at Micro Scale website. Again, thanks. Bo
  2. jabow

    Air Training Command Bases

    What a Guy! And makes EXCELLENT decals, too! Bo
  3. Love ur T-6 Texan and T-33A decal sheets , ...but, would like to build these subjects from OTHER Bases like, Goodfellow, Webb, Sheppard, and Reese to name but a few. These ATC Badges and possibly aircraft codes would really enhance your present sheets. What do ya think??? Bo
  4. jabow

    Hobby Boss 48th P-51D Mustang

    Picked up this Easy Build kit and from what I can tell just looking at parts inside sealed bag, it looks pretty darn good. Likely NOT the kit to choose if you're striving for the 'Gold'; but, if ya want a nice looking representative Mustang, down and dirty, give it a second look. Bo
  5. The Instructions for mounting the Stab Bar has you connecting P/C link tube, Scissors Tube and Dampner tubes to set height of Stab Bar. Part A59 looks kinda like the real Stab Bar Support that makes things alot easier!! Then ya have to lenghten all of those tube to connect to Stab Bar. I agree with Salvador001 that one really needs to swap mast splice just above the mast boot and add to top of mast inside of M/R yoke. That'll lower dampners. Soon, I gotta sit down and write out changes I made and should have made for my next effort. Such as sanding down that tear drop antenna on roof. Way too proud. Bo
  6. Don't mind at all!! Thanks. For all you that want a display case for your build, I found one on Amazon that is 14 inches long, 6 X 6 inches wide and high. Has 4 LED lights at the corners. Tight fit but it DOES fit!! Took pix with my phone and will TRY to post here. Wish others would use this case and post some worthy photos of their builds. Bo
  7. Collective Sleeve and Lever with Push Tube was added to mine. I DID screw up aft Swashplate Support by moving it to the right to clear Main Driveshaft. Wasn't 'til I saw illustration that I knew each swashplate support arm IS 120 degrees apart and aft is stepped over for Main Driveshaft clearance. Next time I'll fix that. Bo
  8. I can find mask for the Revell/Monogram B-17G model but not the F Model. Does anyone make them?? The nose, upper turret and maybe the ball turret would be different. Don't know if the common parts would be usable or not???? Bo
  9. jabow

    Display Case vs. aircraft sub-forums

    Too darn many Forums!!! Some one posted photos of Horten Flying wing and removed them to the 'Correct' Forum and I can't find it now!! So, where is the 'Correct Forum'??? Bo
  10. jabow

    1/48 UH-1E USMC(R)

    Whoa!!! Now that's one GREAT looking Huey!! All your efforts REALLY paid off with this gem!! Clear right? Clear left? CLEAR!! Bo
  11. I'm in the final throws of completing Kitty Hawks 48th scale UH-1D/H. Put on most decals last nite and use my standard SolvaSet. This morning, decals were laying beautiful!! Added some more decals to opposite side of tailboom and again, used SolvaSet. Notice the lid was less than tight. (Musta not tighten it good last nite.) Went shopping with Wife and when I returned some 3 hours later ready to install details and shoot Flat Finish, BUT, the black decals were melted!!! CRAP!!! Totally unusable!! So, question, did water evaporate outta my loose SolvaSet cap bottle making it MUCH STRONGER????? Only thing I can think of that melted decals this morning and snugged 'em down last nite????? Poed BO
  12. I agree. Scissors install on kit isn't aligned with Stab bar as it should. Moving Scissors to the right. looking inboard, may be possible??? I forget how it was. Just the scale thickness of plastic, verses real item, may also come into play. I personally think instructions left out a Stab Bar Support, P/N A59, that would making setting the Stabilizer Bar a much easier task. Bo
  13. Without pulling out calipers, placing 48th scale man on roof top, the relation to model’s mast height is EXACTLY how I recall it during my many pre and post flight check of rotor head. I’m 6’2” and my model man is about 6 foot tall. I pronounce the mast length “Good enuff for Gov’t work.” Bo See Here.
  14. Second try is fine without Solvaset. Ya live and learn! Bo
  15. Maybe it was the time of day I applied them???? LOL!!!! These decals ARE very thin and this time, I may not even use a decal set. I've got everything ready for a second try. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!! LOL! Like that'l help!! LOL!! Bo
  16. They were your decals and that's EXACTLY why I bought 3 sheets. I was gonna use Kit US ARMY on Tailboom but kit is different font than yours. Yours looks better. I'll take the black '16' on tail number from another subject on your sheet. I want to build other 134th AHC Hueys. Just keep more decals coming. Bo
  17. I've used Walters SolvaSet for .......... years!!! And it was the decals from the same sheet. I've lightly applied it, dabbed up the excess. All looked good when I left. The Tail Number has both Black and White numbers!! White was unaffected!! Black melted!!! And the lid WAS put on, just not tightened down. I WILL add some Distilled Water, several drops, before using it again. Bo
  18. jabow

    1/48 UH-1V Huey Kitty Hawk FINISHED 03.16.18

    Thanks. I’m using P/N A59 trimmed shorter a bit that will set Stab Bar that looks ok to my Mk I’s. Means that I will have to lengthen link between dampeners and Stab Bar. Other tubes??? Kit is also missing Blade Grip reservoir, which I added. Stab Bar is slightly higher than those reservoirs. Having Maintenance Manual with illustrations helps. Bo
  19. Help Rod!! How did you set the height of the Stab Bar above the Main Rotor hub??? Did you use the Support P/N A59??? Bo
  20. jabow

    1/48 UH-1V Huey Kitty Hawk FINISHED 03.16.18

    Charlie, HELP!! How did you set the height of the Stabilizer Bar Above the Rotor Head???? Real Huey has 2 Stabilizer Bar Supports that bolts to trunnion and one bearing/bolt that secured to middle of Stabilizer Bar Assy. Kit has 2 parts A59?? that kinda looks like these supports but instructions do NOT use these parts!!! I promise that the Stab Bar is held up by more that just the PC links and Tubes!! I think there is an omission of these essential parts in the instructions!! Bo
  21. jabow

    1/48 UH-1V Huey Kitty Hawk FINISHED 03.16.18

    Wow!! You're WAY ahead of me, Charlie!! LOOKING GOOD!! Bo
  22. jabow

    F-4E Phantoms???

    In 48th scale, who all makes the US Air Force version of the E Model Phantom?? My very limited knowledge is that Hasegawa and Italeri does, but wondered if Academy and Monogram did as well??? Neighbor flew them in Vietnam and I'm thinking about building one he flew. I did a F-105 for him some time back. Help with the Phantom, guys. Bo
  23. jabow

    48th T-6 Texan

    Are the 'typical' EXCELLENT in every way, decal sheet!! They'er great!! Way to go Kursad!! Bo
  24. Gotta pass and this one. Now if it was a tall Tail D Model????? Bo
  25. jabow

    1/48 UH-1V Huey Kitty Hawk FINISHED 03.16.18

    If ya haven't installed the lateral/fore and aft support, it's not to late. The Collective sleeve would go under that. I did but sawed it off to added sleeve and therefore raise it all higher above the Xmsn cowl. Bo