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  1. I am looking for a few kits of Revell Germany’s Luftwaffe “What Ifs” that were put out about ten years ago. I have the Horton flying wing, I also recall an upgraded ME-262 with extra weaponry and a Focke-Wulf jet, not the swept wing jet done by a few companies. Can anyone help me with a complete list? I have checked their website, several dealers, and several hobby stores, no luck. Please post here of via a PM. Many thanks in advance.
  2. I am looking for a 1/72 scale SUU-23 gun pod for a Fujimi FGR.2 Phantom. The kit provided one is not very good, neither is the Hasegawa Version from their weapons set. I have read that there is a very good resin one, but I cannot find the manufacturer. Please let me know if you can help me, my e-mail address is dinorich1@hotmail.com. Many thanks in advance.
  3. I recently stopped here after perhaps ten years. I was very pleasantly surprised, their model kit selection had greatly expanded, They have a great many older kits at very reasonable prices, in fact I spent $100 on old kits! Some of them are two Special Hobby F-86s, an H and a K, both for $19.99 each (I have seen them going for $40), a Fujimi British Phantom for $12.99, and a Tamiya Bell X-1 for $11.99, plus a few supplies at good prices! In all, highly recommended, worth the trip if you are in the area. Very easy to find, on Route 1 in a Big Y plaza, you can’t miss it. Closed on Tuesday, btw.
  4. I found a set of Moskit exhausts. Many thanks for your responses and suggestions.
  5. You have to wear a mask and use hand sanitizer but Amato’s is open! Bought two kits this morning, I was their first customer.
  6. The title saws it all. I have recently gotten back into the hobby and found a Hasegawa 1/48 P-40E while cleaning out my basement ( I had completely forgotten about it). I am looking for aftermarket exhaust stacks; Moskit made beautiful metal parts that I have used before, not certain if they made any for the P-40. That or anything else would work. I can pay by check or money order, no PayPal, had a bad experience with them. Reply here or in a pm. Many thanks for looking.
  7. Geoff M, that’s it! I made a Google search and came up with Moskit on EvilBay, but nothing for P-40s. I will be posting a lookout on ARC soon. Many thanks.
  8. I am just getting back into the hobby and found a Hasegawa 1/48 P-40E while cleaning out my basement. Are there any aftermarket cast metal exhaust stacks for this kit? I did a Google search and could not find anything. About ten years ago, there was a Russian company that produced excellent am parts for 1/48 WWII planes, I built a few kits utilizing them. Please respond here or by PM.
  9. I am looking for a few Dragon 1/72 scale armor kits. 7491 Erzatz M-10 7332 M6 Bradley Linebacker 7324 M2A3 Bradley 7333 M3A2 Bradley w/ERA 7249 Leopard 2A4 7247 M2A4 Bradley IOF I can pay by check or money order, not PayPal (had a very bad experience with them). Please respond by either post or PM. Many thanks in advance.
  10. I am looking for a schematic and color call out for the F-5 Aggressor scheme known as Mako or Shark, three shade of blue suggesting a shark. I have only seen side views, no top or bottom views. An extensive search on Google has come with lots of side views, no schematics. Any help would be welcome, even pics of a finished model. Post or PM me. Many thanks in advance.
  11. I just had great deal with SonyKen. I hadn't used PayPal in a while, there were a few changes made, but he was very patient and walked me through it. Highly recommended. Rich J (Felinoid)
  12. I'll give this a shot. I recently picked up a Fujimi 1/72 F7U-3p (photo-recce) Cutlass, kit # H11. The box is opened but all bags (including decals)are sealed. I'd like to trade for a Fujimi (or Testor's boxing) kit # H10,F-7U3, in similar condition. If a deal can be made this weekend, I can get the kit out Tuesday morning via Priority Mail. Ships from 06052, central CT. Please contact me through this post or directly at cryptoguy295@hotmail.com I know it's a long shot but I'm hoping. Thanks for looking. Felinoid
  13. Once again cleaning out the stash. I'm on vacation this week so a deal can be made pretty quickly, I'll be checking here a few times a day. Prices DO NOT include shipping. Prices are in US Dollars I prefer PayPal or a United States Postal Service Money order. Packages will be shipped via USPS Priority mail. Ships from central CT, zip 06052. No trades at this time, please. Aircraft 1/48 (one, actually) Trumpeter 1/48 PLAAF J-10AY Vigorous Dragon (8.1 Aerobatic Team). Bags are sealed, primarily marketed as an aerobatic a/c but has full weapons load and standard markings plus instructions. $25.
  14. I would like to do a build of an F-16C in the Arctic Aggressor scheme in 1/72 scale. What would be the best combination of a kit and decals? Felinoid
  15. Cleaning out the stash (again!) and came up with this....Hasegawa P-40E "Prisoner Of War", kit # 52104 or SP304 (both are on the box). Interesting subject, a captured P-40E evaluated, later used (?) by the Japanese in full Japanese markings. The kit is opened but all parts are still in bags. The decals come with the normal paper coverings, there is also a set of decals for the P-40E U.S. Army "Aleutian Tigers", but rather oddly no placement instructions. Asking price is $35 or REASONABLE offer, PLUS shipping. Ships from central CT, zip is 06052. Sorry, no trades at this time. CONUS is preferr
  16. $20 plus shipping. Anyone, anyone?
  17. No takers? I did say best offer as well.
  18. Up for grabs, the AMT/ERTL 1/650 kit of the USS Reliant From Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan. It is the older release, but I'm unsure of the exact date. Kit # 8766. The box is beat up, but the kit and decals are in good condition. I'm asking US$25.oo or best offer, plus shipping. USPSPO or PayPal are preferred. A deal made today (or next week) will get the kit out on Saturday, August 9th (sorry, crazy work schedule). I ship USPS Priority. Contact me via this post or directly at cryptoguy295@hotmail.com. Thanks for looking. Felinoid
  19. Yes, Friends and Neighbors, I am offering up for sale a Tamiya 1/72 scale X-1 MachBuster, kit # 60740-900.For what price, do you ask???? A mere...mere do I quote you, a mere $7.00 US Dollars. YES!!! $7.00 firm....that is correct, firm, brothers and sisters.BUT.....shipping is extra.BUT!!!!.....as I'm most certain you all know, my brothers and sisters...this is a very light kit.Ships from 06052 (Central,that's Central CT, my friends). PayPal(yes,PayPal!!!)is my preferred method of paynent.Please,respond here at this post or at cryptoguy295@hotmail.com Felinoid
  20. I have for sale a Hasegawa 1/72 scale F-14B, kit # 00814 "Pukin Dogs Last Cruise", the box has a smudge or three on the top. All parts are in unsealed plastic bags EXCEPT for the PE parts, please,please e-mail me for details before buying. I'm asking $25 plus shipping; I ship USPS Priority Mail. I prefer Paypal. Conus is preferred. Again, please, please please ask me about the PE parts. Respond to either this post or cryptoguy295@hotmail.com . Thanks for looking. :salute:/> Felinoid p
  21. I saw the Polar Lights Romulan Bird Of Prey kit in 1/1000 scale, based on the Klingon D-7 kit. My question is, besides the decals, are there any other differances in the kits (extra parts, etc). I have an aftermarket set of RBOP decals (in purple!!!) and the old D-7 kit. Any input is welcome. Felinoid
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