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  1. VF-101 and VF-74 were the first 2 squadrons to take delivery of the A+. F-14A+'s came straight from the factory in the 3 tone TPS (35237,36320,36375). As pointed out, VF-11 and VF-32 did retro schemes as the tomcat's service life was coming to an end. VX-9 and VF-101 had F-14B's (A+'s) painted up in overall 36440, and decals are avaialbe for both through Fightertown.
  2. I think I have a spare setI an scan in. Also, be advised..since Squadron took over Avionix, they are now including the D pit tub in with the B set. I've got 2 sets and both have F-14D pit tubs. The B's tub is just like the A's..somebody in quality control there needs a lesson.
  3. Yeah..dem F-14B's are ma thang...especially them VF-103 F-14B's..I only spent the better half of 4 years traveling back and forth to NAS Oceana spending up to a week on the ramp each go documenting their jets..lol
  4. VF-74 was assigned adversary duties after CVW-17 went to only 1 F-14 squadron and shortly before they disestablished. It was more or less an exclusive short term deal. I think at that time they only had about 4 jets in inventory with the others farmed out/transferred to other squadrons.
  5. It was upside down on the port wing of Gunfighter 164. The guy who took that photo has a series of walk arounds he sent to me back after 164 hit the airshow circuit. It was why VF-Decals issued a corrected version of the sheet we did.
  6. No offense sharkmouth, but I'll be the first to say if I was still in the aftermarket industry, I wouldn't accept references from you if you were the last dude on the planet. Your attitude in general is that of a blatant know it all, and your arrogance blinds you. Agreed with D-Rob on his statements. Sio, if you need or want F-14 references, it's best to contact those of us in the know who would be glad to SELFLESSLY promote your product.
  7. Thanks guys! Small update..drop tanks on and AIM-9L added. A quick note about the Zotz decals..The skull and bones and AA tail codes are printed in DK Ghost grey and should have been in Lt Ghost grey. I have no idea why Zotz did that considering all the information that was given to them by myself and Mike Zwierko. I also think more line jet options should have been included. I had to have custom decals made for Victory 110, so thanks to Brian P at Fightertown for that. I hope to get the landing gear at least painted this weekend.
  8. I couldn't agree more. And people wonder why I don't run a wash over the entire models I build. Not every panel is seeping with dirt or grime. As much as I strive for a realistic finish, I do believe some artistic license should be taken. Where I lack in weathering skills comes with gull grey over white finishes..I swear I have the worst time with weathering them..TPS..I have to admit I'm pretty good at those (not to toot my own horn), but anything gull grey over white..I'm like..nah..I'll find a low vis version..lol
  9. LOL..I forgot about the "hot sauce"..oh yeah it was a bottle alright..call it hot sauce all you want but we know the truth..
  10. In the majority of cases you'd be right, but nothing happened..it was just an inside joke between me and D-Rob. And he kinda brought it up on another thread...lol All in good fun.
  11. T'was the fall of 2006...the setting..the Tomcat Sunset at NAS Oceana..the crew: Jeremy Houdsan, Darren Roberts, myself, Brian Plescia, Craig Scaling, and Jay (can't recall his last name). Well, after a night of drinking over at Keagan's, me, Craig and Darren stopped off in this little silver bullet diner to grab some ice cream. According to D-Rob, the place had the best ice cream in town next to Friendly's in Norfolk. Our waitress, a gorgeous little red head walks over and practically ignores Craig and me and goes right for ole' D-Rob..grinnin' from ear to ear, I doubt seriously this woman thought we even existed. Darren, so innocently (and I'm using that term loosely) looking at the menu, looks up and says "what?!?!..I am a happily married man!!"..but Craig and I knew what was up..love was in the air and D-rob takes off to the "bathroom" for about 15 minutes. When he sits back down, the waitress comes back with the ice cream we ordered and again, he gets his order first, waitress grinnin' from ear to ear, and again, Craig and I were like wth lady!! Needless to say the ride back to base that night was a quite a sombering event..I, on the other hand went to the O'Club and got plastered off my rear end, so the rest of the night remains a blur for me...but good ole' D-Rob had the chance of a life time and absolultely behaved himself..lol Hope you enjoyed this story!
  12. Thanks Steve! I've been back at the bench for a while..between my part time gig, beer, and loose women, I'm shocked I still have time to build things..lol
  13. You have to look at it from this angle...1. I rarely believe anything I read in books. 2. I spent the better half of 2001-2005 visiting F-14 squadrons at NAS Oceana spending more time than I care to mention in 12C (Corrosion Control) looking over manuals, diagrams, talking with the 19 year old kids who actually paint the aircraft for a living, not to mention the countless number of Chiefs and Senior Chiefs who were around the F-14 long enough to know what colors were used and not used. Those guidelines as you've listed above are just that..guidelines especially at the squadron level. For example, in VF-103's shop, I saw countless cans of 35237, 36320, 36375 and 36081. As for the 36118 vs 36081 debate, I'll stick to my guns on 36081.
  14. I think I got the name of the PE set right...annyway, Waldron Models released a PE set for the canopy locks/sill and I need it for the Vic 110 project. Please let me know if you have it!
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