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  1. How about this? Looks like I forgot a few sponsors on the way.... Will have to rectify this soon :)
  2. Oh man I'm sorry I didn't see all your posts.. Ok, I'll try to get some screens for comparison when I get home, see if I can get any descent in-sim shots. Normally in terms of fencing, walls, camber and stuff, I shouldn't be far off at all (since I took your pics as references lol, but let's still check it out).
  3. show me which ones you want to compare
  4. Ahahahaha no, it's just not finished yet. Still missing the Cotton Bowl and the spectators and some flags and also the VIP stands on the S/F straight.
  5. @habu2 Check it out ! Here's a video of my progress:
  6. Of course, still a lot of work to be done on it, I'll let you know when it's finished :)
  7. @habu2Just a quick hi to say thank you once again for your map. Here's a quick view of how work is progressing on it, thought I'd share it with you. Hope you recognize your corner 😉
  8. @habu2Just sent you an email 🙂 I will be redoing Dallas for the simulator taking into account all the details and pictures you've provided. Works will start during December of this year and will take a few months I reckon 🙂
  9. https://imgur.com/a/CyX9rmd (sorry I have no idea how to post the images here like you did)
  10. Fantastic feedback !! Thank you very very much ! I'll try to nail it and one day next year (yes it takes a long time to make a sim track as you might expect), I'll give you a proper heads up to see if it all pops back to you :) Thank you so much for your detailed map. Here's some pics I have (not from me however, but that I've found during my years, yes years, of research):
  11. @habu2 Quick question: on what street(s) names exactly was the chicane you were at located ? It's really hard to find an accurate layout of the track at that time, especially the preceding corners to the chicane where you worked.
  12. Just so you know: I'm trying to make this track for a simulator called Assetto Corsa, I made a test portion of it for rFactor, but with updated graphics will do it for Assetto Corsa (I'm also doing Phoenix 1989-1991), any additional help from somebody that was actually in Dallas Fair Park that weekend back then is welcome!
  13. MY GOODNESS!!! YOU'RE THE ONE THAT TOOK ALL THESE NICE PICTURES !!! This is soooo COOL !! All these images are awesome !!
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