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  1. Thanks! I'll definitely try to post often, though the amount of OT I have been getting in the last week has made that difficult.. but slow and steady wins the race! (I try to keep telling myself that af least,I want to BUILD! LOL) Quick question Though, for those pototetch details .. does anyone have a bending jig they prefer, or homemade ones?
  2. Exactly. And in the end were doing all this work stocking and supplying them that when we get off there's nothing left for us. Well, our store allowed us to do some things for ourselves, but that meant leaving the store was... challenging. I caught a few people eyeing and one person approached my cart to take the TP out. So I had to get creative.
  3. Fantastic tips and awesome images so far! Cant wait to see how the rest turns out. I really like the muted but realistic feel of the cockpit!
  4. 🀣🀣🀣 this is priceless! Were still running out here,I'm off today though.every day we get a delivery in and in 10 min of opening its gone.Beit TP, water, clorox, or ground beef it's been insane trying to even get close to keeping up with the demand and on top of it not getting in what were ordering. They projected this weekend getting back on top of things and now that's been postponed indefinitely. We cant guarantee anything be it a customer order or even getting something in.
  5. Good Idea, those Craft cutters sure do come in handy for hobbies. I know I was looking into a Cri-cut or the brother one for styrene cutting for Model Railroading. I had forgotten about the Silhouette Cameo, i might know someone with one of those!
  6. I just found this thread, read all the way through thill here and I'm speechless! What an absolute show-stopping model this has become! Your scratch building and skills are unparalleled and the wealth of information gleaned and techniques shown are invaluable and I will be following this thread and cant wait to see what comes next! Also thank you for sharing your photos with us too, down right phenomenal!
  7. I forgot to say thank you for the tips on the paint too!
  8. Awesome! I've done my fair share of photos of the S76s from the airshow too! Been a while since the new 145s though. I was close to the Portage base up until 3 years ago. Now I'm under the approach path to firelands so i at least get to hear and see em still! Interesting about the decal progress too. Thsts something I know I'll have to plan out or paint at the least! And as Metro Health was my top choice this is good news 😜
  9. Right! Probably the closest chance we have is Andy's Hobby Headquarters but even that is probably slim since everywhere else I saw online was out of the Renaissance kits but they had it ready within 3 days. It seems like they were filling or producing to order only but I'm not positive. If so that could make distribution hard.
  10. Yeah shipping definitely caught me off guard. But I had a little extra from some overtime so I splurged. If aviation megastore has some back in stock their prices/shipping could be better.
  11. Well I was originally going to get it from Aviation Megastore but they were out at the moment. I ended up getting it right from Renaissance themselves. It was a little pricey to get it that way, but it was the full kit - i.e not just the PE. So i think all in was $104 but that will depend on the conversion rates and shipping. The full kit was around 55 EUR and shipping was 30 EUR and then because I used paypal they added $8 in fees.
  12. So I thought I made this topic a while back but I guess I didn't! I got all my parts together for this build as well. The Main kit is Revell and I was able to find the Renaissance PE+Resin kit and my plan with this *as of now* is to model the current version of my local Life Flight that I got to see growing up. That operator is Cleveland Metro Health Life Flight - the challenge is going to be paint/decals. IF there was a large scale S-76 Kit I would have definitely done that but the EC-145 is growing on me. I do have some backup paint schemes in mind in case the Metro Health one does not pan
  13. Good Evening, I know its been a while But I've finally got the main pieces together to start modelling when I get the time. I'm still short some tools, but that's something that can be addressed as time progresses. The kit you already know about. Now in addition that that I have the Black Dog Interior Kit, and the black dog Engine as well. Sorry about the poor photo - ill try to update this as soon as my host is back online.
  14. Wow I'm excited for this one as well! Better get the lead out of my other kits then haha!
  15. Dutch hit it head on there with the differences. But I am blown away I never knew there was an S-76 USCG bird... even if it was a mock-up! I grew up seeing S-76's and to this date is probably one of my top helicopters. Even to this day I can still differentiate the pitch of the rotors from far out. Most of the Life Flights around here now are EC-145 or AS-365's theres still one S-76 operator left though. Sorry got off topic lol
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