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  1. You know that makes sense a little, at least for the jayhawk, to the eye the white will affect the red and blend the colors. That optical illusion will diffuse the colors a little. Where as on the MH65 being all red that's a little trickier. But still between both posts gives me huge information to go forth and try my hand at both now... at some point Haha. Gotta get building first! 😜
  2. Wow Bill, thank you that definitely will help when it comes to painting! I can start gathering supplies now!
  3. I just found this as well, and the artwork is superb! The detail and well everything from the spinning rotors to the sheen on the metal is phenomenal!
  4. Thanks everyone! It's good to be here! From one Gregg to another, cheers! 🍻
  5. Absolutely FILTHY! But exceptionally done! I've always loved Grumman fighters, and the S3 was always fascinating to me and you have captured it well. Those FOD covers look amazing too, like real stretched fabric!
  6. OMWorks

    Trumpeter TFFT

    Good evening, not sure if this is the better place or the general questions area. I digress though. I was wondering if there was a good place to find information on Trumpeter's release schedule? I've been seeing on scalemates.com that kit 01067 M1142 TFFT (Tactical Fire Fighting Truck) is a future release kit and has been for quite sometime now. I am interested in this kit and have been patiently waiting. Since it's been a future release kit for so long now I was wondering if it will even be produced. I know there are other options i.e an Italeri HEMTT plus a Black Dog TFFT conversion kit, but I dont have that kind of money
  7. Thanks guys! I love that Movie. Growing up on Lake Erie meant I always got to see USCG equipment be it helicopters or boats so they always have a special place in my heart! Excellent tips, thank you! I was looking at the Eduard exterior set but wasnt sure what came with it or of it was overkill etc. And had already eyed the Reskit wheels and also saw some FOD covers somewhere too I was thinking about, especially if I do the maintenance diorama. Thank you, I am going to try my best, I know going slow and taking my time will be the best shot and I hope I'm not being too ambitious! The biggest thing I'm worried about doing well is painting lol!
  8. I got a chance to get some photos uploaded (finally lol) The Kit BU NO 6035 - the main air frame that I am taking inspiration from BU NO 6025 - This is the other one I was considering, and with nose art like that who wouldn't! Ironically I JUST noticed that the Kit itself is BU NO 6025 - go figure! lol
  9. OMWorks


    Wow! Its really coming together! I love those first aid kits, and the details really make it pop!
  10. Thanks for this thread, it will be interesting to see If my parts will have the same problem but you've presented a work-through that will be good to explore!
  11. That's exactly what I'm waiting for Hawkwrench 😜
  12. That's exactly what I'm waiting for Hawkwrench 😜
  13. OMWorks


    Thanks Dan, that's good to know!
  14. Such an crisp and stunning model, WOW! The Fullback is an interesting bird for sure, and you have captured that very well!
  15. Absolutely love Prowlers and intruders , so I am definitely interested! My father worked on the radars of both airframes on the Kennedy, so good references will come in handy!
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