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  1. Hi Gary, I'll check with Bill Paul to see if he's gotten it. If you still have the e-mail you sent, could you please send a copy to me at barfoot@cox.net and I'll track down the problem if he hasn't and make sure it's fixed. In the meantime, we've gotcha down for 3. I'll have Bill send you an e-mail for confirmation. I apologize for the inconvenience, Jay
  2. Only 110 days left before SCOTTCON 2017. It occurs on Saturday June 10 at the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins GA. This year has a dual theme: the 70th Anniversary of the United States Air Force and the 50th Anniversary of the Chevrolet Camero. There will be Contest Theme and Special Awards plus awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in 40+ categories. More info as well as registration forms can be found at http://ipmsrlscottcontest.webs.com/. Hope to see you there! Jay
  3. Thank you SuperTomcat21! I'll definitely be getting one.
  4. Thanks Deino, I hope it is because I would like one in my collection. I'm waiting to see pics before I buy/pre-order to be sure, though. Bought their first iteration years ago sight unseen and regretted it ever since. Cheers,
  5. Is it a completely new mold or based on their earlier attempt to model the Flying Leopard? If it’s the latter, there’s no way I’ll spend one cent on that monstrosity. Fool me once….. Thanks, Jay
  6. Current Saudi Typhoons also appear to be sporting a "God Bless You" slogan in both Arabic and English script just forward of the fuselage roundels. Doh, didn't see that Scotthldr mentioned it in his post.
  7. There are 4 x U S Air Force C-130 units that keep crews trained for aerial fire-fighting: 3 x Air National Guard units and 1 x Air Force Reserve Unit. They use the Modular Airborne Fire-Fighting System Two (MAFFS II) to dispense the retardant. It's a modular system can fit into any C-130 so the tail numbers will vary. The only mod required is to replace the left troop door with a MAFFS II specific one that allows for the outlet pipe. Replacing the troop door is extremely easy and takes no more than 15 minutes at the most. If you see a pic of one with twin pipes protruding from the cargo r
  8. What????? No love for the Reserve Tankers (AFRC or AFRES)? Link
  9. Nicely done, Vladislav. What paint did you use for the Gloss Sea Blue? I really like the way it looks. Thanks,
  10. Only 4 days away, now! We have a dedicated photographer scheduled to take pics so hopefully we'll be able to show them soon after the contest. He'll have his own table with light set-up and all. Anyone who wants a pic of his model taken can bring it to his table. Looking forward to seeing ya'll there!
  11. SCOTTCON 2014 will take place on Saturday June 7 at the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins GA. This year's theme is "D-Day + 70". There are 9 classes and 41 categories for competition. Zoukei-Mura has graciously donated a 1/32nd A-1J Skyraider for the winner of Best Aircraft. In addition to the best of class and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each category, there are an additional 8 special awards for differing themes. We also have 44 tables reserved by attending vendors. Multiple raffles drawings will occur during the day with the grand prize of the raffle being a paint booth. More info on SCOTTC
  12. Thanks Ghost, I appreciate it! Jay
  13. Afternoon Otto, This link may help: http://www.warbirdforum.com/midwayx.htm . While it contains no pix, it gives a synopsis of 221's Buffalo and Wildcat actions at Midway to include pilots, individual aircraft numbers, bureau numbers, and their end result. Also note that Starfighter Decals put out a 1/72 sheet covering USN aircraft at Midway. Maybe they will cover the Marines and Army aircraft with their next releases. Hope this helps, Jay
  14. Hi Holmes, Thanks for the thread bumping to keep this contest visible. I really wish you could've been there. I think you would've enjoyed it.
  15. Thanks dude! Was unaware the original thread had gone to two pages so I missed it. Great seeing you again on Saturday. Hope you enjoyed yourself. We really appreciate you boys from JAX helping us out. Ya'll take care, Jay
  16. Just my poor attempt at humor. Modern day equivalent to "putting it on paper" so there's something to link it back to you. Like I said, a poor attempt. Jay
  17. Glad you had a good time. We'll look forward to seeing you and your model next year (yeah, we'll hold ya to it since you put it in electrons! :D ) Cheers! Jay
  18. First, thanks to all visitors, contestants, and vendors who participated in this event last Saturday in Warner Robins, GA, USA. Number of entries were down slightly from last year but the quality was way up. Oh yeah, it was hot as blue blazes, too: heat index well over 100 degrees F. But, we were cool indoors in this venue.... This first batch of pix focuses on the 1/72 aircraft entries. Others will be added later. Go here to view... http://ipms-rl-scott.webs.com/apps/photos/album?albumid=11702792&referer=AffiliateNetwork Enjoy, Jay
  19. Less than two weeks away. Gas here in Warner Robins this week is down to $3.50 / gallon; $3.40 if you have a Kroger card!
  20. Thanks Steve, I appreciate it!
  21. Thanks for the assist, Holmes. Less than three weeks left.
  22. Less than a month away, now!
  23. We'll be glad to have you. Maybe you can buy something and have it ready to enter next year? I know I'll be shopping. Cheers,
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