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  1. I have bought a s/h Italeri 1/72 OA-4M Skyhawk...with no canopy. Can anyone help? Used is fine. thanks Van Nottingham
  2. except he said he doesn't have an airbrush.... useful info though, thanks.
  3. The song is in Vietnamese.
  4. Pegasus replied to my emails very quickly (including yesterday-sunday). He was helpful said he'd try to find a spare part I need for a discontinued kit. Perhaps you might contact him again? Van
  5. I spoke to soon-I sent an email regarding the 1/72 MB5 kit and got a response this evening saying it would be released next year. So I guess they are still in business Van
  6. I didn't see them at the Telford show-I wonder if they are still in business-their website talks about a 2005-2006 release program....and their telephone number is unavailable! Van
  7. Hi thanks for not taking offence at my observations. I'd like to say that I hope I can reach your standards sometime. (soon would be nice...). Great, though sad, pics. By the way, Aeroclub are only a 5 minute drive away for me! Best regards Van
  8. Hi this is beautiful work to a standard I can't achieve-however when I look at a real Canberra (I've seen lots close up both preserved and in service). I just don't see the rivets. As a returnee to modelling after over 25 years I am interested in the modern interest in putting rivets on models where they are hardly visible on the real thing. Yet paradoxically many modellers are also very preoccupied with scale accuracy. I remember models in the 70's being criticised for having too many rivets, and much effort being spent in removing all traces. I am sure this must have been discussed befo
  9. ooops-i posted twice-see post below
  10. Do Paragon still exist-they never answer the phone. I wondered if the do/did a 1/72 scale Avro Lincoln conversion. The flightpath conversion seems VERY expensive. Van
  11. I've just bought a cheap Italeri OA 4M Skyhawk in 72nd scale unfortunately there are no tranparencies , decals or instructions-can anyone help? many thanks Van Nottingham Uk
  12. I've just got a 72 scale Revell P38 with no instructions. Can anyone help? A scan or even some digital photos would be great thanks Van
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