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  1. Can anyone help me with this one: I do not know what this level knob is? Any idea? Tom https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/saBMfl2dYIu4IrM5Pat7KH4fqSUA5rNtcyMlvQQUxPY?feat=directlink
  2. Dave, I have been searching for some good detail of the Tomcat and came across your goldmine. What a great thread. You images are rich with detail. Just what I need. Thank you so much. Can I make a request? Can you get images of the detail under the spoiler panels on the wings I cannot find that anywhere and there are no shots of the spoiler acatuators and their piping. This would be a great help to my building my many large scale Tomcats. Living in Scotland, i will not get near a Tomcat in the foreseeable future. Certainly not to get a look inside the airframe in such detail. Keep them co
  3. I will buy a few of those markings. Will you do them for 1/32?. One other thing...there are no walkway stencils in 1/48 or 1/32 scale for the Typhoon. how about some of those too? Tom
  4. Dave, many thanks! Super stuff. Why stop there...when are you going to work your way around that great machine? Can you get anything else opened? Tom
  5. Hello folks, can any one sell me the Trumpeter Storm Shadows and Alarm missiles with their decals? Assuming you don't intend to use them. Happy to pay a good price and postage, Tom
  6. Hello all, I have too many of these. Want to sell one. I am looking for £16 (this includes postage in the UK) - PAYPAL. I am in the UK. If you want it posted further let me know and I can let you know the additional costs. NB: I took two GBU-38 JDAM's and one AIM-120B from the kit's extensive extras. Kinetic F-16 DG/ DJ (Block 40/50) Two seater K48005 Markings are provided for two F-16D Vipers: • F-16D-40H-CF, 90-0800, 555 FS/31 FW, AV, Aviano AB, Italy • F-16D-50C-CF, 91-0462, 13 FS/35 FW, WW, Misawa AB, Japan External stores: • 2 x 370 gallon tanks for stations • 1 x
  7. Hello all, bought too many of these. This one must go to a good home. All the parts are on sprues. The bags have been opened - I just had to see just how much was in the kit when I bought it. I am looking for £16 (this includes postage in the UK) - PAYPAL. I am in the UK. If you want it posted further, let me know where you are and I will work out the cost. Kinetic F-16AM Block 15 Nato Viper K48002 Markings are provided for four NATO Vipers: • F-16AM, 678, 334 Sqn, Royal Norwegian AF • F-16AM, FA-73, 23 Sqn, Belgian AF (now #145 of the Jordanian AF) • F-16AM, J-063, 322 Sqn,
  8. Hello all, this is a kit I will not build. All the parts are still in their unopened bags. Box is in good condition. I am looking for £12 (incudes postage in the UK) - PAYPAL. I am in the UK. If you wish me to post it further let me know and I will work out the costs, Tom Tamiya De Havilland Mosquito B Mk.IV/PR MkIV Setting new standards (in 1999) for kit production and quality. this builds into a beautiful kit without any additions.
  9. Hello all, Here are some old kits I will not build. They are in mint condition. Parts still in their original bags. Boxes in excellent condition. I am looking for £18 for each kit (this includes postage in the UK) - PAYPAL. I am in the UK. If you want it posted further let me know and I will check the costs. Tom Klingon Bird of Prey This kit is the best Star Trek model ever produced by AMT/ERTL. 1995 production kit. Klingon Bird-of-Prey was introduced in 1984's "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock". However, it wasn't until "Star Trek: Generations", 10 years later that AMT/Ertl finall
  10. Help! Why can't I see any of the images people have posted? Tom ...sorry...slow download tonight. They did all appear. Great stuff. Thanks to all... Tom
  11. Now that is a serious load! Great model. Never enough Mudhens. Tom
  12. Happy New Year! Just woke up...I have the set (48-099 Two Bobs) and intend to use just one of those. Which one do you require? PM me. Tom
  13. I emailed Aires and they told me! Tom
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