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  1. Thank you very much for all the kind words!! There is an in Progress build topic, but since Imageshack needed to go commercial ALL of my pictures are lost:(, but i will give the link anyway. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=55196&st=0 I used the Blackbox cockpit set, from Zactomodels the canopy, nose, intakes and pylons. Wheelwels and exhaust fron Aires. Did use the Flanker colors from Xtracolors but they were to dark, I mixed severall colors based on photo's. If there are any questions I like to answer them. Cheers, Wasserfall
  2. What an awesome build!! i love it. It's just flown away in an episode of the Thunderbirds :) No kidding, respect Ken.
  3. Stunning model! with excellent paint job and the weathering is top notch!! Really like to see some pictures of it with a airfield background for maximum realism Thanks for sharing! :worship: Cheers, Wasserfall
  4. Awesome!, are you using a Form1+?
  5. Thank you for all your kind words, makes me feel very humble :blush:
  6. Very nice polish Mig29 and a really nice photographic atmosphere
  7. Hi Chris, Finally after a zillion years i finished my Trumpeter 1:32 Su27, My thread "another flanker 1:32" lost all of it's pictures due to Imageshack going commercial:( I used probably all of your fantastic Zactomodel parts, so here are my final pictures. More on: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=283213 Chears!!!
  8. Some years ago i started my topic: Another flanker 1:32 and somewere down the road it ended up that all my pictures were gone which i hosted with Imageshack But finally it's finished and i like to show it to you as it is now, i owe it to some people who supported me back then. Thank you for watching.
  9. That's some very nice progress you made Marcel!!!!!! like the engine exhaust. they are perfect Keep up the progress!!:) He were is my Su27? still not finished:( Cheers!!
  10. Hi all, After the work on the landinggear i started weathering the main wheels after flattening them a bit, as i see it now the rubber needs some toning down and showing more wear, Suggestions? Oke back to the main fuselage where i did some weathering on the engine compartment using black and some white oilpaint, heavely diluted with whitespirit. i used a flat brush to apply it and let it dry for half an hour then gently wiped the exces paint of with a cloth. After this i think it needs some chipping were the paint is damaged or worn from the extensive use of maintenance to the engine, b
  11. Hasegawa's canopy seems right to me, please see attached picture of a Su27 Uploaded with ImageShack.us a bit closer: Uploaded with ImageShack.us oeps, sorry for the rotated picture! Cheers, Wasserfall
  12. These pictures shows the more or less completed maingear. The reall maingear has some more detail, but i think this will do, it shure looks "busy" to me The next pictures show the frontgear included with wiring etc. Struts still have to be attached, but that will be in the final assembly of the kit. Hope you liked it, i'll be back soon
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