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  1. I finally received the F-4E early (Vietnam) a couple of days ago and was kinda surprised that the kit provides NO ordnance. So we gotta buy the weapons set. I guess that's OK as I became used to that marketing method with the Hasegawa kits. But with limited availability of FineMolds in the U.S. (unlike Hasegawa) and long waiting period for orders from Japan to reach here, this is going to be a long process.😐
  2. Dutch, I got a kick out of your writing "a new Hasegawa B-47" - I know you mean - new to you or "another" kit, but it reminded me of when I first discovered that kit. I was in college out in L.A. and I found this "AMT" B-47 kit in a store somewhere. It must have cost $5 or so back in 1968. Man! 53 years ago!😊
  3. A few years ago, I built the then-new Revell 1/72 scale C-54D Skymaster for review in FineScale Modeler. I did it up in the kit decals, but this week I decided to "refinish" the model using Caracals decals. With my new camera and lighting system and limited (and old) Photoshop Elements, I can't keep the insignia red "conspicuity" markings from looking orange, so forgive me if they look that way. I used a good solid red "red" on the model, not orange. This depicts a Skymaster from the early 1950s. Enjoy!
  4. Swimmer25k has it. Museum site photos of "Ohio Express" show the mezzanine railing and an empty pylon.
  5. The red line on the model looks too wide to me. The line is to indicate to ground personnel the location of the main turbine blade (I think) and the main danger area should the turbine fail. Kinda like the red lines on the fuselages on multi-prop aircraft to indicate the danger zone of spinning props.
  6. Even that blade antenna on the forward nose-gear door!
  7. And, if I am not mistaken, when they went to the overall gloss light gull gray, that included the control surfaces (ailerons, elevators, rudder). I think this TA-4J has a white bottom, just a very low demarcation line that isn't easily seen from this aspect.
  8. I dunno. I think I see a color demarcation line on that MAG-49, Det A TA-4J. Very low, but check right by the nozzle.🤔
  9. I was too late to get one of the F-4E Vietnam from the initial batch, but I ordered one from Plaza Japan where they expected to fulfill the order in July. They just informed me that my order has shipped, so I expect to be starting on the kit before the end of this month!😄
  10. Nice. Surprised the box artists knows not of the canopy differences.🤔
  11. Yay! Now I can refin my little Fujimi kit.
  12. It's replacement in my collection is well underway. Pix soon.
  13. I hope you might scale the TA-4 sheet to 1/72 someday. Please!
  14. Kursad, one thing to watch out for is that a few/some/many/all F-82s had the curved, North American Aviation "Sabre" style lettering on the USAF on the wings and the buzz numbers. Previous kits have varied on this so check photos of the real things. This "font" was standard on most F-86s but was also seen on some early F-100s.
  15. Just barely visible in that great film is the sight of the leading-edge slats on the A-4 snapping shut on the stroke of the catapult. It's not the air/wind that is doing that, just the acceleration of the jet on the launch!
  16. Got my batch o' decals todaiy! Wonderful stuff. I want to rebadge all my TAC jets with these new stickies!
  17. Here are Caracal's "Twogar" decals on the 1/72 Sword TF-9J:
  18. As far as I know, the rudder is black with yellow (or multicolored on the CAG bird) stars. Same for the band under the intake and the wingtips.
  19. Please remember that the "printing" of most decals is done by companies that don't design the artwork that they are printing. Arguably, Cartograf is the best decal PRINTER in the modeling world today, but I've seen a few mistakes on their sheets - all because the artist of the original design (kit or aftermarket decal designer) miss-sized an item, or requested the wrong color on an item.
  20. Looks OK 'cept the national insignias are out of proportion. 😐
  21. Wish they would do the F-111A in Vietnam service. I think Hasegawa issued that version only once at the beginning of the series. I need one now.
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