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  1. As I recall, there was a decal for an SH-2 Seasprite with a rather large USPS logo.
  2. I also ordered one from PlazaJapan, but my "purchase now" turned itself into a back order with expected shipping in June. I suspect that they are expecting another run of the USAF Vietnam E.
  3. Nice! One of Hasegawa's best kits!😃
  4. The identification markings on the starboard wing was not limited to Tomcats as suggested by the caption above. The Marines had Phantoms on board Coral Sea, and they had the I.D. markings as well, along with A-6s and A-7s.
  5. Thanks. No surface detail on the I.D. Models vac kit. That's all pencil lines on camouflage.
  6. I already have the old I.D. Models vac kit built back in the early '90s. It's in pretty rough shape and wasn't all that great to begin with. The Anigrand kit is better but still a massive undertaking and a huge result (for a plastic model). It's even bigger than a 1/32 scale B-17! Or a 1/72 VC-25 747!
  7. Beautifu! That's what I want to do with my Anigrand Giant Castings 1/72 Galaxy. I had to get the Draw Digital $ilk decals to do it, though.
  8. YAY! I need a pair that are about ½" in diameter for Truman's "Independence" project in 1/72 scale!😊
  9. I can't wait for the SAC and TAC "basic" sheets. Consider this also: I have trouble finding the various versions of the "Ferry Command" and early "The Air Transport Command" badges - as well as MATS, MAC, and Air Mobility Command. Of course these had more changes over the decades than SAC or TAC and may require more study.
  10. I pestered them to release the 1/72 scale C-17 they announced years ago. I need to get that before I get (too) old.😉
  11. So there must be another sheet with more white designs on it for VF-33?
  12. Of course, there is a way to get around painting the wheel wells:😉
  13. Kursad, understand that the lightning bolt on VA-176 bumblebee design should be red-orange, not red. More like "International Orange" would be right. When Cutting Edge did the 1/72 scale sheet I used on my model, the orange was more of a pumpkin orange, a bit too light for me. Orange would be the correct trim color for many carrier squadrons with the 4xx nose numbers. Hope you can confirm this before going to print. Thanks!
  14. Habu, that is an old sheet from SuperScale. Probably came out in the '80s or '90s. Might be hard to find. The relationship between Microscale and SuperScale is a long, convoluted one. They're related (literally - they're brothers), and one split from the other. Not sure either is still alive, but Superscale is gone - I think Squadron bought all their stock and now Squadron is gone. Microscale lives on and they still release new sheets with some of the old subjects.
  15. The sheet was Microscale AC72-0055 from the "new" Microscale. I just checked their site and they no longer list this one (!), but here's what the sheet looks like on the Scalemates listing: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/microscale-ac72-0055-vought-f-8e-crusader-vf-24-449-f-8c-crusader-vf-84-207--1026125
  16. Microscale issued 1/72 scale markings for this twice, and the more recent sheet is better as it has the flaming eyeballs. Still, the size of the underchin flames is off - they give you way too much at the front end. I had to slice off about a half inch from the forward end of the decal to get the flames to be in the correct (average) positions. This is the Academy kit back dated to F-8C by cutting off the electronic pack on top of the wing and carving the radome down to the early shape.
  17. Years ago, I added a set of 1/48 scale F-15 exhausts (without the turkey feathers) to the 1/72 scale B-1, and they fit great. Can't remember the brand, but it was likely a resin set with photoetched parts. While they fit, they actually have fewer exhaust segments, so if you're a rivet counter, that may be noticeable.
  18. It's not been treated well in 1/72 scale, either. Back in the late 60s, both Aurora and Revell made kits, and neither is great. Whirlybirds in the UK has a pretty good 1/72 scale resin kit if that's your type of thing. But 1/48 scale? - nuttin.
  19. Forgot about that. Yes, I fixed mine by replacing the oleo with a longer piece of SS tubing.
  20. Yeah, there were some funky fit problems and strange engineering. But I got through it OK. Of course, I'm just usually a 1/72 scale kit builder, so what do I know?:
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