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  1. I'll second habu2's request for decent 1/72 scale decals for the X-15. I want to build the slightly shorter original to hang from the NB-52, and the Monogram original (longer) with the external tanks. The kit decals are/were terrible and an aftermarket set I bought looks pretty iffy.
  2. It is the "new" Revell kit (from the late 80s, I think), not to be confused with the '50s Thud kit. I had to sand off the wartime stuff; vents, antennae, reinforcement panels, etc. Decals are indeed the old Microscale sheet, so if the colors on the Indian head are not right, no surprise there. To me it was the most colorful Thud (outside of the Thunderbird), and that's why I picked it. It really compliments the other "Century Series" jets:
  3. Note that some D models received the green/white stripes as well before they went to "lookalike" aluminum painted finish and then camo. I made my early D from photos:
  4. Here's Bernie Fisher's A-1E done on the classic Monogram kit. Weapons and wheels were substituted for spares and aftermarket items. Decals by Caracal, of course!
  5. There's always file, filler, sandpaper, rinse and repeat.😐
  6. Great color shot of the VF-154 -3 Fury! I love it when I'm right!🀩
  7. It's too bad that the 1/72 scale Rocketeer decal sheet featuring all of the 479th's squadrons (PLUS Lavin's birds) didn't get much traction when it came out about 10 years ago. They were a small outfit in Japan, and their sheets were terrific. But they went belly up a few years ago.
  8. I'm pretty sure the lightning bolt and other trim items on that VF-154 bird (H 408) should be white-bordered orange, not red. Just an educated guess as the 4xx series (nose numbers) was usually trimmed in either yellow or orange in the period when they changed from gloss sea blue to the gray/white scheme. Coincidently, the 2xx series went from white trim to yellow trim, and this also spanned the scheme changeover period. Black and white photos of this aircraft definitely show that the color was darker than yellow, and shows the white outlines. There are always exceptions, of course, and I awai
  9. That is so cool! But . . . There is but one Cessna 150/152 limited-run kit out there (civilizedmodels.com) in 1/72, and no kit at all in 1/48. Might have a bit of trouble selling decals on this one.πŸ™
  10. Beautiful! Just flat out Beautiful!😍
  11. Yes! Kursad did you see my email to info?
  12. Iliad Designs did a sheet for 1/72 scale. I used it recently.
  13. It looks to me that there may be an outline of the fist on the port side of the toilet. I know the photo isn't clear, but . . . .
  14. I don't need the proof, but I'd love to see the photos anyway!πŸ˜ƒ
  15. Sure. Just like the fist wielding the lightning bolt on the unit badge. Cool!
  16. Swartz was the pilot that shot down a MiG-17 with a Zuni rocket! Gotta get that one!
  17. If you have spare insignias the same size, just double up!
  18. I can't stand the suspense! Bring it!
  19. I agree with Ben Brown on everything, except for: The original Revell kit dates back to around 1957. I built one when it was new (showing my age). The Italeri kit seems to be a copy of the Esci with a couple changes, including a fictional framing brace engraved in the single-seat canopy. Weird. They also made wheels that were different - don't know if they are right or wrong. The Italeri kit was repackaged by Revell and Tamiya.
  20. I don't know about the size, but the Modelcollect nacelles need a lot of work to look "very decent."🀨
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