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  1. Last summer as I was taking stuff to the dump prior to moving, I met an old gentleman who was tossing out a bunch of old stuff from his basement. Turned out he was a navigation instructor in the USAAF during WWII, and was getting rid of a box of sectionals. These are aviation road maps so to speak, all issued during the war. If anyone is interested, I'm selling them for $5 a piece, plus postage. Here's the list of those that I have. As you can see, I have some duplicates or triplicates. Very interesting to view, and make for great wall coverings for the man cave. Burlington W-9, Jan 4,1945
  2. This is one of the best what ifs I've ever seen. Well done Alvis 3.1. This one actually looks like someone did some thinking on the aerodynamics involved in doing a real life conversion, and really hits the mark. I'd love to see it sitting beside a Piper PA-48 Enforcer. Sabre
  3. Before you do anything about coming to Canada, I'd suggest you spend some time looking at the major newspapers and see what you can find for jobs. Globe and Mail: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/ Toronto Star: http://www.thestar.com/ National Post: http://www.nationalpost.com/ These are the 3 majors in the Toronto Area, but others can give you links to other papers. Toronto weather is humid hot summers, humid cold winters. Snow seems to be getting less with every year but its still grey and miserable. I spent a week in Alberta last summer, last week of August and compared to the humidity h
  4. Ok, I can see the back wall of the apartment now. And my desk is put back together with the lighting, and the boxes with the Wal subassemblies are sitting on the floor next to it. Hell there's even room for the chair now! Espina is coming out of the water tomorrow, and I think I may have sold her. One less thing to worry about. I'm also off on medical leave for depression but that's being sorted out as we speak. I have a couple of medical issue that needs to be figured out. Ones a real mystery, my hemoglobin levels are dropping slowly, no idea why. Various tests, and so forth. In the mean tim
  5. See if you can get your hands on a paper model, then scale it up to whatever size you want. Start hacking foam or balsa, then sheet it with thin styrene so you can add the detailing later to the general form. Its quite doable. I'm taking a break from building a 1/32 scale Dornier Wal that started off as a 1:50 paper model. Scaled it up, and started making subassemblies from styrene sheet. Its a simple slab sided model, much like the Falcon so this method would lend itself well to the process. Don't be bashful, look in the yellow pages for a plastic supplier. You can get .030 and .040 for abo
  6. Used to do race cars, now I do ships and boats. I spend a lot of time working on my two boats so I take endless photos of the various stages of the rebuild, damage that needs to be restored, the antique wiring etc. Mostly technical type photos, with next to no artistic value what so ever. But I do like to take shot of wild weather and sunsets or sunrises. Sabre
  7. I can tell you that when my Dad died in 2004, I collected up all his models and boxed them up. Then I took them to the storage unit, as I was moving into my new townhouse in a year or so and was planning on displaying them there. Its now almost 6 years later, and I have only got a half dozen or so out. The bulk do them (about 85 armoured vehicles) are still sitting in the boxes. I am now back into an apartment and will be moving onto a 38foot boat in about 10 months. So.... I expect they will be picked up, transported to the dump, opened up for some quick photos and then tossed. When I moved
  8. I'm making some progress towards getting a modeling space together, but man o man its difficult. The Wal is in a couple of boxes sitting on my filing cabinet, so I know where that is. My desk is now sitting in the dining room, but there is so much stuff in this place that getting to do any modeling is still a couple of months off. I hardly have room to move but I expect that by the time the boat is out of the water, I should have brought some order to this chaos. Tonight I managed to get the dining room table set up, been searching for the bolts for that since I moved back in June. (Silly me,
  9. Anyone seen the new Dr Who? I've seen clips on tv where there is a squadron of Spitfires going head to head with an alien starship over london during the blitz. Just caught a few seconds of it but man it was awesome. Sabre
  10. Let me get this straight. Your fiancee dumped you because of an old email address and an email you sent to another girl in normal conversation? Buddy, your fiancee has some deep rooted psychological problems. Either trust issues or control issues. Either way, consider yourself better off. Get drunk, grow some thicker battle armor and get back in the game. Sabre
  11. I just spoke to Sheldon at Northstar Hobbies, He says that this is the US suppliers not wanting to go through all the BS of shipping hazardous materials to Canada. As mentioned its become a royal PITA to get the stuff up here without paying both arms and one leg for the priviledge of having enamels shipped. He is also in regular contact with Testors and they also have said nothing about this. You would expect the manufacturer to be well aware of any changes effecting their business. I can find no notice anywhere on the web, be it news, or official Gov of Canada site that mentions this. I wi
  12. Try this on for size. Get some bondo, (autobody putty) and mix it up. Apply some wax to the side of the fuselage around the door area, then apply a thick blob of bondo to the area. Let it harden and pop it off. Then take the female mold you just made and put some mold release on it, then brush on a thin layer of epoxy, and let it harden. Add the details of framing and such, then pop the completed door loose. I did this when removing the upper door on my Planet models Julia. Sabre
  13. I just did a google on the ban, came up with nothing other than the posts on this forum. Go figure. But it wouldn't surprise me, our politicians are mental giants at best, totally brain dead at worst. Nice of them to do it behind closed doors so no one can do anything about it til it's too late. The auto industry will be having a fit no doubt. Sabre
  14. I'm off to work in about an hour, going to make some money and a lieu day, so I'll use that day later in the fall when the wind is blowing nicely and its good sailing weather. Sabre
  15. I think they want to use this commercial around the world, so they deleted it. I'd say the number of people who actually recognize it as the Bell X-1 is pretty slim. The Saturn on the other hand? Who knows. Its all supposed to be about progress but what Transportation has to do with communications beats me. Maybe the people who watch it will think that its a teleporter now. Beam me up Scotty! Sabre
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