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  1. Oldish news now. RAAF F-35 A35-009 was delivered last month, and with A35-010 will transit to Williamtown in late November or early December. Both are allocated to 3 SQN and will be followed by eight more during 2019. The first eight aircraft A35-001 to A35-008 will remain in the USA and follow at some point when deliveries are well advanced and the RAAF is ready to take on all of it's own training and conversion load Shane
  2. You took Google's word? I know it's the accepted story in North America, but picking the middle of summer (the solstice) as the start of summer makes absolutely no sense. Uh. Maybe you should have read on. Even Wiki has it right. It's not germane to the subject in hand which is better measured in terms of continental drift than ephemeral stuff like seasons Shane
  3. Who is arguing? Close your mind. No new information required. Shane
  4. Well, no it doesn't. In Australia at least it's reckoned to start on the 1st December. Many other countries also use meteorological reckoning. There's no real consensus on the starting dates of the seasons around the world. Some countries use astronomical reckoning, some use meteorological reckoning, some allow for seasonal lag which varies by geography. It makes little sense in Australia calling the solstice - the longest day with most solar radiation - the "beginning" of summer when it's already been baking hot for weeks, and less still in tropical areas which don't have summer/w
  5. Antonov AN-124 load of F-35 ground equipment landing at RAAF Williamtown today. First RAAF F-35s due later this year. Things are moving along. And not a word from Kop and Goon. Shane
  6. I'm very doubtful that you saw a Tornado with JASSM loaded. More likely what you saw was Storm Shadow which is similar and is what they said was used Shane
  7. sweier

    New Airfix B-26

    Hmm. On the basis of Jonathan Mock's post and yours quoted second (above) I wandered off to my local and bought the new kit (A06015) and while I was there the owner very kindly allowed me to look in the others on his shelf. All six were - as near as I can tell - of exactly the same standard. To say that your original post is misleading is being too kind. It's nonsense on every point. But, of course, we are all entitled to our opinions, so you are welcome to yours. i just hope that readers take the time to look for themselves and discover what your opinion is worth to them, because
  8. sweier

    New Airfix B-26

    Kit # ? Or a scan of the box? This looks like one to avoid. Unless you have the *old* kit. Shane
  9. But I will add them to the list if someone will educate me about the options! That's what the thread is for, it's not just my personal ranking it's supposed to be a community thing. Sort of an FAQ, since I've seen a crapload of "which kit should I get for this aircraft" question and I don't want to have to wait 30 seconds between attempts to refine my search for them. :) Okay, I'll take a crack at starting this F-102 Meng, hands down. The only alternative is Hasegawa, but a very old kit which was a putty hog 20 years ago. F-10
  10. This was ALWAYS a risk when this style of forum became available, and the owners Balkanised the site to there and back. It inevitably leaves those in more niche interest areas looking at a blank wall - excepting their own post from 2014 - and only those modelling in the major genres satisfied. Breaking those up too makes matters worse with little real benefit and the loss of the opportunity to "cross fertilise" (learn special techniques which may apply only to a few of your own models, but all of those in say, a vcar or train forum) Things will ge t worse. As noted, this and other forums
  11. FWIW the landing gear doors are probably parts manufactured elsewhere and not yet completed using the new coating. You will also see it on fins - made in Australia - and weapon bay doors for a while. This was also made clear in the original LM presser (which, infuriatingly, I can't find, but I'm looking!) Shane
  12. https://a855196877272cb14560-2a4fa819a63ddcc0c289f9457bc3ebab.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/17563/f35_weekly_update_4_13_17.pdf
  13. Not unless they over painted the 3Sqn RAAF markings with USAF ones it's not Shane
  14. As you say. Different textures. Not very obvious though. In fact, invisible in this shot Shane
  15. Photos of A35-003 in final test show some of the light coloured RAM areas persist, but the bulk of the airframe is monotone. This is almost certainly because various sub assemblies will have been completed before the change of process - for example, fins which are made in Australia - and on final assembly the aircraft is sort of half way to the new standard. A35-003 is the first of eight deliveries to the RAAF in the USA this year, two will fly out to Australia late this year for local acceptance and testing in 2019 with the remainder of the squadron's planes to be delivered in time for IOC
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