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  1. You are off to a good start. Keep those photos coming. Grandma L
  2. Yes, I did see your U-2 examples. They look great, especially the cockpit on the little U-2. I still find it hard to believe that they actually landed both the small U-2 and the larger R model on carriers. Grandma L
  3. I see Yardbird78 is still parting with lots of detailed information about the SR-71. He is an absolute walking encyclopedia of information about the Blackbird family and more than willing to share it with others. Grandma L
  4. I whole heartedly agree with your choice of pre Viet Nam colors. The SEA camouflage is better than the all gray of modern birds, but the colorful 1950's jets are even better. Grandma L
  5. I didn't know that the F-111 had a reconnaissance version. Good work so far. Grandma L
  6. Very nice. The painting is excellent and the panel lines stand out very well. Grandma L
  7. Your Phantom turned out very well. It has just enough color to offset all of that gray. Grandma L
  8. Love the Habu's older sister. The A-12 doesn't get much love from the modeling world. Grandma L
  9. Hubby finally got some pictures taken of the U-2 in primer paint, so I will post one of them. The wings are not glued in place as I plan to paint them first and then glue them in place. The fit to the fuselage is very good, so only a slight joint seam will be visible. The real U-Bird has a joint at that point anyway, so it is not unrealistic. Grandma L
  10. WOW, those are some really spectacular Phantoms. Grandma L
  11. I would like to start something a little bit different and slightly more personal. What were the circumstances for meeting your spouse/significant other? I was 18 and a Freshman at Texas Women's University, Denton, Texas. The school sponsored a Valentine's Day dance and invited the guys from Sheppard AFB to attend. I saw him walk through the door and my roomie gave me a shove and said, "Go get him". I would have married him that night if he had asked. It took him about 2 months to realize that he was hooked and to propose to me and we were married 6 weeks later. The first kid showed up 14
  12. Yes, it was. The all women's college I was attending invited the guys from Sheppard to a Valentine's Day dance and we met there. I would have married him that night if he had asked. It took him about 2 months to realize that he was hooked and to propose to me and we were married 6 weeks later. He has thoroughly indoctrinated me in the world of airplanes and modeling in the 52 years since then. Grandma L
  13. Neat little machine. I like the previous description of it looking like a small submarine. I am not too crazy about all of these drones, UAVs or whatever they call them now. I still like the SR-71, B-52 and Phantom. No more SR-71s and only a handful of Phantoms, so I have to be content with the BUFFs, even if I rarely see one anymore. On our second date, my hubby took me to Sheppard AFB for their Open House and Air Show. I got to see their BUFF up close and fell in love. I am not sure if I was more in love with him or the airplane. Grandma L
  14. Oh, I love, love, love, love Phantoms. Definitely will be watching this one. Grandma L
  15. That looks nice. Do those cameras come in the kit or are they after market? Grandma L
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