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  1. The vertical fin on all of the Trumpeter/Hobby Boss two seat F-105s is wrong. Doesn't matter which scale you pick. The vertical fin on the F-105F/G has a broader chord than the single seaters. It is also taller. Monogram got this right on their kits. Kirk
  2. Hello, I'm looking for the 1/32 scale Superscale F-5E Tiger decal sheet, Number 32-44. Thanks, Kirk Taylor
  3. I think I have you covered. Super Scale 48-269. Give me a yell...
  4. Just completed a transaction with John on a kit. It went well and the shipping was fast. A great trader to do business with. Kirk Taylor
  5. Tamiya has been using that type of decal for the tire markings in their F1 car kits since the late eighties. They actually work really well and there is virtually no extra decal film with their process. I have a 1/48 scale Hasegawa A6M2 kit that has a version of those decals. The problem is the protective wax paper stuck to them in several places making a several of them unusable. That is the only Hasegawa release I can remember with those type of decals. Kirk
  6. Now we get to wait for the first of many protests to be filed and the extra five to ten year delay that they will cause. The lawyers need to eat too... He said sarcastically.
  7. Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated. I never picked up the Fightertown sheet (have a bunch of his others...) and the Furball sheet does not have this info. Thanks again
  8. Been searching with no luck for the weapons loads carried by VF-32 F-14s during the January, 1989 shootdowns of the Libyan MiG-23s. Does anyone have good information on the configurations of both VF-32 jets during this encounter? Thanks, Kirk Taylor
  9. A friend of mine's son is an engineer with Boeing in St. Louis. He told me many years ago the reason for the angled pylons on the Super Hornets. Without going into a lot of detail ( classified info ) he said there was a "perceived " separation problem with a certain store/weapon that is not widely used. The pylons were canted as a quick fix and most people involved were not happy about it. Make of it what you will, but that is what I was told by someone in the loop. Fifteen plus years later and the program winding down, I think the Super Hornet operators have accepted the drag penalties and range reduction. If you look at pictures of Super Hornets in OIF and OEF, you'll notice that they are flying with some of the pylons removed. Kirk Taylor
  10. Thanks for doing this sheet. The CO bird is the last jet I launched and recovered before retiring. I sent the info for that bird to some other guys for a potential decal sheet but they ceased production. I know you have worked with them in the past and would be pleased if my info helped you out. Thanks again for producing this sheet. Now I can build that model of the last day I actually worked for the ANG. Kirk Taylor
  11. That is unexpected but very welcome. It will remove a stalled project from my shelf of doom also. Now I won't need to finish the kit bash I started with the Heller kit and the Hobby Boss kit. Anyone need any Mirage parts? Kirk Taylor
  12. Need to be careful with programs you already have installed and their compatibility with 10. I just got a notice from Quickbooks that the 2014 version I use for my business will not work with Windows 10. Glad I didn't try it out when I first started getting the free update notices. Food for thought: When has Microsoft ever given a new operating system away for FREE? Makes you wonder about what is really going on... On the advice of a buddy who works in the computer business I'm sticking with 7 as long as possible. Kirk
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