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  1. Atlantis says it will be coming out with the Aurora 1/108 C-141A. It is a bit before my time, I don't think I have ever seen one built. It was one of Auroras later, much improved, kits from the early '70s, so it should be much better than their large airliners of the early '60s. For a long time it was the only C-141 kit available. Anyone know anything about it? Detail, features, etc?
  2. Is it just me...and it might be...but recently it seems companies skip 1/48 and go from 1/72 to 1/35? I suppose it is done to give them commonality with vehicle kits, but you don't often see helicopters and military vehicles together.
  3. That kit was around when I was a kid. A HS friend built one 50 years ago. Like many Monogram kits of the day it had working features, in this case, retracting gear. Also, one of the early 1/32 aircraft kits, predating the Reveal Warbirds of the late '60s.
  4. As a kid I saw the Thirds perform in the Phantom several times. Back then, the entire American fighter inventory seemed to consist of F-4s, I thought they'd be around forever. My brother was active duty then and had connections, and got me one of those autographed "With sincere appreciation" posters the team gave away (you'd see them hanging at restaurants and hotels they stayed at). I believe in the photo they are flying over Diamond Head, Hawaii. Still have it. I never realized the modifications were so extensive. They were hardly combat ready aircraft. Loo
  5. So who's going to be the owner? Taylor Swift? Tony Stark? Musk? Bezos? Ps...don't forget the whitewalls. 🙂 🙂
  6. An unsolicited hint... For the nacelle wheel wells, you might consider modeling clay to fill the bottom of the wells for a good door fit. Easy to work with and inexpensive.
  7. If he doesn't have a book, there are copies of the USAF Tech Order 1-1-4 online. It will have the paint scheme. I seem to recall the black belly of the Ds hard a hard edge, on some aircraft at least. Also, in 1:72, a hard vs soft edge isn't that noticeable.
  8. I love it! With all the photo etched accessories, resin parts, and aftermarket defals, a lot of modeling has gotten far too serious, so anything fun for the sake of being fun is welcome. Plus, it's fun to speculate on and design the changes.
  9. Since I'm probably older than many of you, this might be a surprise. In the late '50s, before there were bizjets (aside from the French Paris which was briefly marketed by Beech and a Cessna drawing of a 4-seat T-37), Douglas considered buying surplus F3D/F-10 Skyknights and retrofitting them for business use. A bit like one mark modifying A-26s or Lear doing PVs. Aside from Tony Stark, I don't know of anyone who would want or need a civil F-16. Since you can't fly supersonic over land I'm not sure what the speed advantage would be. However, utilizing a
  10. Great news. An iconic piece of TV/sci-fi/modeling and pop culture history.
  11. F-16 update.... The hatch was off the sprue and in the bag. Corrected photo added.
  12. Yes, you're correct, but that have offered upgraded decals in the past. Considering the basic color scheme and few decals of operational B-58s, the Atlantis decals are good enough for most builds. Still, it would have been nice for better unit/SAC badges, "Milky Way" sash and ejection seat triangles. Here his a shot of the basic sprues... Notice the very fine panel and decal lines. Also the correct.downturn "washout" of the wing tips, just like a F-102. Pretty impressive. Photos by Bill Engar of 2modelers.com Look for upcoming his review at www
  13. I believe those are supposed to be unit (Bomb Wing) emblems. In the late '50s SAC aircraft had a SAC shield on the right side, unit shield ...also on the SAC "Milky Way" blue band...on the right. When the model was introduced, the plane was not operational, so any units emblem would have been a guess. So Revell looks like it came up with a hybrid....half SAC (the armored fist), and half of a fictional unit.
  14. UPDATE: I just heard from a friend who got an early example, and the decal markings are engraved into the plastic, so no alternative markings in the box. The good news is that they represent the plane in the main image, so no prototype markings on the tail. My friend reports the decal lines are very fine as are the panel lines.
  15. Nice stuff. I'm not an anime guy, but I like your new car kits. I would love to see some of the old Pyro brass era stuff be re-released. Back in the '70s, when I first fell in love with brass-era cars (thanks to the 1914 Stutz Bearcat on "Bearcats!" and the 1/25 MPC kit), I built a Pyro Mercer touring. Well done kits. A local Hobby store has 1-2 NOS Pyros, at semi-reasonable prices.
  16. Unless you live on a ranch...or have a hangar...most guys don't have a place large enough to hide it! 🙂
  17. JohnEB

    BONE build

    I actually flew in a B-1 when I was a reporter after being assigned to a B-1 base for a few years. So I can give a pretty good answer...no, I never saw anyone in a G-suit. Anti-exposure suits, sure when crossing the Atlantic. For my flight, I just wore my own (private purchased from a surplus store) green Nomex suit and a CWU-36P summer weight jacket.
  18. It will probably come down to whether the markings were etched into the mold. If it is, Atlantis doesn't do alternate markings for obvious reasons. But the box art shows an AC in test as well as operational colors. So..... I'm too young to remember the kit, so I don't have a definitive answer. But the date of the original kit suggests it probably does have the engravings. (However, in one kit, their S2F, they provided an alternate set in different colors so you could build the aircraft in early service blue (white decals) or the later gray/white scheme with black dec
  19. Coincidentally, this just showed up on Scalemates, a new 1:48 Sea King. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/duke-hawkins-westland-sea-king--1540857 I've never heard of the maker. (but then again, I haven't been looking). Any plans for an S-61R variant? It was frequently mentioned on the "most wanted" helicopter list. The Wasp is an interesting subject, fairly unknown by a lot of people and not as widely used as the Sea King (but then, few aircraft are).
  20. JohnEB

    Info on EC-47's

    Many years ago while in the U.S.A.F., one of the senior NCOs who worked for me served in Vietnam as a crewmember in EC-47s. Just for fun, I Googled "EC-47 interior photos", figuring I 'd find some period private photos, some USAF historical photos and perhaps some diagrams from flight manuals. Here's what I found: https://www.google.com/search?sca_esv=4c908fbc6c8bfb37&q=ec-47+interior+photos&udm=2&source=univ&fir=YpW3oq-fs8fIbM%2CV8NRyJdWpq828M%2C_%3BcMKgqxJt5jIlNM%2CV8NRyJdWpq828M%2C_%3BhhkLiscaQ2gI4M%2CV8NRyJdWpq828M%2C_%3BlHEXA684wEDtCM%2CNCDZ5xJ
  21. Beautiful. Seeing excellent work like yours keeps me from finishing my projects. I figure "What" s the point?"
  22. About the toolbox decals.... The only decal that is out of place is the Holley carb. The Sunoco fuel and Champion spark plugs are period. A dab of paint (or a covering decal) would fix it. (Yes, easy for me to say).
  23. I saw this and thought it might interest someone who wants to build a modern Skycrane. Erickson has chosen a company to supply an updated panel. https://aviationweek.com/business-aviation/aircraft-propulsion/erickson-picks-astronautics-s-64-helicopter-upgrade If the link expires, I would imagine you could find a Astronautics or Erickson news release online
  24. They announced it last July, I don't think they are shipping it yet. Atlantis has been busy with cars and figures, perhaps aircraft aren't a priority (perhaps due to sales?). Remember, just because a kit is old or odd scale doesn't mean its bad. Not everything needs to be a huge superb detailed kit. From what I hear, the Revell kit was the best of the old Hustler kits. I haven't seen one built since I was a kid. It makes into a fairly large model.
  25. I'm a bit out of the procurement news loop...the Navy bought a used RAF J? I knew the Brits sold theirs, didn't think the U.S. would buy any. How many, or just the one for the Blue Angles, to "save" one for regular ops?
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