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  1. Steve!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi all, long time no see! I disappear for 7 years and look what pops up. Any update????? can't wait to build a few of these! Shark
  3. NICE!!!! The Flanker man is in the house! Looking forward to progress pictures.
  4. sign me up. 30MK? no cannards and tandem sitting i suppose. are they planning on issuing a Su33? at some point? Shark
  5. that's nice. hey Tracy, good to see you around these parts, long time since I said hi, so hi! hey, not to go off subject, but did you ever finish that Su25? Shark
  6. 4 A-10's from the Maryland National Guard overflew the Baltimore Orioles Stadium last Friday. I was there for opening day and got to see them. Shark
  7. Hey boss, check it. if you have an article in Spanish, email it to me. I'll translate. you just email it to me and i'm there, for real. if you need my personal email again, just PM me. Shark, ARC fan since, like, ever.
  8. woa!!! now that's something i have not seen ever before. did they actually do any actual operational landings and take offs from carriers? BTW, Motoko is still quite the looker.
  9. DAMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brings back memories of the real thing. you better bring that to the NATS. Shark
  10. Not sure if Chris is still in business, but Cobra CO had great stuff in 1/48 for the Huey. Shark
  11. Go with the Pisco nose. I have about 7 Aca Flankers and 3 Pisco noses, let me tell you they look so different. I was at Maks 2007. Out of experience, the Pisco nose looks closer to the real thing that the Academy - the ACA one is too fat, Flanker noses are more slender and longer. That's my opinion. Shark
  12. From a carrier? really? let's hear about this. Shark
  13. Hey what's Chile's main CAP airframe then? F16's i suppose? never really thought about it. and please - no smart *** reply redirecting me to some website full of good info or another thread I should have read before asking a question.. just a simple answer for a curious question will do. thank you! Shark
  14. I apologize for not reading your posts every day. it's fan bois like you who keep me away from ARC now adays. sorry i bothered the rivet counters, i tend to do that a lot. Shark
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