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  1. Thanks guys, and yeah Benjamin, I HAVE been on (and worked) a real shrimp boat. Chris
  2. Hello to everyone - both the members I remember and the new ones I haven't met yet! I have been in a funk for a couple of years and I am starting to get the urge to build. My twins are getting old enough (6.5) that I don't have to watch them like a hawk. I was working on a 1/32 scale hornet for a friend when I got discouraged by the sheer size of the kit. (I normally build 1/48) It's huge. I'm finally to the paint stage, so I hope to finish it this summer and get started on something for my display case. Chris
  3. That pencil drawing of the GT350 is stunning. Chris
  4. WOW! Another Luftwaffe progress build that I have missed! Outstanding work! I really like your willingness and ability to super detail in this scale! Chris PS. Great tip on how to make rubber inserts in the engine breather pipes! I'm going to commandeer that one, giving you full credit, of course.
  5. I don't know how I missed this great build. Fantastic! I just spent 30 min and 2 cups of coffee reading the whole thread! Great looking 110. I never bet tired of looking at WWII Luftwaffe paint schemes. Chris
  6. Pretty sweet. I never get tired of seeing Focke Wulfs...... Chris
  7. I assemble the intake, then putty and sand until it's smooth, then I cap one end and pour some paint in it and swirl.....Works like a champ.. ;) Chris
  8. Remember, You can only tie the low altitude record. It's impossible to set a new one... Chris
  9. Carl, Nice looking model! You really did a nice job on that paint job. Nice choice of decals, also. I actually have quite a few hours at the controls of BuNo 161592.... I was in VP-94 from 1995-2002. I'm sure that I flew with your boss. I even have a copy of the picture that you "borrowed" from your boss. Once again, great looking model. Chris
  10. VP pilot.... Ten years active and 5 in the reserves, '88-'02. Chris
  11. Gotta love that.... Fortunately, I haven't run into anything (or been run into it!) but I had some REALLY close calls with broken towbars - Late afternoon push in ATL on a crowed ramp, just as the tug driver is turning the plane.... and a ice covered ramp in Syracuse. Chris
  12. That is one sweet looking Dora. I wish I could understand the build thread where he chronicled the build! What a gorgeous model... Chris
  13. Always remember David, "better a poor ride than a proud walk". Chris
  14. Superb paintwork! I REALLY like it! Chris
  15. Nice paintwork, Bill. I really like that scheme. That is something different for the display case! Chris
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