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  1. Great news, always looked forward to dropping in on my travels from Australia....can't wait to see the new shop next time I'm in town
  2. biscuit

    Oh my....

    They also fly a 777 in the same scheme.....looks fantastic mick
  3. 1 Seattle 2 San Diego 3 Portland 4 Las Vegas 5 San Francisco mick
  4. I'm with you.... this looks nothing like the book knew this would suck once Brad Pitt got involved mick
  5. What a great win by the Giants,sitting on the edge of my seat here in Australia...bring on the world series...GO GIANTS mick
  6. I would see if you can fit the kit into a smaller box, I sent some prints home from Seattle recently and it cost me about $42 u.s.....so it's not going to be cheap, i would explain this all to the buyer and see if he still wants to go ahead with the sale mick
  7. I'm employed as a permanent part time employee by a major airline here in Australia, i work 7days on 2 days off then 7days on and 5days off which i think is pretty good....... i've worked elsewhere in the industry and have worked longer and less socialable hours but then again when i was in the navy i got about 4 hours sleep a night for weeks on end mick
  8. Go see a show {KA at the mgm is quite good} hobbytown is a must....the taxi drivers gave me an hour then picked me up again....rare plane detective is just off the strip now up near circus circus and above all have fun!! {and a beer for me} mick
  9. Yeah it's hard to listen to that's for sure
  10. Alan Joyce gets a base salary of 2.5 million this year with bonuses of about 1.7 mil for meeting undisclosed targets, want to guess what those targets are?,this was announced at the agm on friday....he gets all this and 1 million sshares as well so don't worry about him he's doing ok.....and the T.W.U had only done 6hours of industrial action in 7 months, hardly holding the company to ransom
  11. I was at work today and was given about 15 mins notice that this was going to happen, we had to unload aircraft that were already loaded with pax bags....Also i was told {and i don't know if it's true but suspect that is} that qf 16 was loaded, locked up and ready to push back from LAX and was stopped from departing and all pax were offloaded
  12. nice work it's good to see different schemes on aircraft :) ....By the way have you seen the new scheme on the Air Niugini 757 very nice mick
  13. Can you go to the Holiday Inn On The Bay for me ? when you are there have a beer at the Elephant and the Castle for me.... boy I miss that place mick
  14. I'm in I've got a 1/72 Revell fokker dvii in the colour scheme of Herman Goering and maybe some Roden planes as well time permitting mick :)
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