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  1. Greetings all, The resin parts are glued in. The kit's landing gear fits well to the resin part and both engines are completed. Tomorrow will be joining the halves and assembly of the weapon bay and nose compartments. The cockpit assembly can be placed after the fuse is joined as it can be inserted from above.
  2. SAC ? I don't think they existed back then but the general concensus is that their products suck. I find their gears to be poor copies of the original. Dai
  3. Looks like the drone is free of stencils... Dai
  4. My experience with SAC is poor at best. They are poor copies of the originals and metal is so soft they squatted upon the weight. I ordered their gear for my Tamiya F4 and promptly went into trash. May be yours sample is good quality? Dai
  5. Hi all, The Metallic Detail engine set is a must as you get much better detailed blades and you do not have to deal with the seams. MD gives you a set of blades but I think just one is enough. There are no locating pins but you use the panel lines to line things up. Dai
  6. OK gang, Added some stretched sprues /plastic strips to make the parts to fit as best as possible. This is all dry fitting. Once glued will clean up the seams. The engine is nice but some clean ups are needed. Dai
  7. Likely low visibility as my recently completed F4B was in high vis. Dai
  8. Yes and massively violates the basic modeler's human right on ARC. You may be banned forever so I would write a letter of apology and gather signatures petition here to keep you a member so you can follow my build. Dai
  9. I have looked into Wolfpack and cannot find it any more. On my first purchase, there were 5 seats all butchered up. I have asked the seller to check the seats before shipping out. Dai
  10. Hello all, My experience with BD set is the small single compartment parts tend to fit well like you see in the picture below. But large piece with multiple compartments do not fit well and requires lots of sanding and filing. Dai
  11. Hello all, Dry fitting indicates some work is needed for the parts to sit flush. Dai
  12. True to that. I will have to order another cockpit set that does not have the seats all butchered up. Interestingly there are five seats and all with broken parts. Dai
  13. Hi all, I am going to use the kit's cockpit/seats and Eduard PE set. Although the casting of the instrument panels on the Black Dog is nice I do not think my hand painting can match the details on the PE set. Also the BD seats have so many broken, missing parts that I will go for the kit's /PE as well. On the BD site, the weapon bay appears to be the right length but in my sample and others have reported, it is short. Just make sure the horizontal bulkhead lines up with the notch on the fuselage and fill in the gaps. Will post some photos of the cockpit tonight. Dai
  14. Greetings to all, The first thing is to see how the Black Dog parts fit with the kit. The cockpit and seats are detailed but suffer from flash and prone to break apart when trying to clean up. Will look into possible other cockpit sets. The dry fitting is not too bad but some putty work and shimmings are in order. The weapon bay is 10 mm short so you see the plastic sheet shimming. Dai
  15. Greetings to all, Taking a break from QF-4B while the International Orange paint is being sorted out. My next project will be the AMT S3 A/B. I plan to use MD engines and the BD weapon and gear bays as the kit's offering is very basic. The nose I am not sure because there are many parts and there is no instruction. The scheme will be low visibility. Dai
  16. The drone does not sport zillion stencils right? Come on give me the answer. I know ARC is full of Phantom expertens here ! Dai
  17. Hi all, Remember the first one with some missing panel lines and rivets? Now I look at it, the fault was so tiny that I really did not have to start over. But I did so now I have a spare F4 that I need to complete. A waste if I do not. I will do in an unique striking color QF-4B. Unless I am wrong the drone does not process a milion stencils? Now I have to find the correct International Orange paint and any help will be appreciated. Dai
  18. Happy Sunday everyone, Woke up this morning and added some items I forgot last night. The hydraulic jacks inside the cockpit and correct the vertical antenna on top of the fuse with the right one. Also added some tiny circular lens on the bottom of the fuse. Now I can finally call it finished. Dai
  19. That is 3 months and one day of this project. I had to start a new build due to some lost panel lines that I was unable to restore. I do wish I have the skill like you. Dai
  20. Howdy all, The project is now completed. Here are my takes... PROS: 1. The best kit of the B variant in 1/48 scale. I have not built the Academy but I think Tamiya tops this one. 2. Detailed cockpit and wheel bays. 3. Nice compliment of under wings loadings. 4. Posable flaps and air brakes. 5. Optional close or open ladder and refueling proble. 6. Excellent engineering and fit in general. CONS: 1. Poor thick decal. Consistent problem over the years with Tamiya. 2. Poor resolution of the decals for the missiles. You can
  21. Hello all, Getting toward completion as everything is decaled and painted. Love Cie
  22. I second this. So if you see something that does not match the C47 blue print, this is the cause. Dai
  23. Hello all, Final assembly and weathering are coming up next. I really cannot believe I am finishing this project. Dai
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