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  1. The Show-Down: I’ll be putting the 80’s Hasegawa F-4C/D up against the Academy ROKAF F-4D. I will be using the Speed Hunter Graphics “Wright Flyers” decal sheet to depict two different paint schemes from the 906 TFG at Wright Patterson AFB. The Plan: My initial thought is to do the Hasegawa kit in the Euro 1 scheme, as it didn’t show much panel line detail. The Academy kit will wear the final Hill scheme, probably the 30th Anniversary jet. I’m also contemplating doing the Academy kit in an “In Flight” configuration to avoid the interesting engineering on the main wheel bays. This could all change once we get to building, but you have to start somewhere. The Aftermarket: I will be using the above mentioned Speed Hunter decal sheet, and True Details resin ejection seats on both kits. Almost all of my reference materials show these jets with travel pods, so I will use the resin Eduard BLU-27 on both as well. The Hasegawa kit will probably get FOD cover from somewhere. The “For Reference” I built the Hasegawa kit once when I was a kid in the mid 80’s, after saving my allowance FOREVER and buying it at my local hobby-train store. I have never built the Academy kit but have read reviews online. I have done one F-16 from the Speed Hunter sheet, and it was outstanding. The Reality: I have two partially completed kits in the queue already, so my start time will be after the Holidays. I want to use this thread as a place holder, and to hold me to doing the builds. I will need to do parallel builds as much as possible, as my workspace is in my attached garage and it’s too hot to do much in the summer. I’m going to try to knock this out Jan-May 2020.
  2. I'm in. Hasegawa F-4D vs. Academy F-4D, with Speed Hunter's Wright Flyers 906TFG decals.
  3. I'm looking for a complete Fujimi or Testors boxing of the 1/72 Air Force A-7D Corsair II. I want the mold with the full intake, so will probably pass on the AMT, ESCI, and Italeri versions. I don't need decals or instructions, so bagged kits would work too. Continental US only, please. Thanks!! -Bill
  4. I like the idea a lot, and would participate. I would go light on the rules though. I think that has hurt participation in the past. Some folks may not want to revisit older kits. Maybe allow partial or completed models to qualify. For example: If someone gave up on an older kit mid-build, or has a golden oldie setting completed on the shelf, allow these to be part of the Old-New comparison. I personally have a Monogram F-16 I built last year for the Revell Monogram GB. I’ve often thought of doing a new Tamiya build, as a comparison.
  5. The Springfield Vipers had the LAU-129 wingtip rails. The Hasegawa 1/72 F-16 CJ (Block 50) has all the correct parts.
  6. Here are some pics of my 1/72 Hasegawa F-16 with Fox One Decals. Build thread is here:
  7. The decals and flat coat are on. I wanted to check how the Future + food coloring experiment looked on the canopy. I'm pretty pleased. It's subtle, but there.
  8. I’m looking for some leftover 1/72 F-4E decals for a build. I’m not too picky, preferably an early hardwing Vietnam era scheme, but run anything by me. Cont. US only, to make it easier on the seller. Thanks! -Bill
  9. Back at it. Took a break to participate in the Monogram-Revell Group Build. Experimenting with Future and food coloring to try to simulate the iridescent gold canopy.
  10. Excellent! I really like the display base, too.
  11. Great looking Panther!! Now I need to re-watch "Bridges at Toko-Ri".
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