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  1. That wood base is fantastic! How did you do the graphics?
  2. Now on eBay, with pics. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324060647402
  3. I'm sure they like to keep rate hikes quiet. https://about.usps.com/newsroom/national-releases/2019/1009-usps-announces-new-prices-for-2020.htm
  4. Shippers give huge discounts to corporate customers. That's why the rest of us pay so much. BTW: The rate increase was announced last October.
  5. I’m selling my 1/32 Hasegawa F-16A. Kit is complete and unstarted. Box is open and in poor condition, but all parts are on the sprue and still in their sealed bags. Missing the original instructions, but will include a photocopy of the complete instruction manual. Original decals with the Thunderbird option included. Bonus aftermarket items are: Aries AeroBonus resin USAF F-16 Falcon Pilot with Ejection Seat (ARSAB320118) (Partial) Speed Hunter Graphics Wright Flyers decal sheet. Contains markings for two F-16A’s from Wright Patterson’s 906TFG AFRES. $75 Paypal shipped in the Continental US
  6. I do a 50/50 mix of X-22 and Tamiya lacquer thinner. I also do the trick of spraying straight thinner after to reflow the finish. There's a good YouTube vid by Will Pattison on this.
  7. Tamiya X-22 for me. I'm a former Future user. One day I asked myself why I was spraying coat, after coat, after coat of Future, only to have my decals silver anyway???
  8. Thanks. There is a wash on the landing gear. It's hard to see in those pics.
  9. No major problems. They held together, but the adhesive was REALLY milky and I had to rinse some of that off before applying. In the end it dried crystal clear, so no complaints. My setting solution of choice is Solvaset, and they settled down nicely with no other issues. My only real concern is; they look oversized for the kit. Accuracy could be a bigger issue than the quality of the decals.
  10. I don't know a lot about this subject, but that is some of the most restrained and realistic looking paint chipping I've seen in long time. Excellent work.
  11. Thanks! I found a reference pic of Scrappy with a replaced unpainted gray leading edge flap and decided to try to duplicate it for fun.
  12. I'll start off with a critique of my own work 1) I couldn't get the intake lined up as nice as I would have liked. It's sucked in a little on one side, and protrudes on the other. One of the quirks with this kit, but I should have done better. 2) I overdid the tan canopy sealant. I normally don't do anything as it's not as prevalent as some modelers make it out to be, but wanted to give it a shot, and overdid it. 3) In hindsight I wish I would have sprung for a resin seat, but there it is.
  13. Here are some pics of "Scrappy" from the Springfield OH ANG. Build thread here:
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