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  1. Thank you for your contributions, they stimulated further research and I drew the following conclusions based on observation of images and snippets of info found here and there: the first image is for the SARAH system receiver. As suggested by @Da SWO it was a direction finding device used to locate the target during SAR missions. It was later replaced by a set of whip aerials under the belly. The second image depicts an HF aerial for long distance communications. It is completely unrelated to the first one, it replaced the initial long wire aerial on the left side and after a s
  2. Hello, I have a query for canadian Labradors experts. I'm putting the finishing touches to a model of the CH-113 in its initial delivery colors and I got curious about the strange aerials just behind the cockpit. Those on the left are simmetrical and can be seen in the first few years of service (late '60s - early '70s) while the strange plate came later and I think is only on the left side (on the right there would be the cabin door in the same position). The first set is already identified being a common set for SAR duties in the early years, though the one on the right is q
  3. Waiting for the 1/72 sheet, I have one question: is the medium blue of the VIP H-21B the same seen on Presidential 747s and 707s plus VC-140, VC-9B, C-32s, C-40s, C20s ? Thanks Fabio
  4. Thank you for the hint Paul: I already have the Warrior sheet for the first scheme but I didn't know they had done also the later one.
  5. Just ordered my sheet, waiting with trepidation! As Paul pointed out actually you need the inscription for both sides, so it is just as well that you provided two.
  6. Ok, maybe the question was too specific :tumble:/> However, after more research and analisys of the very few images I could find of DC-4 interiors I came to these conclusions: - the seat layout is probably the same as that used by civil airlines - there are some missing elements such as the overhead baggage containers but otherwise the interior is very similar to any DC-4 airliner - I guess there should be some kind of cargo area in the rear right end of the cabin since all the rearmost windows are blaked off: there are only 9 as on the left side which is quite unusual I hope someone
  7. Hi, I'm preparing for the upcoming Caracal decals and trying to understand how the Thunderbirds Skymaster was internally arranged. I have only this image where quasi-airlines seating can be seen. Was this the normal arrangement for 'passenger' C-54? Would it have been the same for the whole cabin or could it be a 'combi' configuration? Thanks Fabio
  8. GORGEOUS!! I have a Revell kit just waiting for this sheet. May I hope for the same treatment of the Roden C-123B? Cheers Fabio
  9. Great choice Eri! Will follow with much interest, it's a subject I'd like to do in the smaller scale.
  10. I'd like to join with the build of a Japanese helicopter: actually I'm starting it for a group build on another site but I'm not too confident I can finish it in time and here there are two full months more. Is this 'plan' admitted or should I start only here? Thanks Fabio
  11. Very nice result! Will you share your recipe for the green? Bye Fabio
  12. Glad to know. But when will be available the Thunderbirds C-123B decals announced in march?
  13. If I remember well each Decal set contains generic instruction for the application: they say that the printing ink is quite stiff and so more difficult to have the decals conform to tricky surfaces. The suggested tip is to use very hot (not boiling) water to soften the decal. I'm going by memory not having the instructions in front of me, however I suggest you contact directly the producer Greg Drawbaugh, he's always been very helpful and honest regarding his products. Good luck Fabio
  14. This is a replica built in the sixties and donated to the Museum of Army Flying. It isn't necessarily true to the original... Cheers Fabio
  15. Hello, I'm a helo fan and really don't bother with the other subjects in this sheet so the price is quite inflated for my wallet. Hope to meet a jet fan who don't like helos and want to make a deal :D/> I'm in Italy and can pay with Paypal, I consider also a trade if I can help. Thank you Fabio
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