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  1. We're working on dealing with retailers and distributors once we get some of our backlog shipped out. But for now we do ship worldwide thru our website and shipping to most of Europe is $32. There is a 10% coupon code AIRLINERCAFE which can be used as well. Cheers, Neil https://www.aeromodl.com/our-kits
  2. The -200 rollout is basically happening, the -300/400/500s will probably start production in November/December. If you want, you can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the homepage linked below and get email updates about our projects and progress. Cheers, Neil. https://www.aeromodl.com/
  3. Hey fellas, just a quick update: We're in production now and we're finally more or less complete with the masters and molds phase. We're turning out around 30 parts, almost a kit worth, daily. The first batch of 25 or so kits are slated to ship shortly, just as soon as a few "honey-do list" items are taken care of as well as the remainder of the casting. Here are photos of all the kit parts, as well as a few shots of them all put together. More on my Flickr page
  4. Thanks for that! They aren't being casted. All of the smaller, complex parts will come right off an industrial high-end 3D printer and go into the box, including the entire wheel well detail insert. Even the windshield wipers and pitots will be 3D printed 🙂 Some photos after those parts were primed
  5. Some photos of the fuselage/wings/tail/engine masters as well as some kit ready parts. Won't be long until these come rolling off the assembly line! First, the V2.0 landing gear CAD: Master patterns + kit ready detail parts: Thanks for looking! Neil C AeroModl Homepage
  6. Back again guys with some news! First of all, we're in the process of getting our masters created from the CAD of the -200 model. We expect to have all of them back by the end of the month. After that, it won't be long before we are pouring castings and we are targeting end of April to start shipping the first -200 orders. The -300 releases should lag by a month or so depending on how long it takes to get our masters done. Here are some photos of the empennage masters below, and you can expect the final parts to be basically identical save for the color(or lack thereof).
  7. @Thorp re: T-43. This will probably happen, though it won't make the initial releases. Right now the decal options are Delta, Aer Lingus, Lufthansa and Piedmont. @Trojan Thunder the presale price is $99 USD. Once the fundraiser is over, the price will go to the regular price of $149. @Salineated Michigander You should have gotten a newsletter 🙂 Thanks for signing up and stay tuned!
  8. Update: We've started a crowdfunding campaign which will also serve as the pre-order window for these kits. The cost is $99 USD. You can reserve as many as you wish. Donations are also accepted. More information available on our 737 Launch Gofundme Campaign. And on our website: AeroModL Since the first announcement, I've kept perfecting the CAD, which is now 99.7% done on the -200. The engines were overhauled as I still thought they didn't look entirely correct. More detail was added such as: cockpit seats and instrument panel, wheel well detail and antennas and pr
  9. Hi Dutch, We do plan to offer our models across many scales including 1/144, 1/100, 1/ 200 along with 1/72. Do stay tuned!
  10. Thanks Marc! Authentic Airliners have announced shortly after our announcement that they have a 1/72 707 in the works as well so either way, your dream will be true soon enough!
  11. You might be surprised Trojan Thunder. We're going to try keep the overall prices affordable(for resin kits) and we should be able to ship Int'l First Class for the 737s to keep overseas shipping prices manageable.
  12. Hi Fang, Thank you so much, your kind words are really appreciated. A Comet would be awesome for sure, but I can't make any promises! I will say that if there's a good amount of reference material and demand for it, it would be high on my list of projects! Cheers, Neil
  13. Hey everyone, I'm pleased to announce a new line of original resin model kits in 1/72 scale: the B737-200Adv and 737-300. These should be ready for purchase by late January 2020. More model release announcements will follow shortly after. We will strive to produce affordable, extremely accurate, and finely detailed resin model kits across multiple scales, which will appeal to modellers of all skill levels. In order to help generate some interest in these upcoming kits, we are going to have some giveaways including full kits - so check out our website and Facebook page
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