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  1. Hey all- For those of you that like the L-39 Albatros, Check out the TruTV network on November 2nd to watch "Impractical Jokers" at 9:00 EST. Acrojet, and our L-39C will be featured on the show- Cheers Pete
  2. Hi all- Looking for Avionix BLC32059 P-61 cockpit and gunners set and BLC32060 radar operators set...both in 32nd scale for the HobbyBoss kit- TIA Pete
  3. Hey Chuck! Yes, an amazing build and was so psyched to be able to include it! I've got another copy of the book for you- PM me your address! Cheers Pig
  4. Hello All! ...As Jake and I consider what form The Scale Viper Volume II should take, we'd like to hear your thoughts! Cheers and thanks! Pig
  5. Hello all! Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement! Jake and I worked our fannies off on this one, and I'm so glad you all have found it helpful. We are also incredibly thankful for all of the modelers who contributed their time and talent for this project..without them, it simply wouldn't have been possible! Thanks for having enough faith in us to buy the book. We truly welcome and listen to all of your feedback! Cheers, Pig
  6. That's good stuff right there Chris. You are the man. Pig
  7. It is an amazing kit. I have it, and am looking forward to starting it. I have access to a real L-39C every day. The ZA is very similar. Let me know if you have any reference questions. Cheers Pig
  8. Here's a link to Timmy! and I flying the L-39- click this I have waivers from the FAA to conduct L-39 type training and upset/unusual attitude training in my L-39...and I fly it for fun as much as possible- Cheers Pig
  9. Yes. I flew a buddies L-39 last summer with hot seats. They are out there- Cheers Pig
  10. some do, some don't. My seats are disarmed...not my choice, they were disarmed when I bought it. The pyros for the seats and canopy jettison can be expensive and problematic to maintain. Most L-39's here in the U.S. have cold seats for that reason- Pig
  11. Hello all- Mikkel...You can come fly with me in my L-39 anytime! Cheers Pig
  12. Outstanding job on a fantastic kit! I know a little bit about the L-39 :rolleyes:/> My L-39C Cheers Pig
  13. Hey Brandon & Mike- Thanks you guys for the help! Cheers Pig
  14. Anybody have any images of the gunsight in the aft cockpit of the T-45? Looks like it's the same sight used in the AT-38B...Man, I could use some good pics of that- Cheers Pig
  15. Hey Chris- Dave Williams has posted a look at the new 32nd scale Trumpeter A-4M over on LSP. The kit needs a new canopy and windscreen..Would love to see you tackle that for us- A-4M thread Cheers Pig
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