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  1. Hi folks, searching for the participants of the air battle over Berlin (better said northern Saxony-Anhalt) on 24th of march 1945 I found nothing about 2nd Lt. Charles V. Brantley's P-51 of 100th FS 332nd FG 15th AF who downed Oberleutnant Ernst W├Ârner's Me 262 Yellow 6 from 10./JG 7 over middle Germany. I'm interested in Call-Sign, Number and Nickname of Brantley's mustang. Thx in advance!
  2. Hi folks! Trying to build a 1/72 replica of a flying Deck elevator as a base for displaying 1/72 USN-models I need some help for the real dimensions. Actually I'm scetching the project by simply using a 1/720 part of Italeri's CVN-72 and enlarging it to 1/72 ... but that's awful basic. Every help for the true dimensions is welcome! Thanks in advance!
  3. In Germany (importet by Carson) there are only two (different splinters) Russian versions in the Kit. I'm heavily seeking to build an Algerian, cause of this striking light blue basic color. Kotey - are yor still working on a additional decal-sheet and when will it be released?
  4. Hi folks! I've got a question to all the USN-, especially Prowler-, Insiders out there. I want to build an older kit from Hasegawa's 1/72-range, I think from 1995: EA-6B Prowler "Independence" cat.-No.: 04068 (K108) It depicts the VAQ-136 Gauntlets - Bird, NF 620, BuNo 161883, in July 1994. What type of Aires-cockpits for ICAP-II-Prowlers is the right one? Aires 7266 EA-6B Prowler ICAP-2 (early) or Aires 7270 EA-6B Prowler ICAP-2(late) Thanks in advance!
  5. Thank you very much, VF-115EFR! The painting instruction tells also to delete the blade-antenna underneath the front cockpit. Aires will give to options on resin-upgrades ICAP II early and late. So I will have a look at the (noteable) differences.
  6. @tpartlow: Anything to add or share? I don't catch the meaning of that quotation. :unsure:
  7. Hi to all the U.S.Navy-, especially Prowler-cracks, I've got a question to you - if you let me ask... :blush: Managed to find one of Hasegawa's earlier limited edition kits K108 (04068) EA-6B Prowler "Independence" while I was looking for a 1/72 Prowler to build. Basic kit is "Prowler low viz" from 1987 with special decals and painting instructions. Last one tells: BuNo 161883 NF 620 CVW 5 VAQ-136 "Gauntlets" April 1994 Crew: Capt Ken Heimgardner; Lt Tony Parrillo; Capt Brian Calhoun; Lcdr Bryan Lower July 1994 Crew: Capt Brian Calhoun; Lt Tony Parrillo; Capt Harvey McDonald; Lt
  8. Rapier

    Revell A400M

    Since RoG launched its 1:72 A400M Grizzly, im wondering about the surface color. Is there anyone (perhaps from Spain) able to tell me, what FS oder RAL standart color is used for A400M camouflage? RoG suggested it's own semigloss 374 and pictures depends on daylight an circumstances. Thanks in advance!
  9. So, I checked my sources. Found a black/white profile from Mr. Redemann in Flug Revue 3/1990. It depicts NK 201 onboard USS Enterprise in March 1975. Broad Beavertail (with dielectrice), IRST, 158629 block 65. Radome gullgrey and white. But profile states 36440 on upper surfaces and USS Enterprise on bottom of each air intake, not tail plane. So questioning continues.
  10. Great work gentlemen, my warm thanks to both of you! I would guess the beavertail ist that kind with removed dielectric panels, right? Antiglare I would go for flat black. Without any pod looks also nice. We'll see..
  11. My thanks once more to Paolo, Dave and Brian. I see we aren't at the end of this topic... But there be a lot more to discuss around Tomcats first cruise.
  12. According to the warm response, my first thread found in this forum, I decided to start up an new one for the second building-process. Starting point is Hasegawa, 00863, F-14A Tomcat "Early Version" in 1/72 scale. There ist a VF-2 Tomcat included where I have my doubt's for taking part in operation Frequent Wind. Given BuNo 159625 tells, that it is a block 85 plane. This should not be available before 1976 - not in spring 1975. 1. What BuNo had NK-201 while OP Frequent Wind? 2. No Alpha Probe? 3. What kind of beaver tail? 4. What kind of IRST-pod? 5. All leading edges are stated bare m
  13. Great, Sig Saur & Son! Both - 158979 and 158993 are confirmed for Frequent Wind by that. First Part of the model (display card) ist done.
  14. Thanks, Skull Leader! Yes it's 16440 over 17875 with a 33613 nose.
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