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  1. I plan to finish a 1/72 Academy P-38J, a 1/72 HobbyBoss P-38L, and a 1/72 Airfix F-86F. After that, 1/72 Hasegawa Bf 109G and a Tamiya P-47D are in the wings. After that, we will see.....
  2. I usually don't have too many sitting on the Shelf. What I like to use them for is to try a new technique or paint I have never tried before. If it works, the model gets finished. If not, it joins the paint mule team. The oldest one is a MiG 23 from 1998, but I just ordered some decals for it so it might get done before it is 20.πŸ˜„
  3. Hi Mark, As 5th AF fan, and especially 49th FG aircraft in particular, I have ordered both of your new sheets and a few others tooπŸ˜€. I am always looking for 1/72 49th aircraft, and P-47s from the 9th FS would be greatly appreciated. I am I did not see your site sooner as you have a lot of great stuff that is sold out. regards, Bill
  4. Here is my second project. This Fury was going to be in South African markings, but my "new" deadline (last minute business trip) forced me to use the kit decals. After I get back, I'll strip it down, finish making the decals, repaint and rig it. The Fury is a pretty plane in any markings. The top wing is held on with white glue to help in the future "deconstruct". <_<
  5. Here is the first of my projects, the Matchbox Gladiator. A 2 week business trip has made my deadline today so no rigging. It is in the markings of the Chinese air force. Bill
  6. Here is a Fury I made in 1986. I converted it to a Persian radial engined version by using a modified cowl and engine from a Matchbox Gladiator. I painted the markings on clear decal film. This was my first conversion and the first time I really detailed a model. Bill Here is another angle
  7. Please add a Gladiator to my Fury. Can't just build one..... Bill
  8. I'm going start with the first one on the list PK-1, the Hawker Fury I. After that, maybe a Meatbox or maybe a Lanc......good memories with that kit. Bill
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