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  1. Hello. I am building a Marines F-4J Phantom in 1976. I want to load the plane in a "mud mover" version. I want an unusual cargo, maybe napalm, or Bullpup missiles, or rocket launchers...I don´t go for the conventional load, I want a rare one without going like "hell, I put some Phoenix in there" The question is: wich weapons can I put?
  2. Thanks to all. It seems that I go with what it´s in the box, since I don´t have any money to spend. So, I understand that I will build a what if, since no HH-60D exist, right?
  3. Hello to all. I just bought the Hasegawa HH-60D Night Hawk kit. I´m not a helicopter expert, and find that the kit, from the box, depicts an aircraft that never entered service. I want to build an operative machine, and so, here is the question: with the minimal mods, what version can I do with the plastic in the box? I really like the look whit the refuelling probe on, and the two machine guns in the windows, so, tell me if you can wich operational Blackhawk can I build. Thank you very much.
  4. Hello, I write to ask for some help. I have the Scaleworx 1/72 Cheetah E conversión set, but I don´t have any instructions. I want to build the model son, so I need if somebody can help me with some scans. I already write a PM in the Scaleworx Facebook page, but they don´t answer yet. Thank you very much.
  5. Hi to all. I have a Fujimi F-4E whitout decals and instructions. I need a scan or an online resource for the instructions. Thank you.
  6. Thank you Fiddler and Jake. I want to represent an A-10C, modern day. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, I have both the 1/72 Academy and the Hasegawa kits. I know both kits represents early aircrafts, and I read both "In action" and "Walkaround" books, but cant make me an idea of what external diferences are from early to late aircrafts. I know of some antennaes, but cant find wich ones. Can you help me?
  8. Wow, my mistake, I believe the F-16I are both single and double seaters... Well, it seems that my F-16E will be a...F-16E. Thanks to all for the replics.
  9. Hello to all. I have the Hasegawa 1/72 F-16"E" and I was wondering if this aircraft can be converted to a israeli F-16I. In this case wich are the external differences? Thank you.
  10. Same here. Some years ago now, it seems MPM, Italeri and Airfix announces the B.2, but nothing happens. I am from Argentina, I like the Canberra, but I only build 1/72 models. High Planes from Australia made a Canberra B.2 with Argentine decals, but the price is too high, and the model isn´t good enough. It´s a shame that the big producers doesn´t made a Canberra B.2. It seems that the only thing we can do is wait...
  11. Hello. I am looking for to buy 2-3 models from the new Hobbycraft CF-105 Arrow. It seems that the kit are pretty hard to find. I can´t find were to buy, I manage to find some in ebay, but are located in Canda and the shipping cost are too high (I live in Argentina). Anybody knows where can I find this kit? Thank you very much
  12. Thanks, that´s the one Im looking for.
  13. Hello, I am currently star to build my 1/72 Hobbycraft CF-100 Canuck, but I miss the instructions. If you have it, please, send me an email to hoffdiego@hotmail.com Thank you very much
  14. Hello to everyone. I am looking for the Heller Me-262B1 instructions. I lost it, and I want to build my model in the next days. So, if somone has it, plese, send me an email to hoffdiego@hotmail.com Thank you very much.
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