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  1. Hello. I am building a Marines F-4J Phantom in 1976. I want to load the plane in a "mud mover" version. I want an unusual cargo, maybe napalm, or Bullpup missiles, or rocket launchers...I don´t go for the conventional load, I want a rare one without going like "hell, I put some Phoenix in there" The question is: wich weapons can I put?
  2. Thanks to all. It seems that I go with what it´s in the box, since I don´t have any money to spend. So, I understand that I will build a what if, since no HH-60D exist, right?
  3. Hello to all. I just bought the Hasegawa HH-60D Night Hawk kit. I´m not a helicopter expert, and find that the kit, from the box, depicts an aircraft that never entered service. I want to build an operative machine, and so, here is the question: with the minimal mods, what version can I do with the plastic in the box? I really like the look whit the refuelling probe on, and the two machine guns in the windows, so, tell me if you can wich operational Blackhawk can I build. Thank you very much.
  4. Hello, I write to ask for some help. I have the Scaleworx 1/72 Cheetah E conversión set, but I don´t have any instructions. I want to build the model son, so I need if somebody can help me with some scans. I already write a PM in the Scaleworx Facebook page, but they don´t answer yet. Thank you very much.
  5. Hi to all. I have a Fujimi F-4E whitout decals and instructions. I need a scan or an online resource for the instructions. Thank you.
  6. Thank you Fiddler and Jake. I want to represent an A-10C, modern day. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, I have both the 1/72 Academy and the Hasegawa kits. I know both kits represents early aircrafts, and I read both "In action" and "Walkaround" books, but cant make me an idea of what external diferences are from early to late aircrafts. I know of some antennaes, but cant find wich ones. Can you help me?
  8. Wow, my mistake, I believe the F-16I are both single and double seaters... Well, it seems that my F-16E will be a...F-16E. Thanks to all for the replics.
  9. Hello to all. I have the Hasegawa 1/72 F-16"E" and I was wondering if this aircraft can be converted to a israeli F-16I. In this case wich are the external differences? Thank you.
  10. Same here. Some years ago now, it seems MPM, Italeri and Airfix announces the B.2, but nothing happens. I am from Argentina, I like the Canberra, but I only build 1/72 models. High Planes from Australia made a Canberra B.2 with Argentine decals, but the price is too high, and the model isn´t good enough. It´s a shame that the big producers doesn´t made a Canberra B.2. It seems that the only thing we can do is wait...
  11. Hello. I am looking for to buy 2-3 models from the new Hobbycraft CF-105 Arrow. It seems that the kit are pretty hard to find. I can´t find were to buy, I manage to find some in ebay, but are located in Canda and the shipping cost are too high (I live in Argentina). Anybody knows where can I find this kit? Thank you very much
  12. Thanks, that´s the one Im looking for.
  13. Hello, I am currently star to build my 1/72 Hobbycraft CF-100 Canuck, but I miss the instructions. If you have it, please, send me an email to hoffdiego@hotmail.com Thank you very much
  14. Hello to everyone. I am looking for the Heller Me-262B1 instructions. I lost it, and I want to build my model in the next days. So, if somone has it, plese, send me an email to hoffdiego@hotmail.com Thank you very much.
  15. Well, thank you all for your responses. I allways see the Hawk like an armed trainer, and feel (maybe wrong) that the aircraft can carry much more weaponry than what are shown. Seeing the evidence, I decide to go whit the following options: -Fujimi Hawk T.1 English all black trainer -Airfix Hawk T.1 English green and grey wraparound with Sea Eagle, 2x AIM-9 and 2x drop tanks -Italeri Hawk T.1 Rodhesian, with 8x Mk.82 and gun pod -Italeri Hawk 100 Australian, with 2x AIM-9, 2x Drop tanks and gun pod -Airfix Hawk 100: not decided yet...can you give me your opinion? Thanks to all
  16. Hi to all. I´m starting to build my 6 Bae Hawk model kits in a row. I have four T.1 and two Mk.100. The question here is that I am looking for the schemes and the weapon load. I find a pletora of paint schemes, but the weapons load are only two or for AIM-9... Also, I found a Mozambique aircraft with bombs, but that´s all... Do you know if the australian birds loads laser bombs or mavericks? Do you know where to find some pictures with loaded Hawks?. Thank you.
  17. Hi to all. I am seeing this Su-22 in Vietnam colors: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-y785QHz5cs8/TjWSvOaMhZI/AAAAAAAAI_Y/WfWXGOZZiYs/s1600/VIETNAM%2BSU-22M4%2B5870.jpg , and need to know if there are some other photos. Also, the underside color is the same clor in the upper side? At last, need to know the weaposn inuse in Vietnam for this aircraft. Thanks Diego
  18. Thanks to all for the answers. So I think I must start looking on another part. I have another two questions, then. 1-I want to load my Hun with the heaviest load, wich could it be? 2-Wich planes can carry the Italeri Mk.84 2000lbs.? Thanks again
  19. Hi to all. I want to load my bare metal 1/72 F-100 Super Sabre with Mk.84 bombs. I have the old Italeri weapons set, but the bombs depicted in the kit seems to be..."rare" at least. The Italeri box can be seen here: http://www.oldmodelkits.com/index.php?detail=7621&page=1 , the bomb is the one in the middle of the Walleye and the HARM. The questions are 2: 1-Did you have or see any pictures of bare metal F-100 with Mk.84 bombs? 2-The Mk.84 in the Italeri kit are a "real" reproduction of a Mk.84? Thank you very much
  20. Hello to everybody. I miss the instructions of my Harrier Gr.3 from Italeri/Esci. I need this, since I want to start to build the model. Can you help me? If so, please, send me the scans to diegohoff@gmail.com Thank you
  21. Hi, I am currently building the Hunter Mk.58 from Revell Germany in 1/72 sacle. I manage to lost the instructions somehow. If anybody have the instructions and can scan it, please, send me to: hoffdiego@hotmail.com Thank you very much
  22. Well, thanks for the answers. I see for the Platz decals, but it seems that isn´t in stock in nowhere.
  23. Hi, I am currently building a Mitsubishi F-1 in 1/72. When I come to put the decals, I notice that all decals are completely useless. I look at the web, if there are an aftermarket decal sheet for this aircraft, but can´t fin any. So, if you have a semi complete, spare or else for this, I will really appreciate if you can help me. I live in Argentina and can pay shipping and decals cost. Thanks in advance. Diego
  24. Hi, I am from Argentina and I looking for the following kits (all 1/72). Trade list at the bottom, or I can buy via Paypal.Thanks for looking: -SBU Vindicator -TF-104 Starfighter -Luft 46 Flugelrad -Soko Galeb -AMX -Soko Super Galeb -Orao -Luft 46 Blohm & Voss P.204 -Luft 46 Blohm & Voss P.170 I have: AICRAFT AEROPLAST 1/72 90003 Saab J-35O Draken AML 1/72 72018 Mirage IIICJ Shahak AML 1/72 72036 Lavochkin La-5UTI AMODEL 1/72 72163 Mil Mi-10K Soviet 'Flying Crane' helicopter AMODEL 1/72 72198 Yakovlev Yak-18 M12 AZ MODEL 1/48 4836 TA-4H/K Skyhawk BILEK 1/72 957
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