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  1. Are there plans to reprint the F-105G SEA sheet?
  2. Any chance you will reprint the F-105G sheet? There don't appear to be anyone else that is currently producing an F-105G sheet.
  3. Did the test hornets use the same ejection seat as the production models?
  4. How about one from the top secret Tonopah Test Range? Used as a chase plane for F-117s and MiG evaluations. Very unusual and I don’t think anyone has done one.
  5. Aircal62. Could you share some pics of your build? I’ve heard others suggest a build like you describe. How difficult was it to blend the different pieces together?
  6. Has anyone published a step by step guide of what is needed for a successful 1/48 YF-16 build? Many people say to start with the Arri kit. But where to go from there. That is not a great kit.
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