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  1. was kind of surprised the business was still going at a nearby store that sells this stuff several months ago apparently now its more of a specialized hobby with fewer but way more detailed/expensive kits being put out that probably makes the market more ideal for small batch brands in theory, but i'm assuming its also brutally competitive
  2. damn thats rough! Hope the new one works out
  3. wow, didnt think this had any replies did not get any notifications, must be settings thanks for the insights. I trashed the scrap earlier. Did not think to try giving away for free that probably would've been a better idea actually; will keep in mind if it happens again (hopefully not!) one of them was a bf 109 i had primed but accidentally installed a section before the landing gear, but then realized landing gear cant go in afterwards lol. that and messed up some other areas. This one was more of a testpiece anyway really, but was hoping to complete. Ende
  4. this is a rlly dumb question couple projects I put plenty hrs into but messed up pretty badly (& learned from the errors) would rather move on than force myself to continue them should I feel bad trashing them? Seems kinda wasteful I guess
  5. unbelievable its so tiny yet so nicely done 👌
  6. viper looks so noice in that scheme
  7. boootiful! real satisfying to look at 👍
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