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  1. Thanks Jens and Brian! 🙂 Brian, do you possibly have a link to the post? I have looked around at the FD FB page but can't find the post you are referring to.
  2. I know, this is a long shot... But if anyone has tried using the Quinta stuff designed for the GWH kit on their Hasegawa F-15 I would really like to know how it worked out. Any thoughts? :)
  3. Yes, your modified nose gear is certainly not lowered as much as when being attached to the catapult. But I am still leaning towards leaving the kit part for the nose gear leg alone, I think it looks fine as it is.
  4. Hey, great find. Many thanks! 😀 Going from the photos and how the airframe surface varies in hues I am certainly leaning towards winter camouflage for "21". Thanks again!
  5. Thanks, great info! Looks like either version (white or aluminium) is just as likely. Some pondering need to be done...
  6. I am having trouble to pin down the paint scheme on this airframe. In the below illustration it has winter camouflage but the ICM 32nd scale kit says it is finished in aluminium overall. Any ideas on what is correct?
  7. Nice work! I really like how the paint scheme turned out. 👍 But are you sure about the nose gear oleo being too long as it comes in the kit? I think the nose gear of your model looks slightly too low in the photos, making the model's nose sit a bit low. But that may be because of the angle in the photos. When modeling an airborne Tomcat I spent a lot of time looking at photos of the real aircraft and its nose landing gear. I came to the conclusion that the oleo was of the same length regardless of being airborne (without load) or on the ground (with load). (However, I did modif
  8. Sorry to learn this and I hope everything works out for the owner. And agreed, there's indeed a huge difference between the two approaches.
  9. Just curious about where their announced 1/48th scale Buccaneer went, as I haven't heard anything in a long while. I tried a search but not much turned up. 😐
  10. Indeed so. Some filler and sanding necessary, but looks doable. Btw, that mid style gun vent looks a wee bit soft in detail compared to, say, Hasegawa. Perhaps your box has two similar sprues with a part for the gun vent?
  11. Hmm... so no signs of the later style beaver tail and gun vent in the upcoming F-14A? Well, perhaps more releases are on the way.
  12. Now what is this, AMK is releasing a Tomcat? And the kit will be out in just a few weeks too? Oh joy! (My sincere apologies, just trying to up this thread to reach page 200...)
  13. From where should one order separate sprues, directly from AMK or from somewhere else?
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