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  1. Anders_Isaksson

    Building Hasegawa Tomcats in the age of Tamiya

    Tamiya has the better shape in the forward area, but that is my purely personal opinion.
  2. Anders_Isaksson

    KASL F-14 wing flap & slat set for 1 48 Tamiya Tomcat

    Having wrestled with both I can only agree that fitting either the HB or Hase wings would be a massive downgrade to the Tamiya kit. Let’s hope the AMK wings work out ok.
  3. Anders_Isaksson

    RAF Mitchells - interior colors and harness type?

    Sowar, many thanks! Excellent info. Guess I can proceed with using the dedicated Eduard PE set for the B-25 on my Mitchell Mk II. Thanks again!
  4. Anders_Isaksson

    RAF Mitchells - interior colors and harness type?

    Sorry for the late response but many thanks, Nigel! I'm leaning towards going with US type harness, just to keep the build simple. However, should I happen to have a set of RAF harness lying around I may still go that route, but nothing else.
  5. Thinking about modeling the newish Airfix B-25C/D as an RAF Mk II, as I don't want to wait for the dedicated British release. Any ideas on the interior colors and which type of harness the RAF Mitchells used? I guess they would still be built to US standards, but I may be wrong. Any and all input is most welcome! :)
  6. Anders_Isaksson

    Restock Of The A-7 Set?

    That is some cliffhanger right there! Please do keep us posted.
  7. Anders_Isaksson

    Restock Of The A-7 Set?

    Thanks Chris! I hope for the best then... :)
  8. Anders_Isaksson

    Restock Of The A-7 Set?

    Sorry for asking if I missed the memo but will the complete correction set (including the vac canopy) be available again? I understand there was som technical issues with the canopy section, but still thought I should ask.
  9. Anders_Isaksson

    1/48 Tamiya F-15... are the A and J the same plastic?

    Excellent, many thanks for the informative replies! While the Hasegawa or even more so the GWH Eagle may be the better kits I somehow have a special interest in the Tamiya offering. Don't know the logic here but that's probably for a different forum to discuss...
  10. Scalemates says the J has new parts but no detail on what's new, so could be auxilary stuff for all I know. Just curious if the J could be turned into an early USAF F-15A as the J has the same smaller pods on both fins. Anyone who knows more?
  11. Anders_Isaksson

    Fw-190... converting an A-5 to A-6?

    Sorry jester, I forgot to reply to the above comment. As I only need the upper wings to convert my A-5 I figure the different fuselage won't be a problem.
  12. Anders_Isaksson

    Fw-190... converting an A-5 to A-6?

    Gaaah! I'm getting all confused over this. Before buying I checked pictures of the Eduard A-8/R2 sprues and found the rectangular bulges present so thought they would work out ok. While 30 mm armament on the A-8/R2 I assume the bulges should be identical? Here's hoping... :) As for the actual A-6 armament I have the Aber MG151 barrels required. Strange. Could it be an error in the diagram in the Valiant Wings book that has sent me on this path? Hmm...
  13. Anders_Isaksson

    Fw-190... converting an A-5 to A-6?

    Ok... I broke down and bought an Eduard A-8/R2 (Weekend Edition) to use its upper wings on my A-6. Problem solved for now! :)
  14. Anders_Isaksson

    Fw-190... converting an A-5 to A-6?

    Ah yes. I just today recieved the Valiant Wings book on the short nose 190s. I did notice a few erranous or swapped around photo captions but otherwise a nice book, and in their diagrams of the different versions those upper wing rectangaluar bulges are indeed shown.
  15. Anders_Isaksson

    Fw-190... converting an A-5 to A-6?

    Hmm, I may have hit a snag with the conversion to an A-6. It seems the wing should have the rectangular bulge on the topside where the outer MG151 are located. IIRC there is one cheap kit or another that have those bulges as separate pieces? Might be a good source for those bulges. Examined my Eduard F-8 and that kit has the bulges molded in place. While their upper wings certainly look better this way it doesn't help me much for my A-6, unless I go for robbing the top wings from a second Eduard F-8.