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  1. What a beautiful work. This is a masterpiece. Bravo.
  2. It looks really great. I love the paint job.
  3. Great work on the moulding flaw, the rivets and the panel lines!
  4. Great work on the intakes, you find always great solutions to the kits' problems!
  5. Good work on the canopy, I never noticed the pulley and cable system!
  6. Good work on those decals! Almost there :-)
  7. Great work so far, I'm still following with interest!
  8. Great work on the landing gear. p.s. I can't see the last two pics of your post, if I click them, i am redirected to the imageshack home page
  9. Another stunning work! Thank you for sharing your WIP and your great tips!
  10. That engine, it is just unbelievable!!! So many details waiting to be discovered...
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