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  1. That one, the Slovak special, and the Luftwaffe special release are the only ones that I can find at any regular hobby retailer. Spruebrothers.com hasn't had a restock of the Mig-29s since I've been looking. The GWH kits that are somewhat readily available are the F-15s, F-80s, WWII kits (some) and some of the SU-35 kits. All of those aircraft except for the WWII aircraft are kitted by other companies so the distributors have probably maintained some stock even through the COVID shutdown(s). There are no other 1/48 Mig-29s of comparable quality to the GWH kits. At least we know GWH is sti
  2. One of those is from Lots-of-models, and has been on eBay for several weeks. They probably got it from an estate sale. None of the other US sellers are big hobby sellers, and I'm not willing to pay $145-170 for a 1/48 Mig-29.
  3. These kits even seem to be getting a little scarce from eBay sellers in China (only 26 Chinese listings today). I had seen on one of the Hong Kong or Japanese Internet hobby shops that GWH had them scheduled for re-release in September, which is just about over. Gordon Kwan: I don't know where you get GWH kits for Spruebrothers, but have you heard anything? Edited the title because I checked and the48ers.com only have two of the special issue Mig-29s in stock.
  4. I didn't have as much of a delay when I ordered from ResKit a few months back. Apparently Ukraine wasn't experiencing as bad of delays as Russia.
  5. I had pretty much the same experience ordering from Ukraine back in May. Russia was a different experience entirely at that time.
  6. It sounds like the process is running faster now. My three previous orders took a week or so to get to the Moscow PO, and then the packages sat for several months waiting for a flight to the US. Thanks for the reply.
  7. I want to get some of the modern Russian pilot figures that Tempmodels just released plus some ordnance from Advanced Models, but I don't want a 3+ month wait for the orders to get to me like the three orders I placed from Russian vendors back in the April-May time frame. Has anyone had a recent experience of ordering product from Russia to the US? I'm trying to get an idea of the current shipping time using Russian Post, not DHL or another expensive express shipper. Victorymodels.com here in the US stocks Advanced Models line, but they have been out-of-stock for some time on the
  8. Just FYI - Kitty Hawk is supposed to be releasing v2.0 of this kit soon. I'm assuming that they at least corrected the mach cone/intake splitter. I wonder if they'll add a fatter rear fuselage section and any other necessary vents, hatches, etc. to make a Tumansky (sp?) engined Su-22M3 which can't be made at present from any of the available kits. I'm waiting on a CWS resin mach cone correction before I start on mine.
  9. SOLD I got a surprise when I opened my mailbox yesterday. I had a package from Russia that I had completely forgotten about, probably because the vendor didn't give me a tracking number so I could check daily for months on end to see that the package was still sitting in a Russian airport waiting for space on a flight to the US. I no longer need the intakes because I've got the kit they were purchased for mostly built. The intakes look extremely nice. There are no air bubbles, warpage, etc. that I can see. I paid $18.50 plus shipping from Russia along with about a three mo
  10. When prepping my list of books to list here, I noticed that a couple of books appear to be OOP, so I posted them on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/sch/wbm519_3/m.html?item=373135597780&ssPageName=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  11. Niels, That figure is good for 80's up to late 90's or maybe early 2000's. It is wearing the older Zsh-5 helmet which has the visor retract over the top. The newer Zsh-7 helmet has the visor retract up into the helmet. It also has a mount for NVGs (often removed) and five (or is it six?) distinctive vent holes across the top. I am working on some aircraft from the Syrian civil war, and I will probably use the PJ Productions Soviet/Russian pilot to represent Syrian pilots since they seem to have older Soviet/Russian equipment. Bill
  12. I am cleaning out more items. Due to COVID-19 related problems with postal service, I am limiting sales to buyers in CONUS. PayPal is the only payment method I accept, and I prefer that you use the 'paying for an item or service' option rather than the 'sending to a friend' so I can purchase the postage through PayPal. The 'sending to a friend' option does not give the option to purchase postage. Books will ship media mail unless the buyer wants to pay for a faster delivery method. Feel free to make an offer if you think my prices are too high. Please email me at wbm519ATgmailDOTcom.
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