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  1. Sounds awesome. I'll buy about anything for a 1/72 F-5 that I don't already have in some form. How about Ethiopia or Botswana ... or for the E/F, Bahrain, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, or Yemen? As an aside, I believe those NMF schemes are actually aluminum lacquer.
  2. A Black Cats U-2? I have never clicked on a "buy" button so quickly. Hope I didn't damage my mouse. As long as we're on the spooky side, may I suggest: CAT C-46 CIA early U-2 with bogus NASA markings ROCAF U-2 Ravens O-1, U-17, T-28 Air America Turbo Porter, Twin Otter or anything really ROCAF (Black Bats) A-26, B-17, P2V, P-3 ICCS UH-1, Turbo Porter PA&E Caribou Intermountain C-46, C-47, and the B-17 used in Operation Cold Feet and the movie Thunderball:
  3. Now Chris Dodd is calling the blackouts an "abuse of power." Who says Americans don't understand irony?
  4. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Is there anything in particular you're looking for? I prefer to build in small-air-forces markings, but didn't have anything interesting lined up for my 'Arry Tate. gearheadrandy@yahoo.com
  5. Following this with interest. If you don't want the Belgian decals, can I have them? Maybe I can trade something for them?
  6. F-4 Phantom II F4U Corsair F-5 Tiger II U-2 Dragon Lady B-17 Flying Fortress Mirage III/V and Kfir F-104 Starfighter MiG-21 P-51 Mustang C-130 Hercules
  7. I spent a couple years on Osan. The OA-37s looked like a little Volkswagen Beetle on the runway, but were surprisingly loud.
  8. Thanks Bruce, I had a look. If they'd included a replacement for the kit's wretched exhaust nozzles I would have been tempted. Anyway, I'll be leaving the so-called canopy closed, so there's certainly no need to detail the cockpit. I'll fix the shroud and shove in some Aeroclub seats, but even that is probably overkill. Had the Arrow gone into production, I assume that pilots would have lobbied for canopies they could actually see out of.
  9. The Arrow had a row of streamlined bumps under each wing, to cover the aileron actuators. HobbyCraft thought they'd look nicer on top.
  10. My record in group builds is not good. If I have until June, though, I might just get this one together. This kit was apparently designed by a number of different people who didn't like each other very much. Carcass stuck together and smoothed out, wingtips sawn off and switched, splitter plates given sheet-plastic backs.
  11. The Cuban machine depicted is one which was flown to Florida by a defector in 1969. There are photos floating around, here for example: http://www.urrib2000.narod.ru/EqMiG17.html
  12. Three cheers for small air forces!
  13. She told me she was a virgin . . . except for Bob, and Ted, and Jim . . . and Bill, but just once . . . oh, and Jack, but they were just kids . . . and Raoul . . . and, um . . . . . . .
  14. A gym membership, which I am still using several years later. I wouldn't say that I am now "in shape," but it's kept me from becoming a 400 lb. mass of blubber.
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