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  1. toadwbg

    No Talk Of Solo?

    I did enjoy Solo. I think Ron Howard pulled a rabbit out of a hat to save this film. . Disney/ Lucasfilm needs to do damage control however. Darth Kennedy MUST Be vanqwished. Somehow we need to turn back time and stop TLJ from ever being released....
  2. toadwbg

    NEW MIG -21SMT REVELL 1/48

    Pretty sure I got the SMT kit in my stash. Anyone interested in it for $20? Send me a PM.
  3. toadwbg

    Ban Dai 1/144 AT-AT

    Outstanding! What color did you use for the base coat? Looks spot on to the movie version.
  4. toadwbg

    Bandai 1/72 X-wing fighter

    She is a beutey. Love that kit and the Thermal Exhaust port diorama, I have it in the stash along with about a dozen other Bandai SW kits :) Did you use the kit decals for most your markings? I personally prefer the more weathered, beat-up look but that's no detraction from your great work.
  5. toadwbg

    1/72 Bandai PG Millennium Falcon

    That's really about as good as it gets. I've also seen your work on the RPF, great stuff. I'm just finishing mine. Got some decals to complete than weathering. Still haven't decided how I am going to display it.
  6. toadwbg

    Imgur test

  7. toadwbg

    The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Its a TRAP! SPOILERS: I thought Laura Dern as Vice-Admiral Hildo was AWFUL! We had zero investment in that character and she seemed put there just for "Girl Power". She did not look like a military officer but a politician. The whole mutiny subplot with her was weak sauce. Much superior would have been to have Admiral Ackbar kamakazi the Raddus into the enemy, we as an audience have a history and connection with him. I actually would have cared if Ackbar died this way instead of the blown out bridge scene which was focused on General Leia. Moreso that he is piloting the Raddus (named for another Mon Calamarian). Honestly I wonder if this was the original plot and than Executives said "This film needs more strong female roles, shoe-horn this one in". The film already had 2 strong female Roles: Leia and Rey. It didn't need 1 more shoe-horned in. I didn't care for Rose much either (actress or script) but at least she had some value to the story. I could go on and on about her too but will save it for another day.
  8. toadwbg

    The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Took family to see it last night. Overall fun but I have lots of gripes too. Going to hold off posting or discussing here at least until after the weekend. What I would say is this: NOT an ESB copy and lots of surprises.
  9. toadwbg

    1/48 Tamiya kits

    Not a landline. I just texted you.
  10. toadwbg

    1/48 Tamiya kits

    Still looking for a good home.
  11. Sold to the man on the West Coast!
  12. PayPal only + shipping USPS at cost per zip code. Text me Five63-Five83-Five83 for additional pics or info. $20-1/48 Pro Modeler A-4F Blue Angels $30- Eduard Mig-21 SMT ProfiPack Get them both for $45