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  1. I don't believe they are anywhere close to fitting interchangeably. My $0.02, if the F-15C is parked, use air intake covers. There are some aftermarket ones out there.
  2. Well heck, can’t upload pics over 0.1 MB, that’s pretty limiting. Guess I’ve been spoiled on other sites.
  3. Always loved the organic look of the chicken-legged battle Pod from Macross. Found the kit re-issued out of Japan and jumped on it. Lots of seams to fill but it seamed to go quick. Had fun painting and posing this guy. Dang, having trouble uploading photos off my mobile. Link to a RPF build thread for now: Link to RPF BUILD
  4. Beautiful work! if I had to be critical, it looks too clean 😉
  5. That’s a real looker! Always loved the Valkyrie from Macross. I just rewatched the original Animie version in Japanese last month and need to watch the Movie version again, which your models markings are based on. Just finished a Regult Battle Pod myself, I need to start a thread here to show it off. On deck I have a 1/48 Hasegawa VF-1S.
  6. WOW, GReat build, great thread. I've always liked this Klingon ship and want to do one someday. How is the AMT kit itself?
  7. 1/72 millennium Falcon from ANH: GOT IT LAST YEAR! Really, that was my deam kit and it delivered. Thanks Bandai!
  8. Impressive work here with the wiring. It's intimidating to me. Do you solder your wire-end connections and than seal with heat shrink tube?
  9. Mucho gracias! I've decided to do an ANH version with the blockade runner in the main hanger bay. As such I won't be doing the garbage shute. I've ordered a Blockade Runner off Shapeways. Here is some other stuff I'm considering: - resin main hanger bay - battleship turrets for the main turbolasers - ANH bridge panel off Shapeways - tractor beam projectors off Shapeways I'm not worried about being 100% accurate to the original ANH filming model. I just want to get those few distinguishing features that help it stand out. The rest w
  10. I'm going to start mine over Christmas break. What aftermarket add-ons do you feel are the most worthwhile?
  11. The plastic can creep under it's own weight. There is also internal stresses from the molding process the settle out over time. Not to mention heat, humidity, and thermal cycles.
  12. Also a reminder old kits may have fit better 20-30 years ago. Plastic creeps and warps over time sitting in the box.
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