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  1. what’s a good and cheap thinner for Vellejo? I’ve used Vellejo’s own thinner with good results but would prefer to use something cheap that’s a regular household item. I’ve heard of using distilled water but I find it works not that great.
  2. Almost there… Madison, WI IPMS show Tommarrow. Will I make it?
  3. https://aviationweek.com/defense-space/budget-policy-operations/usaf-mobility-aircraft-operating-without-most-markings-tail
  4. Project is getting down there. Received some new pilot figures the other day from a doner here (BIG Thanks!) and am putting the final touches on the missiles and cockpit. I plunged into the printed decals tonight, they worked pretty well out of the water and into the model surface but the are STIFF and the clear film is THICC! I’ve tried a couple applications of decal solution, Solveset definitely helped. Going to let them rest overnight and check in the morning. I’ll try a good layer of Future to seal them down if needed. I also added a personal
  5. Dozens of little items to finish up. I had some old 1/48 Eduard PE seat details to use up from the spares box. Yes this is 1/48 but they tend to be oversized and actually look about right in this subject. But damn, I hate using these PE sets. I really only found the larger seat placecards usable. The tiny thin ejection seat pull handles that have to be folded are completely unusable
  6. Spent some time in GIMP using a brush and eraser to sharpen and clean up the Eagle scan. Looking pretty good in my latest test at print. I can’t print the white head so I’m going to have to paint that or slide a white decal underneath
  7. I’ve actually had the same shower thoughts. In my reality, Tamiya’s 1/32 Tomcat should be about $75
  8. A little cutting, hidden support structure, superglue, putty and this things looking pretty good. Got a little clean up and touch up to do. With the canopy closed you won’t see much below the cowling, pilots, and seat tops, so not concerned with the instrument panels.
  9. Pixel Size us approximately 1000x1000. Pretty big I did get started on this today!
  10. Needing to complete the cockpit so I can paint the black shadow trim around it. Most historical builds I do the cockpit first, but when I’m going to finish it off in flight with pilots like this I’ll do it last sometimes Concerning the “green army soldier” pilot figures, their rigid poses just aren’t working for me. Searching for some better ones. I do have some nice Resin Bang seats from an old build I’ll be using.
  11. I have some super nice resin front and rear cowlings from an old Tomcat resin set in my spares box. They don’t quite fit or drop into this Revel kit without major surgery however. but damn there just too nice NOT to use! UPDATE: I did it. I cut away the Revel plastic cowlings and did a dry fit below. I got some construction to do to blend them in and secure them yet. But I love how they look.
  12. Sweet, this arrived today. we’ll see how it works
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