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  1. Hey Dave, sorry, I've gotten used to Tapatalk forums where one can click a quick emoji type "like" without commenting. Like your idea with the rotary tool drum sander, will have to try that. Great work so far, keep going.
  2. Nice tribute Don. Did not realize that was a McConnell bird. 😢
  3. EXCUSE ME?!... the Spectre were better than anything else (which was NOTHING at that particular point in time!) 🙄 As for whether Air Graphics copied Spectre, it would appear so... I can most certainly recognize my own work there! 😒 I do not know what has become of the stuff from Spectre since Mark Bilas untimely demise... perhaps his family sold things on to Air Graphics. But I will agree with you on one thing... making copies of copies could have resulted in shortening and shrinkage.
  4. Anybody got a failed build that I could get the nose strut, wheel and Port gear door from? See my story here: http://z15.invisionf...?showtopic=5813 Thanks.
  5. Hey Ken, Wish I had thought to try sanding down the "kink" in the nose a bit. I was more pre-occupied with trying to figure out a way to build up the nose a bit more, since it is so anemic... but I think your idea is a simpler fix that gives it the same illusion. After fighting with this kit so much, I was pretty well done with it by the time I realized the nose was really bugging me and figured it was just time to let it go. I'm not sure about the fin serial being in white or the stars for that matter even. I seem to recall having ran across a color pic somewhere of several of them sitti
  6. Looks good Ken! Wish I could've found that kit when I did mine... would've saved some trouble! http://www.arcair.co...9B_Bahr/00.shtm Here's my D-model as well: http://www.arcair.co...9D_Bahr/00.shtm
  7. Wow... part of me is excited about such an interesting sheet... but part of me can't believe the dripping irony here, where a manufacturer could later cry "1/72nd doesn't sell" and fail to look in at their own failure at self promotion!
  8. Okay, maybe quite a bit delayed, but thanks guys! :lol:/>
  9. J.C. Bahr


    Sorry, but I disagree as well. Yes it may not include the ALD-4 pod as part of the full Silver King suite, but it's not like this pod was 'always' commonly carried either. In fact, I've been told Major Palm's H had not gone through Silver King mods yet in 1960 when it was shot down, and obviously H's had been flying a number of years by that time. As for the rear antenna's above the bath tub fairing... Flightpath DOES include some of them, but maybe not necessarily all that were ever seen. This may have to do with what particular aircraft they were using for reference, as the antenna confi
  10. No offense, but I don't think they give a rat. Several times I've tried asking them nicely to bring back the old Polly S Metalline, which were the absolute best metallic acrylics ever... but they always respond with some such garbage about how they were "unstable"... which is total B.S. All of the ones I've still got are as good as the day I bought them... WAY more stable than most other paints going!
  11. Sorry Jennings, but the visuals I'm picturing... at least you're able to find some humor in it all. Glad to hear everyone is okay. Definitely not something to trifle with... just recently lost a friends step-dad through a cooking accident and its no way to go.
  12. No... Airfix could only be so nice as to grace 1/72 with a Vixen this nice... a good bulk of this one is the CyberHobby kit. Go back and look at the link at the beginning of my post. But if you were fooled in thinking it was Airfix's 1/48 version, thanks for the flattery!
  13. Many of you may remember my hybrid Highplanes / Cyberhobby / Xtrakit Sea Vixen here: http://z15.invisionf...?showtopic=3678 Well Airfix?... I'm throwing the gauntlet down at you all... do your worst and lets see you do better! LOL! This beastie put up quite a fight, but I was finally able to wrangle it and get some photos of the results:
  14. J.C. Bahr

    Easy NMF

    You don't have any good comic book shops near you that deal in the gaming miniatures and such? That's the only type place around my area that carries them.
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