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  1. What where those 6-7 dials on the lower right side for? Audio? Internal lights?
  2. So what was in the place of the Argus? And did the AH still have the GPS control panel(CUGR/Trimble 2100)? Thanks for the info.
  3. Ah well that makes things more difficult. I found cockpit photos of 4 different J models but they must all be MH and not AH. I'm focused on an early J model, and after looking at walkaround pics of an AH-6J I saw the photo below. The red object looks like its a toggle switch cover and must be that AMS panel you're talking about. It looks like its in the place of the TACAN panel as shown below. Did the AH version not have the TACAN? What about the Argus 7000? It's a blurry pic but kinda looks more like a standard HSI in the spot of the Argus 7000.
  4. Oh great, thank you KS. So then I'm assuming on the AH versions the armament panel was located under the pilot's collective?
  5. This is an excellent photo of the cockpit panel. Do you know of any more that are higher resolution or closer up and lower down? I am modeling a highly detailed cockpit and would like to know what the row of 15 toggle switches are labeled. Or if any past LB drivers could chime in on what those toggles where for. Thanks
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