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  1. ccrqw

    4 -bladed OV-10G+

    OV-10 has been brought back into service in various roles from manned over watch aircraft for SOF forces to Blue_Air JTAC training aircraft. Does anyone make the four bladed upgrade to the OV-10G+
  2. out of curiosity did you find the resin interior for the HH-43 Kaman Huskie , and out of curiosity what were you trading ? I might have a one in my collection as I am trying to thin the herd.
  3. The question becomes how much are you willing to pay for one. I have come across a set from time to time at estate sales and vendors at model shows. If I find another I can certainly give you a heads up. I will even check my stash as I often put the decal sheets in the box with model I plan on building. Drop me a line.
  4. If MPC and Airfix used the same mold for their HH-53C I might be able to assist you. I have there kits and only plan on building one maybe two HH-53C into the MH-53J
  5. Luca, funny you should ask that question , I thought I could use at least two of the engine particle separators from the Academy CH-53E cause they were more detailed on my Revell CH-53 to MH-53J/M build and found them to be a bit longer and bigger and not a good fit without some serious work. So in retrospect the answer is no they are not the same. The parts I am robbing from the Academy CH-53E are the fuel tanks, hoist, cabin seats, SATCOM antenna, and a few other small pieces I did not want to try to scratch build.
  6. If you plan on building the early MH-53J you can use the original Revell kit. If your desire is to build a later MH-53J/M use the Revell CH-53GS/G or CH-53GA . These kits contain but early and late rotor blades. The Revell kit is requires some serious interior work with or without Cobra Company MH-53 Pave Low resin set. I've been slowly working on this kit for a couple of years in spare time. There will be some exterior parts that need TLC , which include a more detailed external hoist and other lumps and bumps underneath the aircraft. I also recommend Wolfpack CH-53E Super Stallion Update s
  7. The original Cobra Company USMC UH-1N update resin conversion set is pretty good , it includes new seats , console, instrument panel , video recorder ,camera , nose and tail sensors , FLIR, chaff and flare buckets , and a few other lumps and bumps. Lone Star models bought the molds and stated they will re-release all the Cobra Company sets. So there may still be an opportunity to get a set if you choose to do another UH-1N. When I finally finish mine I will post some pics.
  8. I like what you did and it gave me a few ideas on my build. You just covered up the soundproofing on the bulkheads and I painstakingly sanded them off. You idea is better. I am using Cobra Company USMC UH-1n upgrade set on mine and it is a work in progress. Thanks for the motivation to finish mine and once again I love what you did with yours.
  9. Is there an estimated release date for I can put my four M/CV-22B on hold or continue with the cut and paste
  10. you have several choices for helo pilots . I recommend Black Ops Models , Live-Resin , or Reedoak for pilot figures. Now the bigger issue is determining what era since aircrew protection , aka survival equipment changed a few times throughout the 160th MH-6 years. But either way hope that helps and happy new year and happy modeling
  11. Got my set in the mail today , looks awesome . I see you will be releasing the identical set in 48 scale soon , does this include the external gun mounts as well to be released 48th scale? Also any plans on releasing the ATV and riders in 48th scale as well ?
  12. I was attending the 2018 IPMS Nationals in Phoenix recently and noticed something interesting. There were three beautifully done B-58 on the table on Thursday. Two in bare metal and the third in South East Asia camo. By Saturday the camo version was moved to the "What-If" table. I have seen official DoD instructions on the color and pattern for a SEA B-58. So if there is official documentation that is was approved to be done , but may not have been done , is that still 'What-if"?
  13. that little square green box likes very similar to the CDP or cockpit Display Panel box used as the interface for the LARS ( Lightweight Airborne Recovery System ) to communicate with various hand held survival radios such as the AN/PRC-112G and the AN/PRQ-7A .
  14. Just got s set of upturned exhaust 1/35 scale , and folded blade hinges 1/48 scale from DF HELO STUFF. I am impressed. The upturned exhaust are already the correct length, no trimming necessary . The splitter plates are already molded in. Just a little sanding off of the mounting base. For those of you thinking about building a civilian 212 / 412 Huey, I highly encourage this set.
  15. no harm , no foul Tank. it is all good. As interest peaks perhaps other after market vendors might look into casting molds for the twin huey in all three scales.
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