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  1. Just got s set of upturned exhaust 1/35 scale , and folded blade hinges 1/48 scale from DF HELO STUFF. I am impressed. The upturned exhaust are already the correct length, no trimming necessary . The splitter plates are already molded in. Just a little sanding off of the mounting base. For those of you thinking about building a civilian 212 / 412 Huey, I highly encourage this set.
  2. no harm , no foul Tank. it is all good. As interest peaks perhaps other after market vendors might look into casting molds for the twin huey in all three scales.
  3. AMS35001 1:35 AMS Resin UH-1N Huey FOD Covers & Correct Exhaust (PDA/DRA kit) I checked but not the upturned exhaust. But again I appreciate the information and my purchase one of these sets for a later project.
  4. OK here is an update on my search. I contacted Shapeways and informed them of my displeasure with their product and was graciously issued a refund. Kudos to Shapeways, good customer service. Secondly I found the other company and website I spoke of earlier . It is a small company out of Germany called DF helostuff http://www.df-helostuff.de/ The order form link does not appear to be working but I contacted the owner personally via email. Lets see what happens over the coarse of time. I will post any updates. Oh by the way Wafu and HeavyArty thanks for inputs and pic respectively. They helped tremendously. v/r CC
  5. No USMC UH-1N had them to my knowledge , but when CBP got several retired Ns from the Marines they were retrofitted later.
  6. How did you install them and the deflector plate. Since there are no instructions, I went off pics and did not see a deflector plate or did not know what i was looking at.
  7. Hey guys trying to find a source for 1/35 scale upturned exhaust for the Bell 212 / UH-1N. I tried Shapeways but they are too long and brittle when cut to correct length. I thought there was another source but I cant remember where I saw it. So if anyone knows of a source please share. Thank you CC
  8. ccrqw

    UH-1F / P

    There is currently, or future plans for any of the manufactures out there to release a USAF 20th Special Operations UH-1F/P in 1/35 scale . I have destroyed a Dragon UH-1H and MRC UH-1C trying to recreate this historic airframe to no avail. So I am seeking any ideas and options to try again. My problem areas are mating two dissimilar thickness plastic bodies together and of course the unique side ways engine exhaust which separates the F/P from other short bodied Hueys.
  9. ccrqw

    T-38A vs T-38C external differences

    Oh man now I am really bummed cause the Trumpeter T-38C engine exhaust looks nothing like the pics above .
  10. ccrqw

    HH-60G USAF

    Yes so true , are you at DM ? I am here at the Test . I am sure our paths crossed before
  11. ccrqw

    HH-60G USAF

    Thanks Clinstone, you beat me to it :-) I was going to respond when I got home from work since I can only view ARC and not comment there.
  12. ccrqw

    V-22 Osprey upgrade/detail set

    Hey Chris , What's the ETA on the V-22 upgrade set and do you have an estimated cost? Greatly appreciate all you do for the hobby. v/r CC
  13. Hoping you can point me in the right direction to purchase 1/48 JASDF/JMSDF UH-60J decals for a project I am working on.
  14. Thanks for response Floyd. All of your efforts with KH are greatly appreciated CC
  15. Yes true , but I figured with Warner Wings help on the molds , that Kitty hawk might venture with other independents after marketers and really knock this out of the park.