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    4 -bladed OV-10G+

    OV-10 has been brought back into service in various roles from manned over watch aircraft for SOF forces to Blue_Air JTAC training aircraft. Does anyone make the four bladed upgrade to the OV-10G+
  2. out of curiosity did you find the resin interior for the HH-43 Kaman Huskie , and out of curiosity what were you trading ? I might have a one in my collection as I am trying to thin the herd.
  3. The question becomes how much are you willing to pay for one. I have come across a set from time to time at estate sales and vendors at model shows. If I find another I can certainly give you a heads up. I will even check my stash as I often put the decal sheets in the box with model I plan on building. Drop me a line.
  4. If MPC and Airfix used the same mold for their HH-53C I might be able to assist you. I have there kits and only plan on building one maybe two HH-53C into the MH-53J
  5. Luca, funny you should ask that question , I thought I could use at least two of the engine particle separators from the Academy CH-53E cause they were more detailed on my Revell CH-53 to MH-53J/M build and found them to be a bit longer and bigger and not a good fit without some serious work. So in retrospect the answer is no they are not the same. The parts I am robbing from the Academy CH-53E are the fuel tanks, hoist, cabin seats, SATCOM antenna, and a few other small pieces I did not want to try to scratch build.
  6. If you plan on building the early MH-53J you can use the original Revell kit. If your desire is to build a later MH-53J/M use the Revell CH-53GS/G or CH-53GA . These kits contain but early and late rotor blades. The Revell kit is requires some serious interior work with or without Cobra Company MH-53 Pave Low resin set. I've been slowly working on this kit for a couple of years in spare time. There will be some exterior parts that need TLC , which include a more detailed external hoist and other lumps and bumps underneath the aircraft. I also recommend Wolfpack CH-53E Super Stallion Update s
  7. The original Cobra Company USMC UH-1N update resin conversion set is pretty good , it includes new seats , console, instrument panel , video recorder ,camera , nose and tail sensors , FLIR, chaff and flare buckets , and a few other lumps and bumps. Lone Star models bought the molds and stated they will re-release all the Cobra Company sets. So there may still be an opportunity to get a set if you choose to do another UH-1N. When I finally finish mine I will post some pics.
  8. I like what you did and it gave me a few ideas on my build. You just covered up the soundproofing on the bulkheads and I painstakingly sanded them off. You idea is better. I am using Cobra Company USMC UH-1n upgrade set on mine and it is a work in progress. Thanks for the motivation to finish mine and once again I love what you did with yours.
  9. Is there an estimated release date for I can put my four M/CV-22B on hold or continue with the cut and paste
  10. you have several choices for helo pilots . I recommend Black Ops Models , Live-Resin , or Reedoak for pilot figures. Now the bigger issue is determining what era since aircrew protection , aka survival equipment changed a few times throughout the 160th MH-6 years. But either way hope that helps and happy new year and happy modeling
  11. Got my set in the mail today , looks awesome . I see you will be releasing the identical set in 48 scale soon , does this include the external gun mounts as well to be released 48th scale? Also any plans on releasing the ATV and riders in 48th scale as well ?
  12. I was attending the 2018 IPMS Nationals in Phoenix recently and noticed something interesting. There were three beautifully done B-58 on the table on Thursday. Two in bare metal and the third in South East Asia camo. By Saturday the camo version was moved to the "What-If" table. I have seen official DoD instructions on the color and pattern for a SEA B-58. So if there is official documentation that is was approved to be done , but may not have been done , is that still 'What-if"?
  13. that little square green box likes very similar to the CDP or cockpit Display Panel box used as the interface for the LARS ( Lightweight Airborne Recovery System ) to communicate with various hand held survival radios such as the AN/PRC-112G and the AN/PRQ-7A .
  14. Just got s set of upturned exhaust 1/35 scale , and folded blade hinges 1/48 scale from DF HELO STUFF. I am impressed. The upturned exhaust are already the correct length, no trimming necessary . The splitter plates are already molded in. Just a little sanding off of the mounting base. For those of you thinking about building a civilian 212 / 412 Huey, I highly encourage this set.
  15. no harm , no foul Tank. it is all good. As interest peaks perhaps other after market vendors might look into casting molds for the twin huey in all three scales.
  16. AMS35001 1:35 AMS Resin UH-1N Huey FOD Covers & Correct Exhaust (PDA/DRA kit) I checked but not the upturned exhaust. But again I appreciate the information and my purchase one of these sets for a later project.
  17. OK here is an update on my search. I contacted Shapeways and informed them of my displeasure with their product and was graciously issued a refund. Kudos to Shapeways, good customer service. Secondly I found the other company and website I spoke of earlier . It is a small company out of Germany called DF helostuff http://www.df-helostuff.de/ The order form link does not appear to be working but I contacted the owner personally via email. Lets see what happens over the coarse of time. I will post any updates. Oh by the way Wafu and HeavyArty thanks for inputs and pic respectively. They helped
  18. No USMC UH-1N had them to my knowledge , but when CBP got several retired Ns from the Marines they were retrofitted later.
  19. How did you install them and the deflector plate. Since there are no instructions, I went off pics and did not see a deflector plate or did not know what i was looking at.
  20. Hey guys trying to find a source for 1/35 scale upturned exhaust for the Bell 212 / UH-1N. I tried Shapeways but they are too long and brittle when cut to correct length. I thought there was another source but I cant remember where I saw it. So if anyone knows of a source please share. Thank you CC
  21. There is currently, or future plans for any of the manufactures out there to release a USAF 20th Special Operations UH-1F/P in 1/35 scale . I have destroyed a Dragon UH-1H and MRC UH-1C trying to recreate this historic airframe to no avail. So I am seeking any ideas and options to try again. My problem areas are mating two dissimilar thickness plastic bodies together and of course the unique side ways engine exhaust which separates the F/P from other short bodied Hueys.
  22. Oh man now I am really bummed cause the Trumpeter T-38C engine exhaust looks nothing like the pics above .
  23. Yes so true , are you at DM ? I am here at the Test . I am sure our paths crossed before
  24. Thanks Clinstone, you beat me to it :-) I was going to respond when I got home from work since I can only view ARC and not comment there.
  25. Hey Chris , What's the ETA on the V-22 upgrade set and do you have an estimated cost? Greatly appreciate all you do for the hobby. v/r CC
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