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  1. Hello, I finally finished my F110-GE-400 engine for the F-14D in 48th scale from AMK. In the process of work, 70% of the parts had to be redone, which delayed the final result. Well, here's what happened:
  2. Greetings. There are many sets of the F-110-GE...... engine on the market , but I wasn’t happy with everything, the inside was wrongly made, then everything was simplified to disgrace. In my opinion, the most accurate set today is the latest version of Aires, but here the gas turbine compressor is also simplified. For the latest new ResKit, too, not everything suited me. KA model sets, Eduard did not suit me first for the price, second for the copy number of some things. So I made my engine as I see it. Many will say that my sets are wrong, I won’t deny much I did more in size, simplifie
  3. Shadrik, thanks for the help, but I already found out there another flame stabilizer. I learned like 129 in general there were 4 modifications A, B, C, D - is it true who knows?
  4. I had a question, as you know, depending on the modification, the F-16 Block 30/40/50/60/70 family install engines of the F-110-GE-100/129/132 type. Moreover, the F-110-GE-129 engines have 2 types of F-110-GE-129 IPE and F-110-GE-129 EFE. Who can tell what the difference is in the external signs of all these engines? I am not interested in the characteristics, namely in appearance, what changes there, the type of nozzles, the combustion chamber. Help me in this matter please.
  5. About this item can be more precise? Maybe there is a photo? Regards Edward
  6. Open nozzle - 2 parts. Closed nozzle - 1 part. It will be approximately as follows:
  7. Wrong, I apologize. I’ll try again, maybe it will be so clearer that I’m interested in: I'm planning to build the F-18 (E/F/G) Block 3 model and looking for some info, in particular, 1. which IRST was used (there seems to be 2 of them)? 2. how the nose section has changed (lengthened/widened/new anntennas)? 3. has operator's IP changed on a 2-seaters? 4. anything else from modeling perspective?
  8. I’m just now working on the whole series of F110-GE-100/129/132/400 engines. I know the differences between the modifications 100, 129, 400, but I have not yet seen the difference in appearance, which is important for us modellers, in model 132. Can someone have information?
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. But I look at this forum to get help will not work. Here they just like to criticize models and their additions, without advising or helping with the creation of the set, but then indicate where everyone is happy with the errors. About patriotism, can ardent patriots then collect models of national producers? Germans-Revell, Italians-Italeri, Russians-Zvezda, Americans-only Monogram, Tester and so on)))) And for some people over 57 years old, their brains are generally flying away, like the planes on which he flies.
  10. And why are you insulting me? I wrote my opinion taken from various sources. F-35, all modifications, a very crude machine. With all the hopes inherent in her, they have not yet been justified. In the future, when it is brought to mind, eliminating all the shortcomings, the car should turn out to be good. But the order for a new modification of the F-18E / F talks about the problems of the F-35, which was supposed to replace the F-18. And in this topic, I did not raise the question of comparing and the quality of the machines, and where else they would be purchased, but I asked f
  11. The U.S. Navy command decided to upgrade the entire F / A-18E / F Super Hornet fleet to the new Block III version. In addition, on March 21 this year, the U.S. Navy signed a new contract with Boeing for the construction of 78 new F / A-18 Super Hornet Block III fighters. New aircraft should be put into operation by aircraft carriers by 2021. Rumors about the problems of the F-35C are confirmed, in my opinion, this is the second story, like the F-104, the hopes were great, and the car failed - “Flying Coffin”. Therefore, I had a question, maybe someone knows what are the external diff
  12. This is all my next kit on the MiG-31, which is already ready in resin, but I can’t do the photo-etching board like a year.
  13. Almost the model is finished, it remains to refine and check the flaws.
  14. Explain what you specifically meant? Better provide a photo.
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