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  1. Thank you Janman and Jamie, I appreciate your replies! So the only risk with these decals will be me 🤔😁 Thanks again Andy
  2. I'm about to do the gloss coating thing on my E-2C Hawkeye. After what seems to be months of refinement, I finally get to move forward. My big question is that are there any tips or tricks when laying down Fightertown Cartograph decals? Its a colourful piece, and I'd hate to stuff it up now. Do I trim close to the design with a scalpel, use a setting solution... My limited experience has been Tamiya and Hobby Boss decal sets. I'd really appreciate any advice Andy
  3. After seeing what you accomplished with your last project, I'll be definitely watching this unfold! Andy
  4. Haha, that was cool and put a smile on my face! Great stuff Andy
  5. Now that is a work of art! Brilliant Andy
  6. I was going to use a link, but I'm having an old person moment right now... Go to the In Progress section and look for an F-18C being done by Janissary. The first page, three quarters down... this might be of assistance to you! If you cannot find it, let me know Regards Andy
  7. I popped in a few times to check out your work, and I must say... Fantastic! Andy
  8. Once again, another amazing update! Those Reedoak figures are just a fantastic addition and brings life to the deck. Bravo!!! In regards to the future project, consider me intrigued. 🤔 Andy
  9. As a kid in the 80's, I built a big beast of a Phantom 1/32, It might have been Monogram... just not sure. I fell in love with it, regardless of flaws or shape issues. It just looked so very cool! I've recently returned to the hobby, and 1/48 scale is my new thing. I want one!!!😎 Andy
  10. You may not have set out to impress, but you have! Fantastic stuff to be honest, right down to the debonder tip with the CA... brilliant Andy
  11. Still one of my favourite spaceships of all time! Really nice work and the little vids are brilliant Andy
  12. I did as you asked earlier this morning, gave my dog a treat for Coby, and a hug. He doesn't know why, but sometimes I think they know more than we give them credit for. He's a wonderful little terror, my dad refers to him as a "bulldozer". Staffys will be staffys. It breaks my heart for your loss, it truely does I can only echo the thoughts others have posted here, Andy Damn sliced onions...
  13. Really nice work Moritz, and being an "in flight" fan... awesome! I'm looking forward to the rest of your work Keep safe Andy
  14. Yet more amazing work! Stop it... no, don't. It's fantastic to see something like this, an idea, come to life! Looking forward to you're next update, Andy
  15. To say that's impressive is selling it short. Admiring your work on the MQ-8, and then after a brief absence... bang!😲 Great work, nah... fabulous Andy
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