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  1. While I mostly stick to my tamiya or mr color range for airbrushing, I have for various reasons had to use Vallejo Air. I would suggest only using their proprietary thinner as it does need to be thinned out. I experimented with X-20A and Mr Color levelling thinner and my results were less than favourable... cleaning, swearing etc The strange part is that the range is actually better for brush painting! Hope that helps Andy
  2. Welcome to ARC Jack, If you look below the pilot images you should be able to see 4 links, one of them is to the web shop. In regards to the second question, I'm not sure if that is an option. HTH Andy
  3. The first pic really jumped out at me! Beautiful work indeed Andy
  4. As above, I've put together quite a few resin figures as large as 1/6 scale. I usually drill and pin first then superglue or milliput for he join. Hope that helps! And welome to ARC!!! Andy
  5. Yep, they're fixed! and some nice work too. Well done on the undercarriage Andy
  6. Damn... That looks fantastic, really nice work! Looks like I'll be adding one of these to my future Andy
  7. This work is still amazing though, your Eagle was jet porn... and this is the same! This level of work can only be admired, and truely sets a new level for hacks like myself Andy
  8. Yep, I've tried it as well. Each and every time I've used it, whether it's been dipped or airbrushed... I've had to remove it. Not a product that I'd recommend Andy
  9. Best of luck with the replacement! I do hope they get it right this time Andy
  10. If this is you practicing... my hats off to you! As BastianD said, this will be awesome. Andy
  11. Don't be humbled 😉, just keep doing what you're doing! It's bloody marvellous and so beyond my skill level as akin to looking at the Sun. Just let us mere mortals soak in the brilliance, and by per chance I achieve something close to this... well... I'd have sold my soul Awesome Andy
  12. Oh yeah, that's cool... great work! Andy
  13. He's back!!! And that first pic is brilliant, it's already got my mind wondering how I'll create that moment... I'm not even a fan of the F-18! Awesome, and thanks Andy
  14. Yep, this is terrifying... and I cannot turn away! Low and behold, a new bar is being set right before us, I'm definitely watching this come together 😲 Andy
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