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  1. Beyond amazing as always! Keep doing what you do 😎👍 Andy
  2. Great to see how it's going, and it looks like it's shaping up rather well!👍 Andy
  3. This is quite simply... some amazing info! Thank you Andy
  4. I've only made one HB kit, and that was in 1/48. I didn't have that issue, just other fitting ones... Are you using primer? Or the pieces might need a bath in some washing detergent to remove whatever is creating the problem HTH Andy
  5. That will do rather nicely! Great straight forward idea 👍 Andy
  6. I can see what you are talking about with the see through effect, any ideas in regards to filling the void? The Revell kit comes with both the engines for display on the base as you probably know, and I haven't used them. Would they be of any use, as I could ship them off to you with the instructions Andy
  7. You're braver than me, as I hate PE. I've just never had the skill to deal with it. But those grills will add a really nice depth once everything is finished!👍 Andy
  8. What a fantastic and fascinating video, I know I've learnt something new today! Thank you Southwest Andy
  9. Unfortunately I never created a build thread as the small collection of pics that I took were really to show my brother what I was up to. He's my go to whenever I need painting tips or colour advice. He creates 3D graphics for poker machines for work and paints Warhammer stuff as a hobby, his painting skills are light years ahead of mine. The tips for the weathering came from YouTube builders like Primedmodelworks, Model Airplane Maker, and the greys instead of black came from watching one of Doogs Models videos. I've been following your restoration Bastian and love the idea of giving an
  10. I've changed the header, but it's the Revell 1/48 one
  11. Thanks, hopefully I'll get round to posting properly this afternoon when I've completed everything around the house, mowing, weeding, pool maintenance etc Ahhh the joy 😒 Andy
  12. Thank you gentlemen, much appreciated... even the joke!😁 I just wanted to work out the posting image drama Andy
  13. Great photos Bryan, thanks for adding these! Very appreciated, especially the F-4 Sundowners pics 👍 Andy
  14. I thought it was about time that I posted something! First, please forgive the photos as I don't have an area with lighting or a decent camera... one day! I have no criticism of this Revell kit at all, just a little extra work and I was happy. I've used Masters for the pitot tube and Aerobonus Mig 25 pilots, and some creative work to get them looking somewhat like a Blackbird crew. Decals are from the kit, and didn't really prove to be a problem at all. My paint selection was Tamiya, and Mr Hobby Aqueous plus some random selections like SMS, Vallejo and oils for weathering. I'll pos
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