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  1. you've actually got me to appreciate a jet that I've never really liked! beautiful work on all of them Andy
  2. This is so far beyond my skill level, or probably desire when it comes to detailing. Your attention to those details and repair skills are rather mesmerising! Great work and I'll be following along for sure Andy
  3. I definitely like that idea! Very cool 😎 If that doesn't appeal to you Brad, I just might steal this idea!! 😄 Andy
  4. Thank you. Life for all of us has been an about face in all respects due to the pandemic. I decided on a career change just before Covid, and I cannot find work now... Massive... Stupid... Moment🤔 I cannot say anything to fix the situation, but what I can say is... Thank you I've been on this site for years, as a member and voyeur. I've seen some amazing work and have been given some brilliant advice by the members here. Thats your site!, so many cool hobbyists, painters and aircraft nerds, Focus on your life, and your wife... the important things come first
  5. Not really my sort of thing but, I love it! great work indeed Andy
  6. I bought my first Osprey today!😄 Andy
  7. My brother and I didn't have any thinner back then, so we rubbed at it with a damp cloth!🤦‍♂️ I finished my build a little while ago, it needs a little dusting now, but I'll try to get some pics up on the display shortly. Brilliant kit, and reasonably happy with the results! thanks for asking! Andy
  8. Great work so far! Looking really cool, I feel your pain with the paint spill, did the same when I was young! Only, it was flat green on my parents beige carpet 😲 And as we creep closer to Christmas get togethers, that little story will make its usual appearance around the table!😁 Andy
  9. I've been following you and the other build on LSP. To call me jealous would be an understatement! This beast was awesome back in the 80's when I was a kid. The splinter camo, STOL from roads, reverse thrust etc... If finances were better at the time of preorder, I'd be matching you piece for piece! Beautiful work so far! Cannot wait to see how this turns out, Andy
  10. You just proved Brad-M's point... it's a hobby forum. There is no need to "plant your foot up where the sun don't shine", figuratively or literally here on ARC. If you didn't like a response from someone who attempted to offer assistance, skip it or ignore it. No need to be an a$$hole about it. Andy
  11. Just echoing everyone else, Congratulations and best wishes! 🎊🎉 Andy
  12. i have no particular fondness for WW2 planes, but thats some really nice work! Bravo👍 Andy
  13. Still the most amazing work, brilliant stuff! When can we address the banana clip? Because, well... I'm intrigued Andy🤔
  14. That looks fantastic! This is going to look amazing when this all comes together😲 Andy
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