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  1. ElectroSoldier, The fact that you looked is very much appreciated... frankly awesome!🀘🍻 I'll look for the footage, but I think it's going to be a little artistic license. Wish me luck! Andy Beers on me😁
  2. I promise I didn't borrow it!πŸ€”πŸ˜‰ At this point I think I've enough basic info that will hopefully convey the idea, and yes Electro, that photo is my main reference. Thank you all... I might even make it my first post in the Display if I'm happy with it! Andy
  3. Thanks Barkin, I've got the correct ones but would love to have gotten those above. What I didn't know was the shielding reason, so much appreciated! Andy 🍻
  4. Nebbor and Finn, thank you for the link and images! Very helpful indeed Andy
  5. After googling till I was crosseyed, that was the conclusion I had started to reach. Thanks Niels, much appreciated! Andy
  6. I've embarked on some foolishness... I'm trying to recreate the "look" of a salvo from a Harrier circa The Falklands War. Would any of you knowledgable ARCers have any idea about the sequence for a full salvo from a rocket pod? Is it a random firing sequence, or something more like a clockwise solution, or something else? Any ideas are welcome! Andy
  7. I'll add my thanks too for that link Holmes! Just wish that I could have been there in person Andy
  8. Finally seeing it off the work bench... and WOW!!! You've nailed it, fantastic finish to the beast Well done 🍻 Andy
  9. Haha, yep... eshays are everywhere. With the weather up here, it tends to be more about the storms that tear across Brisbane, the annual once in a hundred year etc hyperbole. I'm still dealing with insurance repairs to a bedroom after the February delugeπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ. But, you'll have more blue cloudless days up here, to the point of it becoming boring. I've acclimatised to the point that I'll only notice the humidity when it thwarts my airbrush work. I cannot really help out in suggestions with any clubs, there a few scattered around Brissy, I've never really looked myself to be honest. It
  10. Ah yes... Brisbane. When arriving in the sunshine state make sure you wind back your watch one hour, and your life 50yrs! The sunny state for shady people... There are loads of these, some are closer to the truth than I would care to admit. But I'll admit, it was one of the better decisions in my life when I moved here. In regards to hobby shops, there are a few but I tend to frequent two in particular. Hobby One on the south side, and Hobbyrama on the north side. Hobby One has gradually down sized over the years and caters for RC mostly but has a fairly good inventory of paints
  11. Simply fantastic work at such a small scale! It's going to look brilliant. I hope you have a safe and hassle free move, did the same thing 20yrs ago from Sydney. Andy
  12. No need to race perfection... take your time!😎 Andy
  13. Yes, definitely different... I'm so used to seeing it in tones of grey, but you've captured the SEA look brilliantly. Well done! Andy
  14. It's looking fantastic so far, looking forward to the final reveal! Andy
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