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  1. floyd,i would like to be added to the waiting list and i will be sending my deposit to you next friday,if that is not too late to do so.
  2. no problem, i'll make sure dat i get some good wip pics of it as soon as i get started.
  3. i appreciate the suggestion and i'll do exactly that when i get started on it after i finish up this this f-20 aggressor dat i'm working on.
  4. i'm going to do a academy raptor in a black scheme similar to the f-117 stealth fighter. does anyone think this would be cool? i'm going to put small diameter bombs and jassm's in the main bays and try to convert the fuel tanks into a weapons carriage unit dat will be carrying 4 sdb's per tank and i plan to keep the holloman markings. so guys let me know whut ya think about it.
  5. the decals are two bobs and some from a phantom in 1/48. once i think i have the posting thing down, up jumps the camera thing but i promise to get it worked out. thanx for input and looking.
  6. i just wanted to share this one with the "bug" lovers. the markings and paint job is both partially accurate n' ficticious.So guys please don't cut me too deep on this one. i displayed the speedbrakes open and the little vents aways behind it open also.
  7. are they using some kind of shroud or suppressor over the engine exhausts? i ask b'coz i think isaw this sum'where.
  8. it is the hasegawa kit in 1/48 and the ecs pipes were done by steel beach and bought from sprue bros. thanx for the kudos. i'm learning from good company right here on ARC!
  9. i always appreciate any and all comments given but this was my ultimate what-if project. i have a few left in the ol' grey matter but not as grand as this one. i always intended to use the revell kit but when the academy kit showed up i knew all bets were off with the revell. i dunno i just like these kinda projects b'coz i had fun building it even tho' i'm on meds now b'coz of it. i consider it an honor that you like it!
  10. i have the nightstalkers book by fred j. pushies and the mh-60l does'nt look black it looks way lighter than that. i want to do a mh-47 in 1/35 but the guy doin' the conversion has'nt given a update on the status in a while. i painted my dap in a dark gray by polly s and the rotors in olive drab just to provide a contrast to it.
  11. hey you are right about that but i was just going for an all-out look. i did'nt know they are supposed to flat black but i know now and will apply that know-how on my next build. is the mh-47 also flat black or is it another color?
  12. this is another of my kits dat i finished up. it is done with the cobra co. resin sets and i added some interior stuff like the fast rope,mg's,anti-tank missile, containers ,n' troop helmets. i added the cobra co. gun to the pylon but could'nt figure out how and where to put the ammo feed until after i had finished. i hope you like it.
  13. you just gotta know that you're a inspiration to me with the magic you perform on models! i've been a fan of yours since i saw your first stuff on here!
  14. i kinda figured dat this would add a nice twist by flipping the colors on the tanks and pylons, but thanx for taking a notice to it. its kinda sad that everything i have in my stash can't be built from the box the way it was intended but u already know how we modelers are,ha ha ha lol.
  15. thank you for the kind words n' input. i just wanted to share a lil' sumthin' with you guys b'coz after all, i've dunn' alot of eye'hustlin' on your builds since i joined years ago.i'm just returning a favor and giving a little back which i consider an honor considering the company residing here.
  16. the original jet was an A-model but i thought it would be kool to put it on an E-model. the paint job is hand n' brush painted with polly s paints, no masking, just the mk.- one eyeball. the refueling pod is cobra co. and the ecs pipes are steel beach, with the refueling probe being wolfpack's.
  17. i'm new to this posting pics thing but just bear with me and i'll get it worked out eventually. the decals are a bash of after burner and fightertown dat i mixed together.
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