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  1. Thank you for your input. I agree that the vallejo looks very similar in your photo, but it looks much less blue on the picture then what it was when I painted it, perhaps the paint was not mixed properly when i used it...but I did even take the dropper off to mix inside with a stick, and it was nice and smooth after....I will have to investigate some more. I think I will end up using the Vallejo either way. I just like working with them. And I really can't be fuzzed with ordering more paints for yet another brand. If i belive it needs lighter tone, I can do this in post shading. I will update with a picture once painting is mostly complete so you can see the result. Thanks for your time.
  2. Hello there! I am currently building the 1/48 scale Hasegawa EA-18G Growler, I am getting to the stage where I am soon ready for paint. After much browsing, I understand that Dark ghost gray and Light Ghost gray is a very elusive paint scheme to get correct, Recently I swapped paints from mostly enamel to Vallejo model air, mostly because less fumes, and I like how they spray, And I have gotten the US navy set, and decided to test the colors on the horizontal stabilizers. At first I found the vallejo way to blue and dark compared to alot of photos. So I found my Sovreign hobby enamles, which also have DGG and LGG, and painted the other. And while both state to be 36320 , their diffrence is quite diffrent. So i remember that i have Gunze Mr. Color 307, which is what it says in the instructions, and it's the same FS code as the other two. And from what I gather, It's very similar to what it should be in "real life" I mask of a small area on the vallejo DGG, and spray the Gunze ontop of it, and the hue is quite similar, it comes off more diffrent on the photo due to the Gunze being Satin, while the vallejo is flat. I also found various color profiles online, and they are also conflicting even tho they claim to be the same colors. Example: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/79/5d/27/795d27a126da320a15ef873b9a97455c.png https://www.cybermodeler.com/aircraft/fa-18/images/fa-18f_profile01.png See attached photo, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qabuyPYjb0HLxBir1T70uCcNzlDU2VSE/view?usp=sharing Vallejo on the left, Sovereign on the right, with Gunze on the top of the left one. I also see that some places the same FS codes are refered to as Dark/Light Compass grey? Is there suppose to be any diffrence between that? Thanks for your time. BR Martin
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