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  1. I’d love to see markings for one of the Marine Corp CH-53s involved in Operation Frequent Wind. I’ve always wanted to build one of these big birds.
  2. afoxbat, I totally agree, it’s so great to have people in the community that are so willing to help out fellow modelers with their projects. And don’t worry, that F-105 is on the workbench!😉👍
  3. Thanks for the info everyone. It’s looking more and more like I may have to settle for 1/72 on this one.
  4. I figured if I ever tracked one down that the wallet would take quite a hit.
  5. I was just wondering if anyone knew of where I might be able to find a conversion kit for a Convair TF-102 Delta Dagger in 1/48 scale. I’ve been dying to build a model of this aircraft in 48th scale for years now, but have never been able to find a conversion kit to make one.
  6. If you ever do another 1/48 F-111 sheet, I'd love to see a set of markings for one of the F-111Bs that were tested for use by the U.S. Navy.
  7. Ha I didn't notice those either. Yikes this is getting harder and harder!
  8. Wow! I can't believe I didn't notice that! That makes the build a lot more complex!
  9. Those look pretty close. I'm sure I could get away with using the Vallejo colors for some of the F-5 aggressor aircraft that they include in one of their air war paint sets as it looks very similar to the camo on the B-1.
  10. I was wondering if anyone knew the exact FS numbers for the three-tone desert camo scheme applied to one of the B-1A prototypes? It looks pretty similar to a scheme I've seen on some USAF aggressor aircraft but I don't know if it's an exact match. Can anyone fill me in?
  11. Darn it! No luck with Revell Germany. They said the parts have been out of stock for 10 years.
  12. You're right, I've had no luck with Revell USA, but I'd forgotten that Revell Germany also had a boxing of the kit so perhaps I'll have some luck with them.
  13. I was wondering if anyone knew if there were any 1/48 F-105G or F vacuform canopies on the market? I recently bought a second hand Revell Kit and it's missing the sprue of clear parts. I've tried to see if I can acquire a replacement from Hobby Boss's kit and try to make it work, but Hobby Boss hasn't responded? Anyone have any ideas?
  14. That's good to hear. I'll hang on a little longer.
  15. I was wondering if anyone had any experience dealing with Minicraft about replacement parts? It seems that based on what it says on their website, they do try to replace parts or decals for customers. I recently pulled out their 1:144 Early B-52H kit #14615 in hopes to build it. However over the years I must have misplaced the decal sheet for the kit. I sent a message to the email they have listed on their website but I haven't got a reply back in over a week. Anyone have any thoughts?
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