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  1. Aaaaa, sorry, I think Air Force….
  2. Thanks for answer but I have also photos on link and I get link to photo and result is it ….. http://katanada42.sweb.cz/rek 24.jpg ..… link but everybody must clikck :-(:-(:-( I do not h´where is mistake…. Thanks
  3. I would like bigger photos, but web writte " only max 107kb" Understand You ?
  4. I would like little probleme, I assembled 2 Enstroms, I try get to ARC photios but I get link, but - photos not see…… only after "click" 😞 Know You probleme?
  5. Aaaa, I, sorry I have not infants :-):-):-)
  6. http://katanada42.sweb.cz/rek 24.jpg
  7. I not like little Windows on helicopters and bombers... Here is fuselage from polyurethan, just fine tamiya paste and finish Cockpit is alone with exhaust …. Very frendly assembly……. Minimum putty On photos - company marking - still not received Czech Air Force - Japan Air Force - Thai Air Force
  8. neglected small helicopter..... a few air forces use it.... many hundred flying in civilian
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