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  1. F-4 Martin-Baker Seat Question

    Well, I spent 1600 hours flying in the German Phantom. Regards Michael
  2. F-4 Martin-Baker Seat Question

    Nice topic. As I remember, on the German Air Force F-4F the front seat moved completely when adjusting the seat height, while the backseat only the lower part with the headrest staying at the same height throughout. GAF and RAF jets not only had different colored harnesses but also a completely different harness system which I'venever seen depicted in resin. I think airwaves did a photo edge set of it. The GAF also got rid of the so called banana link (yellow flexible tubing on top of the seat) after an inadvertent ejection caused by compression due to FOD. Further the lower seat handle was flexible on GAF seats. Scout
  3. F-4C

    Great pics!!! What is indicated by the extra yellow stripes on the rear half of soem of the bombs. Further in the pic above which show these stripes, the bombs seem to have a different shape than a regular MK-80´s series bomb? Cheers Scout
  4. The real slime lights where kind of between pale yellow/green. CAM decals had some glow in the dark decals. But they, just like many other manufacturers, made the mistake of doing the main fuselage and forward fuselage lights in equal lenght, when in fact they were different in lenght, even though they were made of three sections. Unfortunately I am nit at home to provide the correct measurements but I used afterburner decals on my F-4E build and their decals pretty much hit the nail on the head. I'd just cut some plastic strip and glue it into the correct places, then mix yellow with some green to get the right tone. Sometimes you would see different variations in color on the same jet. I even had once an almost orange strip light on and F-4F though. Cheers Scout
  5. Waldek´s early Fitter

    Waldek, this is an amazing looking model! And it is not a far east quality kit it is KP! Hat´s off to such a good work! Regards Michael
  6. Best 72nd MiG-21 kit!

    Thanks for the review. Hopefully Modelsvit will release a MiG-19 somewhere in the future. Cheers Scout
  7. I just ordered Fujimi's F-86F40 but Plan to build an Iranian Sabre. Once it arrives I let you know, but I guess it will carry Japanese stencils, which I will not need. Cheers Michael
  8. Hello I am interested in the following decals all 1/72 Astra Iceland F15 Superscale Desert Storm F14 and F-4E/G. Cheers Michael
  9. I have the beautiful 1/72 Sword T-38C kit at home which comes with photo edged parts for the upgraded instrument panels. But I am looking to build a T-38A. In this kit, photo edged instrument panels are also provided but for the dial and gauges panels of the A. Anybody willing to trade? Thanks Michael
  10. Obscure question regarding the IL-76 family

    Su suggest you sign up on www.flugzeugforum.de and ask the question in the rubric Vom Original zum Modell There are a lot of modellers who have vast knowledge about eastern aircraft and eastern model companies. Some of these guys worked and flew in the former east german air force. They are not afraid answering in english. The reason you have to sign up is that first you cannot open a new topic (normal) and secon you will not see any pics if not logged in. Cheers Scout
  11. send me a PM with your adress. Cheers Michael
  12. Are you located in Europe?
  13. A-7A Question

    Perfect, thanks Pete. Again something learned. Michael
  14. A-7A Question

    Cool thanks, that helps. Is this a strike Camera next to the right rear main gear door? It certainly looks different than on the E and is more toward positioned. Michael
  15. A-7A Question

    Did the A-7A around 1968-1970 also have the chaff and flare dispensers under the rear fuselage as found on the E? Thanks for your tips. Michael