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  1. Hhm, a good approach to interpreting the color. I was comparing the forward tip of the rudder ( which extends over the empennage). It has a different sheen than the rest of the fuselage which should not be the case if the overall base color was yellow. Comparing it to color pics of other all metal Texans the rudder also has different sheen that the fuselage. I guess NMF it is. Thanks Michael
  2. Question for the historical experts. I know this is a long shot. I recently purchased the excellent 1/72 Special Hobby Harvard boxing of Academy's T-6G molds and would like to build the AT-6G of the Lebanese Air Force as provided on the Armycast Texan decal sheet Clicky There is no consent if they were natural metal or painted yellow. Unfortunately, I only found a fewblack an white pictures of Lebanese Texans and the question remaina Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Since these Harvards came from the RAF, that would suggest yellow. But the pics are not clea
  3. I wondered as well when reading that thread. Going in was possible by holding onto both side walls and sliding directly with the feet onto the cockpit floor. But leaving the cockpit? No chance. I always stepped onto the seat cushion. But I cannot remember seeing such a daring on our Lufwaffe MK-7 seats. B/r Michael
  4. Thanks Gents, it is awesome to be able to get access to the groups' knowledge. So I guess I will apply some clear yellow mixed with a bit of clear orange. Will see what I can achieve. Cheers Michael
  5. On seaforces.org it doesn't look like radome tan but more like a golden yellow. B/r Michael
  6. Hello community, VA-12 Corsair II's featured a yellow redone tip during their 83 Med Cruise. Could someone point out to me, which yellow was used? Here is a link to the decal sheet and jet I refer to. Thanks Michael
  7. Hello gents, despite of it not being a sexy fighter, the T-39 nevertheless has been playing a crucial role with the US forces. The T-39N and G for instance are used to train US NAVY NFOs and international WSO in Radar Navigation and basic intercepts. I have the 1/72 scale RVHP Resin kit of the T-39N. A very nice kit indeed. I would like to open the access door and therefore would need some pictures of the cockpit bulkhead and aisle . Could someone help me? Thanks Michael
  8. To my knoweldge, VF-142 never received TARPS capability. Its sister squadron VF-143 deployed TARPS for CVW-7. This (and probably its non-political-correct insignia and squadron name were fundamental in it being disbanded. If you search VF-142 on FICKR, a lot of VF-142 pics show up, some of them quite high res. B/r Michael
  9. Hello Gents, I am not sure if this topic should go into the jet modelling section or ship builders corner. I finished my 1/72 Fujimi A-7A in VA-147 markings during their initial SEA combat cruise 67/68. Next up will be a A-6A in VA-165 colors for the same cruise. My intention is to build a small dio showing the Corsair taxiing out with the A-6 being manned up. I have a deck section from Just Plain Stuff and want to create this section of the Ranger. Does anybondy know the dimensions of the white Landing Zone boundary markings? Not just the longitudinal white stripes but also the late
  10. All you ever wanted to know about the Walleye. clicky Regards Michael
  11. That is correct. They were later replaced by new built FY75 E-models which had more capability than the Fs actually had since they were just bought straight from the then current production line. That is, they had for instance the APX-80 IFF installed. The TISEO housing was empty though and was later removed. Michael
  12. Korat actually had two tails 313 assigned. The 469th TFS had 66-313 and the 34th TFS had 68-313. Michael
  13. It would be an option to post in the spares part section. If someone put AIM-120 on his/her 1/32 (Strike)Eagle model the LAU-105s of the kit were to be replaced with Resin LAU-128 and should be left over in the spares box. Regards Michael
  14. The Eagle carried LAU-105 prior to AIM-120 integration. The AIM-120 launcher is the LAU-128. Michael
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