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  1. No problem, was a pleasure. You can load the CBU-87 onto the the inboards with AIM-9 rails attached, even with AIM-9s onto them. It is just a problem for the rear fins to clear the CBU's fins when the Aim-9 is fired. They might collide. Strangely, with the GAF F-4 we sometimes carried baggage pods under the inboards with live Aim-9Li attached to the rails when we had to deploy with QRA jets to a different airfield. The 1-F-4F-34 (the weapons checklist) did not prohibit us from doing so. Regarding the GBU-10 and the adapter. They had to be loaded directly under the pylons because of its size they would not have any grounds clearance otherwise. Cheers Scout
  2. No, this pic was taken for an official picture. Somewhere in my harddrive I have a picture overlooking the gathered crowd with the F-4E an F-111E, a Herc and other aircraft from the 7440 CW.
  3. @Jacub Jakepilot, I tried to send you a PM but received the message that you cannot receive messages? Cheers Michael
  4. I guess the 3rd figured to need a maximum of 2 AIM-9s for self defense only. The adapter providing clearance of the missiles rear fins from the TER. Remember the theater of operations was supposed to be the Korean Peninsula where the air threat was not that high back until the 90s, so even a F-4 should have been able to hold its own. But this is just a guess. Cheers Scout
  5. That depends. A CBU-87 weighs in at 1000 pounds. F-14s on their final cruise went over the beach with one each GBU-38 and GBU-12. It all depends on the target and how it is weaponeered. No need to carry more than required. Ref. the special weapons adapter. Mark Hasara aka Sluggo here on thethe forum took pics of it which show up in Jake Melampy's Modern Phantom Guide, but they can also be found on the net. It's a huge peace of metal which carries a MAU-12 weapons adapter which is normally found in the pylons of the F-4. The special weapons adapter was screwed directly to the inboard pylon where the MAU-12 was usually located. Therfore the pylon did not feature any sway braces anymore. If you follow the in progress link I provided before, you'll see a picture of the scratch built adapter. BTW the article above which explains the 3rd TFS involvement in DS is wrong in assuming that the special weapons adapter was carried on both sides. Only the left inner pylon carried it. On the right side the CBU-87 was directly attached to the inboard pylon. 4 missions were flown, the second one resulted in a no drop due to wrongly inserted coordinates in the AN/ARN-101 , resulting in the pilot being not 100% sure of the target. Their wingman did also not drop since they noticed lead to abort the run. The very first mission was flown with 73-1199 as lead, marked as 13th AF flagship and 73-1198 as wingman, the only one of the 4 deployed jets without shark teeth. Furthermore 1199 was loaded later with Pave Tack an 2 GBU-10 on the inboards. The target was supposed to be an Iraqi Airbus A-300, but the mission was not flown due to the ceasefire. Cheers Scout
  6. I did a 3rd TFS F-4E with the pod a few years back. Took me a few years to research this jet which also deployed to Incirlik in ´91. Finally I had contact with its assigned Pilot and his Backseater which flew that one from the PI to Turkey and lead the 3rd TFS first combat mission, although in 73-1199. with CBU-87´s. I used DJ Parkins Gunsmoke range PT pod. This one is made for the F-111 so I had to scratch the nose cone and pylon. On the ground there is ususally a air conditioning adapter attached to the pod. Since I did not like to spoil the pod´s shape I build a diorama where a ground crew just removed the adapter. Here is the in progress thread. And here the finished model. Cheers Scout
  7. Yes, the ICE radome was wider than the standard vanilla E/F/G APQ-120 radome. It is not noticeable in 1/72 scale though and this would be your smallest worries when buidling the Revell F-4F. The Peace Icarus F-4E has taken the upgrades of the F-4F ICE and added all the capabilities the GAF did not want to pay for, e.g upgraded cockpit, LGB self lasing capability, and above all the IFF-system. Cheers Scout
  8. Thanks Gentlemen, that's a real bummer to hear. Regards Michael
  9. I do not know if this has been asked before. I´ll be on a business trip to the USA shortly and will fly through San Francisco Intl. Are there any good hobbyshops in the area? I am interested in Airplane kits, accessories and decals. Thanks Michael
  10. Ben already told you about real life differences. It is / was called HPC tank for High Performance Tank. It was rated 6g when full, 6,5 when less than 80%full and aircraft limits when empty. It was a permanent fixture on our F-4s for day to day business .3 Tanks were normally only carried on the QRA birds during international exercises and if flight time was an issue. Cheers Scout
  11. Could you provide a source for the an EA-6A carrying a Standard in Vietnam? Thanks Michael
  12. Nils, I think you mean A-6Bs instead of the EA-6A. Cheers Scout
  13. Scratchbuilding it is very easy. The Rear Cockpit mod is also quite easily achieved. Unless you plan to do a RF, you´ll have to include the TISEO as well. But, be aware the TISEO as provided by Hasegawa is way to small in diameter. I, therefore, scratchbuilt it as well. ARNI jets did also have a lot of static dischargers on the wings, horizontal stabs, on top of the fin as well as on the fuel vent mast. here is my Arni jet I built some time ago. Unfortunately in german since the pics I posted on the "in progress thread" on Z5 are all gone due to Photobucket´s change in policy. But the pics explain a lot as well. Cheers Michael
  14. Thanks Gerry, so the Launch Bar would not rotate together with the nosegear when turning while taxiing? Since I see this vertical rod? From where on did the nosegear move then? Scout
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