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  1. Hello US Navy experts, I have a question about the tie down points of Cold War US Navy aircraft carriers. How would I know if 4 spoke or 5 spoke tie down points are to b used for my diorama. I am particular interested in the USS Ranger of 1967, USS Coral Sea 1980. Thanks Michael
  2. I am pretty sure I read it somewhere (might have been in the Muroc Models F-8U1 conversion set instructions). And when watching YouTube videos of early Crusaders landing, the nosewheel swivels freely when the Jet is pulled back from the arresting cable. The early Version A-4s also did not feature nose gear steering while later versions do. So I wonder if it was also added to late model Crusaders. Best regards Michael
  3. I got a question regarding the nose gear of the J model. Was it steerable or just like on the F-8U1 not steerable. How was taxiing on the narrow carrier deck done with a none-steerable nosegear? Regards Michael
  4. Did I miss it or isn't there a preview of your decals for the Recon Crusader available yet? I'd love to see some for the 1970 USS Bonne Homme Richard WestPac since I have VF-53 decals and A-4E VA-94 from that cruise and it would provide for a nice dio. Cheers Michael
  5. During my research about Crusader squadrons which flew the E version, I came about that Microscale decal sheet I was happy to see another color on the tail than the usual red and yellow. However I am yet to find a color picture confirming blue, since there are also decal sheets and webpages, which propose these markings in red Clicky. Maybe there is somebody put there who could confirm the color of these specific tail markings. Since they seem to be carried only during one or two cruises. Michael
  6. Hello, here's my next request. I am looking for the VF-53 option of either the Superscale 72-833 or of the Furball 72-002 sheet. I am.willing to pay or can trade. Thanks for looking Michael
  7. I am looking especially for the VA-23 markings of the Superscale 72-319 sheet. Your help is very appreciated! Best regards Michael
  8. I have some resin copies of it a friend of mine made some years ago. Send me PN. Best regards Michael
  9. I just purchased the SOVA Kit. It is really nice, coming with photoedged parts and canopy masks. But, these are the markings I'd wish to see on your sheet Kursad. 86th TS Rio Lobos detached to TRAWING-6 NAS Pensacola 1997-1999 (when I was there). Back then the US AIR FORCE Lettering was still on the front secton of the aircraft. Unfortunately I did not take any close up pics back then. The second one is quite blury but shows the upper wing markings (USAF Letters on the right wing) There are some high res pics floating around on the internet. Best regards Michael
  10. I double your thoughts. I already built my fini flight T-2, a T-39N is in the making and T-34C in the stash. Would be awesome to add the T-1 to the collection. B/r Michael
  11. IIRC Randy Cunningham in his Book Fox-2 said while describing a very close head on pass with a MiG-17 "I could see the gomer head with the gomer goggles. Best regards Michael
  12. That config was used early in the war. Later an adapter was fitted to to the LAU-17/A which allowed carriage of TERs on the inboard pylons B/r Michael
  13. I am about 100 percent sure that the Hasegawa B kit comes also with the sprue containing the thick wings and larger tires since some RF-4Bs had them. The rest is the same as on the RF-4C. So yes. I only have RF-4B kits and am building a RF-4C at the moment but I have so many Hase Phantoms kits , I cannot confirm that I took the wings from that box ( the model is on the desk since about a year). B/r Michael
  14. Hello Mike, to cite the excellent book US NAVY Carrier Air Wing Aircraft 1975-2015 Vol. 1 by Mike Crutch At the start of 1975, the final F-4Ns to serve with frontline LANTFLT squadrons resided within CVW-6. They deployed for the last time on 3 January for a Sixth Fleet cruise in USS Franklin D. Roosevelt (CVA-42, which was re-designated CV-42 on 1 July). After a typical round of exercises throughout the Mediterranean, ‘Rosie’ came about and passed back into the Atlantic on 6 July. The Phantom IIs of VF-41 Black Aces (tactical callsign FAST EAGLE) and VF-84 Jolly Rogers (tacti
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