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  1. Looking for A-7 Sluff experts again

    Thanks a lot. All makes sense. I did not factor in carrier operations were the plane might stop and wait without having the spaceto move a few inches. The F-4 had the same concept but being used to land ops only, we parked/stopped the jet with nose gear and rudder straightened out 99,9% of the time. I actually remember only one case of seeing a Phantom parked with the nose gear deflected. Thanks again Scout (former F-4F WSO with FW-72"W" & FW-71"R" of the Luftwaffe)
  2. I want to depict my Fujimi A-7 while taxiing on the carrier deck. While searching the internet I found only a few pics which show the A-7 taxiing with the nosewheel deflected. And this is where my question came up. The one pic I found of a A-7 taxiing with wings folded up and nosewheel deflected to turn a corner, does not show any deflection of the rudder, while the few pics with wings extended show the rudder deflected in correspondence to the nosewheel. My question is if there was some kind of mechanism which prevented the rudder from deflecting while the wings were folded up. Usually the rudder deflects during taxiing when using the rudder pedals and only the nosewheel steering had to be manually activated by a knob on the control stick, at least for aircraft of that era. Thanks Michael
  3. Kurnass 2000

    Send me a PM. I have complete Front and Rear Cockpit pics for your use. The Kurnass 2000 also had a distictive RWR antenna under the cannon housing. What is less known are the additional lare dispenser housings which could be carried in the rear AIM-7 wells. The Kurnass 2000 did not employ AIM-7 launchers anymore, since the IDF/AF relied on the F-15 for the BVR business. But the ground attack role called for additional flares to be available. The primeportal airstrip shows a good picture of these on an F-4E(S) Shablool. Cheers Michael
  4. Wolfpak December 2017 Release

    I´d like to see Aggressor Skyhawks from the beginnings up to the 80s. Mainly the single seaters. Even though the Fujimi kits are not listed anymore ,there are plenty of them still out there. TA-4s from from VX-4 and VMAT-102 would be nice as well. I double the F-111 request. Fs from Lakenheath in the SEA camo and later Cannon in the Gunship Grey livery. A-6As and Bs from Vietnam. Holloman AFB F-4Es and Fs from the 20th Fighter Squadron Silver Lobos. ZR RF-4Cs which deployed to Incirlik for Desert Storm. Prototype F-16 decals is another idea. Ohh man, I better stop dreaming. Cheers Scout
  5. Isn´t this the same mold? Cheers Scout
  6. Sparrow & Sidewinder underwing F/A-18 Hornet

    Thanks, can I suppose that another slammer is attached on the right cheek station? Cheers Scout
  7. Sparrow & Sidewinder underwing F/A-18 Hornet

    Is this the current QRA load out in Canada? Would the wingtips be empty? Thanks Scout
  8. F-4 Martin-Baker Seat Question

    Well, I spent 1600 hours flying in the German Phantom. Regards Michael
  9. F-4 Martin-Baker Seat Question

    Nice topic. As I remember, on the German Air Force F-4F the front seat moved completely when adjusting the seat height, while the backseat only the lower part with the headrest staying at the same height throughout. GAF and RAF jets not only had different colored harnesses but also a completely different harness system which I'venever seen depicted in resin. I think airwaves did a photo edge set of it. The GAF also got rid of the so called banana link (yellow flexible tubing on top of the seat) after an inadvertent ejection caused by compression due to FOD. Further the lower seat handle was flexible on GAF seats. Scout
  10. F-4C

    Great pics!!! What is indicated by the extra yellow stripes on the rear half of soem of the bombs. Further in the pic above which show these stripes, the bombs seem to have a different shape than a regular MK-80´s series bomb? Cheers Scout
  11. The real slime lights where kind of between pale yellow/green. CAM decals had some glow in the dark decals. But they, just like many other manufacturers, made the mistake of doing the main fuselage and forward fuselage lights in equal lenght, when in fact they were different in lenght, even though they were made of three sections. Unfortunately I am nit at home to provide the correct measurements but I used afterburner decals on my F-4E build and their decals pretty much hit the nail on the head. I'd just cut some plastic strip and glue it into the correct places, then mix yellow with some green to get the right tone. Sometimes you would see different variations in color on the same jet. I even had once an almost orange strip light on and F-4F though. Cheers Scout
  12. Waldek´s early Fitter

    Waldek, this is an amazing looking model! And it is not a far east quality kit it is KP! Hat´s off to such a good work! Regards Michael
  13. Best 72nd MiG-21 kit!

    Thanks for the review. Hopefully Modelsvit will release a MiG-19 somewhere in the future. Cheers Scout
  14. I just ordered Fujimi's F-86F40 but Plan to build an Iranian Sabre. Once it arrives I let you know, but I guess it will carry Japanese stencils, which I will not need. Cheers Michael
  15. Hello I am interested in the following decals all 1/72 Astra Iceland F15 Superscale Desert Storm F14 and F-4E/G. Cheers Michael