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  1. They really went the extra mile with the details on the belly. I especially like detailing of the centerline stores hardpoint. So many Phantoms of the late 70s early 80s flew without stores on that station (due to the very low g-limit of the old Sargent Fletcher 600gal tank). It would have been nice to see that kind of details also on the lower side of the inboard pylons, where the MAU-12 weapons adapter is visible. Speaking of the inner pylons. Take a look at their alignment to the re-enforcement inside the gear well. The pylon is in the correct position. The spar (or whatever you want to call) it is off. The inner edge of it should allign with the centerline of the inboard pylon and thereby should be more centered between the hinges of the speed brake. Cheers Michael
  2. The temperature due to skin friction usually is sufficient for the leading edge deicing. It usually happened only on approach below 250 KIAS. (I am talking about the F-4 now). We would accelerate to 300 and you could see ice melting away from the intake lips. The pitot boom and compressor inlet guide vanes of the engines could be heated. The pitot boom electrically and the vanes through hot air from the engines. Pitot Heat - on was an item on the descent checklist. Engine De-Icing was to be selected depending on situation (e.g. when you had to fly though the murk in the winter during an approach) Both had an amber warning light on the telelight panel when selected. The pitot heat because it was dangerous for anybody to touch it on the ground (more than one crew chief I know could tell me a story...) and it was battery powered, so it would drain it when the engines were shut. The engine de-ice on the other hand had an impact on power output of the engine. Hope that cleared up your question a bit. Cheers Michael
  3. I cannot understand that kind of discussion. Even if those plates weren't present, they are some of the easiest pieces to scratchbuilt. After all , we call ourselves scale modellers not kit builders. Furthermore their presence depends on the subject and timeframe you want to do. We in the Luftwaffe had jets with those plates only at the top, some only at the bottom, and others on both sides. Hell I even have a picture on my hard drive, which was taken from a shelter, and shows the jet with having the plate only on the upper lefthsnd stab. This is really rare, since usually the stabilator unit was one integral part (almost like the Tamiya 1/32) and was changed as section. It was transported in a wooden cage. They were maintained independently from the airframd. Hence, they could go from one jet to another. That's why the timeframe matters as well. I'd rather would like to see the slotted leading edge to be more pronounced. FineMold's look more like the ones Fujimi provided. I my opinion, the Hasegawa late tool F-4 kits have an advantage in that area. Cheers Michael
  4. All pictures of F-4Cs I have seen so far (also in ANG service until the end) show LAU-7 launchers. B/r Michael
  5. I also ordered their F-111 exhausts in May but via the German online shop Dukemodel. I was told right away that due to Covid-19 it will be weeks before I'll get my items. Yesterday he send me an update, fleeing me that the ResKits parts will take another two weeks. He is a native from Russia or Ukraine and has his connections. So I guess don't blame the company it is just the current situation. Cheers Michael
  6. Might be a bit off topic at the moment. But the vertical tail had also differences in some panels bewteen the Recce and non-Recce versions. I just can't find the post to it anymore. IIRC it was here on ARC. Cheers Michael
  7. Beautiful model. I really like this finish. It stands out from the regular grey/orange birds. Cheers Michael
  8. The air refueling door is certainly wrong. First of all, it looks too big and secondly, the real deal has an asymmetrical shape. I'll try to post a pic later. Cheers Scout
  9. Too bad they did not design the clear part of the windscreen that way that the lower part is extended into the fuselage. On the real deal there is no lower frame visible. Recreating that feature on the model is not possible if you are like me and blend in the windscreen ( actually the to quarter panels as they were called) with putty and sanding into the fuselage. Hence there will either a glue seam be visible or it needs to be cover with paint. Cheers Scout
  10. I have three Air Graphics Pave Tack pods. The forward barrel is noticeably too narrow in diameter. It doesn't look right and comparing it to Jim Rotramel's aka MrVark's beautiful scale drawing confirmed my suspicion which I already addressed when a picture of a pre-production pod was posted on Air Graphics FB page. Furthermore the rotating part is molded onto the optronic head , meaning it only allows the pod mounted with the optronic visible. Which, for most of the time the pod was on the ground is not the correct position. Furthermore it looks more like the prototype swivel head. With all being said, the pod needs a lot of corrective action depending how you want to have it depicted on your model. But the barrel needs to be replaced for sure which is easy and by shortening and sanding the swivel head it is no problem because the new / wider diameter of the barrel then will fit to the fatter portion of the swivel head. Unfortunately I don't think Edward downscaled their 48 scale pod which I never purchased. Cheers Scout
  11. Thanks, I could not find a clear picture of it in the web. Scout
  12. Out of curiosity , where is the radar scope on the J- panel? Thanks Scout
  13. Assess - predict - maneuver And the most important rule.... Look sharp on initial! Cheers Scout
  14. I'd love to see those decals in both scales!!! Cheers Michael
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