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  1. The MK 4 was used extensively by VMFA-122. They even flew 3-gunpod configurations with one at the centerline and one each on stations 1 and 9. What is really interesting for me is the way it is attached to the belly station. There seems to be a different shaped rack attached to the belly than th usual bomb rack. Cheers Michael
  2. The only cast metal pitot tube set I am aware of is Miniworld Gulfstream antenna set Unfortunately it is quite expensive and only contains four of those pitot static tubes you look for. Somewhere some day I also found a regular store to buy that set but it was equally expensive. I was looking for those when building my A-7 and ended up using two injection needles with different diameters. The inner one I bent to the right angle and put the one with the larger diameter over the end pointing towards the fuselage. Then I used pliers and squeezed it flat. The with a little bit of putty i
  3. Hello, On the German modelling site Flugzeugforum there was a discussion not long ago about that exact jet. Clicky Off course it is in German but you could use Google translate. First of all, it was not wired to carry the GP-9 gun gondola and secondly there is a lot of discussion about when it was painted in camo and sent to the museum in Madrid. Best regards Michael
  4. The forward position on your pics looks good. Skyhawk full load Michael
  5. Bringing up an old topic up again. Were there any of the TA-4KU flying with live ammunition in DS? Best regards Michael
  6. Hello, I am looking for the HARMS from the Revell of German 1/72 scale F-16C Block 50/52 kit (N°04633). They are the part numbers 111 (Missile body 2 each) and 112 ( forward fins 4 each). I am located in Germany and willing to swap for other kind of ordnace/parts/decals. Thanks for looking Michael
  7. You know that neither Hasegawa got the slats correct for a "S" nor do Revell slats have the correct shape for the Navy Slats? The outer slats have a very prominent angle in its profile completely different to the E/F/G slats. From addition the inner slats on the "S" protruded forward of the wing even in retracted position. I recommend getting hold of a Paragon Designs 72058 set. They have the correct shape and you can also built them in closed position. Michael
  8. Check out Fantasy Printshop They used to print the decals for the late Mark and still have lots of them in stock. B/r Michael
  9. Hello community, I am looking for Sword kit number 72 023 for the T-38A Greetings Michael
  10. On the F-4F the anti skid paint was a very rough color which looked like being applied with a broom or brush. Afterward the camo was applied. And the different texture resulted in a slightly lighter color the the surrounding paint. When I built my 1/48 scale 3rd TFW F-4E some years ago, I stubbed very old Testors falt clear coat with acut short brush onto the finished paint. It worked oiut well. Clicky B/r Michael
  11. Hhm, a good approach to interpreting the color. I was comparing the forward tip of the rudder ( which extends over the empennage). It has a different sheen than the rest of the fuselage which should not be the case if the overall base color was yellow. Comparing it to color pics of other all metal Texans the rudder also has different sheen that the fuselage. I guess NMF it is. Thanks Michael
  12. Question for the historical experts. I know this is a long shot. I recently purchased the excellent 1/72 Special Hobby Harvard boxing of Academy's T-6G molds and would like to build the AT-6G of the Lebanese Air Force as provided on the Armycast Texan decal sheet Clicky There is no consent if they were natural metal or painted yellow. Unfortunately, I only found a fewblack an white pictures of Lebanese Texans and the question remaina Example 1 Example 2 Example 3 Since these Harvards came from the RAF, that would suggest yellow. But the pics are not clea
  13. I wondered as well when reading that thread. Going in was possible by holding onto both side walls and sliding directly with the feet onto the cockpit floor. But leaving the cockpit? No chance. I always stepped onto the seat cushion. But I cannot remember seeing such a daring on our Lufwaffe MK-7 seats. B/r Michael
  14. Thanks Gents, it is awesome to be able to get access to the groups' knowledge. So I guess I will apply some clear yellow mixed with a bit of clear orange. Will see what I can achieve. Cheers Michael
  15. On seaforces.org it doesn't look like radome tan but more like a golden yellow. B/r Michael
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