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  1. SCOUT712

    Hobbyshops in the San Francisco Bay Area

    Thanks Gentlemen, that's a real bummer to hear. Regards Michael
  2. I do not know if this has been asked before. I´ll be on a business trip to the USA shortly and will fly through San Francisco Intl. Are there any good hobbyshops in the area? I am interested in Airplane kits, accessories and decals. Thanks Michael
  3. SCOUT712

    Tweaklist to convert F-4E to F-4F Phantom

    Ben already told you about real life differences. It is / was called HPC tank for High Performance Tank. It was rated 6g when full, 6,5 when less than 80%full and aircraft limits when empty. It was a permanent fixture on our F-4s for day to day business .3 Tanks were normally only carried on the QRA birds during international exercises and if flight time was an issue. Cheers Scout
  4. SCOUT712

    F-4 unusual load

    Could you provide a source for the an EA-6A carrying a Standard in Vietnam? Thanks Michael
  5. SCOUT712

    F-4 unusual load

    Nils, I think you mean A-6Bs instead of the EA-6A. Cheers Scout
  6. SCOUT712

    Looking for A-7 Sluff experts again

    Thanks a lot gents! Michael
  7. SCOUT712

    F-4 AN/ANR-101 conversion

    Scratchbuilding it is very easy. The Rear Cockpit mod is also quite easily achieved. Unless you plan to do a RF, you´ll have to include the TISEO as well. But, be aware the TISEO as provided by Hasegawa is way to small in diameter. I, therefore, scratchbuilt it as well. ARNI jets did also have a lot of static dischargers on the wings, horizontal stabs, on top of the fin as well as on the fuel vent mast. here is my Arni jet I built some time ago. Unfortunately in german since the pics I posted on the "in progress thread" on Z5 are all gone due to Photobucket´s change in policy. But the pics explain a lot as well. Cheers Michael
  8. SCOUT712

    Looking for A-7 Sluff experts again

    Thanks Gerry, so the Launch Bar would not rotate together with the nosegear when turning while taxiing? Since I see this vertical rod? From where on did the nosegear move then? Scout
  9. SCOUT712

    Looking for A-7 Sluff experts again

    And another Question. Does anybody have a clear picture of the slot for the catapult launch bar which is located on the underside of the forward fuselage just in front of the nose gear bay. Thank you Michael
  10. SCOUT712

    German Tornado war loads?

    MK-83 was only in the inventory of the German Navy Tornados. The Lw Tornados only carried MK-82s. Also the Navy carried AGM-88 on their IDS while the Lw only carried and still carries the HARM ob the ECR. Cheers Scout
  11. SCOUT712

    Andrés scratchbuilt Texan

    Andrés; ¡Enhorabuena! Has hecho un trabajo magnífico. Es un verdadero placer ver a las fotos. Scout
  12. SCOUT712

    Looking for A-7 Sluff experts again

    Thanks a lot. All makes sense. I did not factor in carrier operations were the plane might stop and wait without having the spaceto move a few inches. The F-4 had the same concept but being used to land ops only, we parked/stopped the jet with nose gear and rudder straightened out 99,9% of the time. I actually remember only one case of seeing a Phantom parked with the nose gear deflected. Thanks again Scout (former F-4F WSO with FW-72"W" & FW-71"R" of the Luftwaffe)
  13. I want to depict my Fujimi A-7 while taxiing on the carrier deck. While searching the internet I found only a few pics which show the A-7 taxiing with the nosewheel deflected. And this is where my question came up. The one pic I found of a A-7 taxiing with wings folded up and nosewheel deflected to turn a corner, does not show any deflection of the rudder, while the few pics with wings extended show the rudder deflected in correspondence to the nosewheel. My question is if there was some kind of mechanism which prevented the rudder from deflecting while the wings were folded up. Usually the rudder deflects during taxiing when using the rudder pedals and only the nosewheel steering had to be manually activated by a knob on the control stick, at least for aircraft of that era. Thanks Michael
  14. SCOUT712

    Kurnass 2000

    Send me a PM. I have complete Front and Rear Cockpit pics for your use. The Kurnass 2000 also had a distictive RWR antenna under the cannon housing. What is less known are the additional lare dispenser housings which could be carried in the rear AIM-7 wells. The Kurnass 2000 did not employ AIM-7 launchers anymore, since the IDF/AF relied on the F-15 for the BVR business. But the ground attack role called for additional flares to be available. The primeportal airstrip shows a good picture of these on an F-4E(S) Shablool. Cheers Michael
  15. SCOUT712

    Wolfpak December 2017 Release

    I´d like to see Aggressor Skyhawks from the beginnings up to the 80s. Mainly the single seaters. Even though the Fujimi kits are not listed anymore ,there are plenty of them still out there. TA-4s from from VX-4 and VMAT-102 would be nice as well. I double the F-111 request. Fs from Lakenheath in the SEA camo and later Cannon in the Gunship Grey livery. A-6As and Bs from Vietnam. Holloman AFB F-4Es and Fs from the 20th Fighter Squadron Silver Lobos. ZR RF-4Cs which deployed to Incirlik for Desert Storm. Prototype F-16 decals is another idea. Ohh man, I better stop dreaming. Cheers Scout