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  1. Hello Gents, I am not sure if this topic should go into the jet modelling section or ship builders corner. I finished my 1/72 Fujimi A-7A in VA-147 markings during their initial SEA combat cruise 67/68. Next up will be a A-6A in VA-165 colors for the same cruise. My intention is to build a small dio showing the Corsair taxiing out with the A-6 being manned up. I have a deck section from Just Plain Stuff and want to create this section of the Ranger. Does anybondy know the dimensions of the white Landing Zone boundary markings? Not just the longitudinal white stripes but also the late
  2. All you ever wanted to know about the Walleye. clicky Regards Michael
  3. That is correct. They were later replaced by new built FY75 E-models which had more capability than the Fs actually had since they were just bought straight from the then current production line. That is, they had for instance the APX-80 IFF installed. The TISEO housing was empty though and was later removed. Michael
  4. Korat actually had two tails 313 assigned. The 469th TFS had 66-313 and the 34th TFS had 68-313. Michael
  5. It would be an option to post in the spares part section. If someone put AIM-120 on his/her 1/32 (Strike)Eagle model the LAU-105s of the kit were to be replaced with Resin LAU-128 and should be left over in the spares box. Regards Michael
  6. The Eagle carried LAU-105 prior to AIM-120 integration. The AIM-120 launcher is the LAU-128. Michael
  7. Hello Dave, I just noticed the Mk-82 with BSU-86 fins in 72 scale. What a pleasant surprise. I was cursing kit manufacturers for years for not getting them right. Any plans on doing them without thermal protection? Otherwise I have to add the fins to the regular kit bomb bodies and vice versa. Do you ship to Germany? What would be the postal rate if I ordered 4 packs? Thanks Michael
  8. The Revell F-4 kits have the LAU-7s. They are very crude however. The Tamiya F-4EJ kit comes with LAU-105s IIRC. Regards Michael
  9. Thanks Gary, I knew I could count on your wealth of knowledge. Very interesting. Cheers Michael
  10. The Wiki pic is known. Thanks.Mr. Happy that is my suspicion as well. There are actually two square panels on the 2:3 and 9:30 o' clock position of the intake which suggest the ECM application. I am just not sure if the panel ranging from about 4 to 8'o clock is the same. Cheers Michael
  11. Hello, I am in the final painting stages for my VA-147 Corsair II. I am building Modex 302 as seen on seaforces.org. It is the one with the CBUs and AGM-45 on the cat (pic Nº 17 from the top of the page). I noticed that for this cruise VA-147 had a different color than plain white on the lower, not complete half of the intake lip. It extends slighty into the intake but is also from the outside it extends a bit aft. Other Corsairs from VA-147 on that cruise have this as well. The problem is, I only found one blurry color pic but I cannot make out if it is grey, or kind of antenna cover yel
  12. They operated in conjunction with the gear handle. If up the doors were shut and vice versa. Their purpose was to provide additional airflow to the engine bays during low speed and higher power setting (due I the additional drag with the gear down). Yes, they posed a real danger. Actuated by the utility hydraulic system 2750 +/- 250 psi. They cycled when the respective generator switch was cycled from external to on during start up, having enough power to snatch the arm of a crew chief off. You could actually feel the slam inside the cockpit with the engines running. Hence, it was the rule to
  13. What a great loss. Condolences Michael
  14. When the GIB in the F-4 till were pilots they were called PSO for Pilot Systems Operator. Or simply pilot since the frontseater was the aircraft commander. Michael
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