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  1. +1 Take this forum for example the last comment on your Corsair was 7 days ago . BTW beautiful job on the Corsair.
  2. I've decided to stick to USN/USMC a/c so everything else is on the block. Payment by PayPal (preferrered) or ? All prices in $US and INCLUDE SHIPPING TO CANADA/USA ONLY. Kits ship from London, Ont. Kit packages will not be broken up. PM or email DGerard1966(at)bell.net Sorry no trades unless you have a 1/48 Academy CH-53E/MH-53E or 1/48 Tamiya F-14A 😀 RAF jet pkg. $90 Hobbyboss Tornado IDS Italeri Hawk T.1A Airfix F2A/F.6 Lightning All 3 kits have Xtradecal sheets as well Tamiya F-16 Pkg. $110 F-16CJ X 2 F-16C Blk.25/32 Started F-16Blk. 32/52 T-Birds ( started as a blk. 52) SHG Export Vipers #48016 Wolfpack Extended Parapack tail Has. 15 pkg. $75 PENDING ? F-15A/C IDF F-15J Aggressor Bulleye Decals 48008 DS Eagles F-15E pkg. $50 PENDING Revell F-15E Academy F-15E "Seymour Johnson" (build it or use it to update the Revell kit) Has. WWII Japanese A/C pkg. $40 A6M2b Type 21 Ki-44-II Hei Shoki N1K2-J George early (started) some assembly all parts present Ki-84-1 Frank (started) parts painted Individual kits (all 1/48) Has. F-1 6SQ Sea Camo $30 Has. Mk.1b Typhoon "Tear drop canopy" $25 Academy Bf-109G-6/G-2 "JG27" $20 Italeri (AMT kit) P-40E/K with a started Has. P-40E $30 Has. F-104J X 2 $25 each Kinetic F-5A/CF-116 $30 I also have a 1/48 Monogram B-58 I'm debating on and a few others. Thanks Don
  3. Chuck Beautiful work as always and as far as shows go it's all politics. I have never entered a show but have judged at show's and it sometimes comes down to if the builder is a club member or not (club member always wins) at certain shows. Don
  4. Chris Check with Mike (AX365) he might have the resin leftover from one of his kits or maybe Phantom. Don
  5. 👍 Very nice. Don
  6. Shawn don't give our government any idea's 😂
  7. Joe Thanks for the offer but I traded them to a club member here in town. Don
  8. I don't see any whining in Dave's response and name calling makes you sound 12 so knock it off. Other than the 100's of oversized rivets on the Has. 104 wing the kit is quite accurate. The Kinetic kit might be better but until it's out there's no sense speculating about it. Now Sleepy you need to realize that on this and other forums alot of people have maintained or flown these aircraft so just because you don't agree with them doesn't mean they're not right. Scooby was a tech in the CAF and saw lot of 104's, Hornet's, Herc's etc.
  9. I agree with Dave on this, the only real upside to the Kinetic kit is weapons. Don
  10. **********TRADED**************** Thanks Don
  11. DONG

    BS at TorCan

    I know who he is and I wasn't expecting him to respond what pi$#ed me off was he didn't have the courage to talked to me. I was at the show and seen him, instead of saying anything to me he corners 2 of my friends. And to either of you why did you respond could have just ignored the post and moved on. And to any Mike's on here I apologize to any of you if I offended you
  12. CVW-8 wasn't deployed to the Gulf until May 2011 so you could get away with practice ordnance or doing it as an air to air re-fueler. I think they had that scheme when they deployed as well on the Bush. Don
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