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  1. Title say's it all. I'm looking for the windscreen for the 1/48 Has. F-18A/C/D kit. I have the rest of the clear sprue. Thanks Don
  2. Mine was Leisure World here in London, They had a wall of kits about 40 feet long and 12 feet high. Mike are you making it to Hamilton in March ? Don
  3. Whoever buy's the A-10 from Bob I'll send you Eduard color zoom P/E and masks for free. I have no use for them (have 2 Hobbyboss A-10's) Shout out to Bob he is a good one. Don
  4. I have the Revell kit as well but I'll be using the Academy F-15E "SJ" kit to upgrade it. Don
  5. This is 13 years old and he hasn't been on here since 2010.
  6. I'll be gathering up some stuff this weekend for them and mailing to John as he's driving up Oct. 7th. Don
  7. Gary I can help you out give me a couple of day's and I'll get the parts ready. PM me your address and all I'll charge is shipping cost. Don
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