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  1. Aaron I have 2 Hasegawa ones, send me your address and I'll mail them out. Don
  2. Aaron Let me check tomorrow and I'll let you know, if I do they will be Hasegawa one's if those work. Don
  3. I have a few for sale. All prices in $US and INCLUDES SHIPPING TO CANADA/USA ONLY. Payment by PayPal (preferred) The list (all 1/48) Hasegawa AH-64A + Eduard Zoom color P/E (no kit box) $35 F-1 6SQN Sea Camo #07354 $30 Hobbyboss FJ-4B $30 Italeri AB-212/UH-1N $30 Hawk T.Mk1 $30 Kinetic A-6E $45 EA-6B (original release) $45 Revell F-8E + Blackbox cockpit and Eduard P/E (no kit box) $30 PM or email to DGerard1966(at)bell.net Thanks Don
  4. Eduard P/E, Aires cockpit, Quickboost seats. Don
  5. I have 2 kit sheets and some leftover Aeromaster decals. Send me your address and I'll mail them out if you still need them. Don
  6. And your both still waiting
  7. Your not getting the big picture here the reason you don't see 200+ page threads on other companies kits is they don't take 4 years to put out a kit and they don't claim it to be the most accurate kit ever released of a certain subject. When you proclaim your kit to be the most accurate kit ever released of the F-14D you better be prepared to have it put under a microscope. The "issue" as you say is significant as it is a very noticable shape error on a very wellknown aircraft and I do agree that it does look like a well molded kit. But there has been a few beautifully molded kits that are still not the best kit in that subject the 1/32 Dragon P-51D comes to mind. AMK can proclaim whatever they want about the kit it's up to us to buy it or not and like Alex said buy it or don't buy it. I for one won't buy it and not because of anything said in this thread, I just happen to have 5 1/48 Tamiya kits and 2 in 1/32 plus 2 in 1/72 so I'm well stocked. Don
  8. I should have some leftover aftermarket and kit decals I'll let you know tomorrow. Don
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