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  1. DONG


    And another person added to the good guy list. Thanks Don
  2. I have a bunch of decals for sale or trade. Payment by PayPal G&S (preferred) or e-transfer or cash. Prices in $US Shipping as follows. Canada/USA $5 for up to 5 sheets Rest of the world $8 for up to 5 sheets 1/48 sheets $15 each FLD 48009 Hornet Swarm Leading Edge RCAF Rescue Lancaster with resin $30 48.57 CF-104 Green/Metal Schemes $8 48.70 C-130E/H Late Grey Scheme $10 RCAF Standard Roundels $5 48.100 CAF SE.5a $7 Caracal 48137 EKA-3B $8 Gekko Graphics 48-002 RNZAF A-4G/K $20 MAW 48
  3. I have a couple of aftermarket packages for sale. Payment by PayPal or e-Transfer Prices in $US and include shipping to Canada/USA. 1/72 C-130 (no kit) $35 Eduard 73729 C-130H Interior (Zvezda) Eduard C-130H Masks (Zvezda) OzMods C-130J Engine pipes OzMods C-130J 8-Blade Jig Leading Edge Decals C-130E/H Grey Schemes Thanks Don
  4. Chris Would one from the Academy kit work ? So that's what your doing with the kit Don
  5. Eduard does their own kits except when they have agreements with Hasegawa, Kinetic, Academy . Don
  6. Nicely done for a Jolly Ranchers jet Don
  7. Actually you got dinked for taxes and a small handling fee from CP because whoever filled out the Custom form probably put full price on the kits and didn't mark it as a gift. Marking it as a gift is not against the rules.
  8. As Dave said it has nothing to do with HLJ. The $15.50 is a brokerage fee from the carrier (DHL or Fed-ex) it has nothing to do with HLJ. Anything shipped from overseas by DHL, Fed-Ex or UPS has their brokerage fee added. I'm in Ontario and Toronto is the main hub for those companies. I buy from Hannant's usually and pick Royal Mail to ship as it goes through customs to Canada Post. Don
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