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  1. The 1/48 Tamiya F-14A or D has great fit (built 3) but is the most expensive of the bunch. The 1/48 Academy and Hasegawa kits have fit issues but can be built into very nice models with patience, the AMK kit seems to have it's haters and lovers but I don't own one. Don
  2. Big update coming this weekend with a lot more to be added. All 1/48
  3. I'm not defending Dave but unless you live in the US over-sea's shipping is taking months because of Covid-19. It takes almost 6 weeks to get packages from the US to Canada.
  4. I just got 2 Hannants orders in the last 2 days. Shipped May 8th. arrived yesterday Shipped June 5th. arrived today
  5. I had one arrive 6 days after ordering(May 29) and I'm still waiting for 2 orders from early May. Usually 4 to 5 weeks is norm now even stuff from the US is taking that long. If it's P/E that they can ship in an envelope it gets here pretty quick.
  6. Looking for some 1/48 Monogram parts. F-14A Part #17 top of the seat (FOUND ON MY DESK) EA-6B part #43 X 2 seat side(left side) and part #45 X 2 seat top Looking for 1 Hasegawa F-15 drop tank Any help is appreciated and I can pay with PayPal or maybe trade ? Thanks Don London, Ont.
  7. Get the F-51D kit as it has the un-cuffed Hamilton Standard prop and the rockets. Don
  8. I'll join this happy group as well. Don
  9. jpk

    Which issue of the Kinetic EA-6B are you selling?

    1. DONG


      First issue with folding wing.

    2. jpk


      Thanks. Looking for the later version. 

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