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  1. Time to thin the decal stash a bit. All prices in $US and include shipping to Canada/USA ONLY but I will ship oversea's at an additionnal cost. Payment by Paypal or cash (at own risk) The list (all 1/48) Aeromaster 48563 Colorful Crusaders PT.5 $9 Afterburner 48-004Wing Kings #1 $9 Eaglestrike 48240 Starfighters 2 $9 SOLD Eaglestrike 48105 Sea Fury Pt.1 $9 Lifelike P-51 Pt.3 $9 Lifelike P-47D Pt.9 $9 Model Alliance 48185 WAP Update 3 $13 Superscale/Microscale $7 each 48-282 F-8 USMC 48-774 VMF(aw)-312 48-933 F-8J VFP-63 48-873 A-7E VA-66/146 48-124 F-14A VF-31/143 48-977 F-16C 48-1187 P-38H/L 48-0068 F-4B/J VF-92/111/142 TwoBob's 48-035 AH-1W Whiskeys in the Mix $13 48-197 F/A-18F VFA-41 $10 XTradecal $8 each 48099 EE Lightning F.Mk.6 SOLD 48135 Tornado GR.1/1A Pt.2 48177 P-51D Mustang Collection Pt.2 48184 USN Reserve Airwing 91 48175 + 48061 Sea Fury (both partial sheets) $8 for both ZM 48-05 F-4S VF-151 $13 That's it for now. Don
  2. According to the USPS website Latex or other water based paint can be shipped by Priority mail inside the US with no restrictions but any other paint ( laquer or aersol) has to go by surface mail. So I'm assuming Priority mail is concidered airmail in some instances (distance between states ?) .
  3. Yes and I can order paint from anywhere in Canada and it will ship to me by surface mail as well. Paint of any kind whether bottle or spray can't be shipped via airmail just surface and since there's no surface mail between our countries anymore no paint.
  4. Contacting US Custom's won't help it's Canada Post's regulations. All packages sent to the US by Canada Post go by airmail so no hazardous materials (paint etc) they could send it by UPS or Fedex ground but then you would get nailed by US customs for any fee's. Canada Post has changed a lot of their shipping procedures at the retail level ex.the first question they ask before even weighting the package is if it contains hazardous material. The shop you contacted is right they could send paint to Australia but only by ship not air. Don
  5. Aaron The instrument panels are different ( gauge layout and amount ) the panel on the lower right side has 5 gauges on the 1A and only 4 on the 1D plus the main panel has a different layout. You could do an early 1D with the 1A canopy but you would need the shoulder pylons from the 1D kit. If your building a 1A just use what you have, unless your an anal Corsair nut no one will know. Don
  6. Colin Found the sheet it's at Bob's house I must of sent it to Bob with a kit he bought from me. Don
  7. Colin I'll look tomorrow but I might still have the "Short Fuse" markings. Don
  8. Agree with John flip a coin. Don
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