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  1. Yes your right and 11bee Quickboost makes a uncuffed prop for the Trumperter kit which fits the Tamiya kit.
  2. Had the kit in my hands Wednesday night very very nice if they do a "J" I'll concider one and we get Tamiya first because of Borgfeldt's long relation ship with Tamiya.
  3. Curt The P-51D/K has the uncuffed HS prop plus the cuffed prop, more weapons and the different inserts for the F-6D. Don
  4. DONG


    Shout out for Ubyssey great to deal with. Don
  5. Yes it was a nice walking into a hooby shop here and seeing new Hasegawa kits on the shelf. Even better when he can look up the kit # to get price and if it's in stock. My poor bank account. Don
  6. Nothing in those pictures makes me want to sell my Tamiya kits so I don't need one This thread is like. but it will probably hit 200 pages before the kit is released.
  7. Did you sell off those F-18 Gs?

  8. Brian PM returned and a few more added.
  9. ****** all paid for kits have been shipped ***********
  10. Well said and pretty much true, we seem to base our kit buying on what the so called experts say when we should just buy what we like. I buy what I like and base it on an honest review of the kit for fit, ease of build etc not on whether it's 2mm short in lenght or span. I like the F-4 and every kit manufacturer has made at least one error big or small. Now back to AMK they're biggest mistake was they should've said nothing and just released the kit now it's just a big PR s#$tstorm because it's been 4 years and nothing. If they had just released the kit they're stock as a kit maker wouldn't have taken a beating for 192+ pages. This is just my opinion and thoughts I have no need for this kit (have 6 Tamiya) just an observation on 192+ pages of other opinions. Don
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