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  1. There's 2 pods and pylons in the Tamiya F-14D kit. Don
  2. eBay Dave(Leading Edge) has a store there and still makes this sheet. Don
  3. The 1/48 Tamiya F-14A or D has great fit (built 3) but is the most expensive of the bunch. The 1/48 Academy and Hasegawa kits have fit issues but can be built into very nice models with patience, the AMK kit seems to have it's haters and lovers but I don't own one. Don
  4. Big update coming this weekend with a lot more to be added. All 1/48
  5. I'm not defending Dave but unless you live in the US over-sea's shipping is taking months because of Covid-19. It takes almost 6 weeks to get packages from the US to Canada.
  6. I just got 2 Hannants orders in the last 2 days. Shipped May 8th. arrived yesterday Shipped June 5th. arrived today
  7. I had one arrive 6 days after ordering(May 29) and I'm still waiting for 2 orders from early May. Usually 4 to 5 weeks is norm now even stuff from the US is taking that long. If it's P/E that they can ship in an envelope it gets here pretty quick.
  8. Looking for some 1/48 Monogram parts. F-14A Part #17 top of the seat (FOUND ON MY DESK) EA-6B part #43 X 2 seat side(left side) and part #45 X 2 seat top Looking for 1 Hasegawa F-15 drop tank Any help is appreciated and I can pay with PayPal or maybe trade ? Thanks Don London, Ont.
  9. Get the F-51D kit as it has the un-cuffed Hamilton Standard prop and the rockets. Don
  10. I'll join this happy group as well. Don
  11. Bump and I'll be adding more.
  12. Bump and more will be added this weekend
  13. Ben My last 2 I used the Eduard" look" resin instrument panels which come with seatbelts as the kit cockpit is nice . My next one I plan on useing Master metal barrels with the Eduard IP. Don
  14. never thought of the panty hose your a wise man but my floor is laminate so sometimes they vault anywhere. Don
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