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  1. Did this ever get released?
  2. Thanks fellas, I was not aware of some of the other offerings. I agree that its such an important aircraft that it really does deserve some new tooling.
  3. Fellas, its been years since I followed the 48th Aircraft release scene. I've seen new Viggens and Jags, but did someone do a new A-10 along the way that I missed? Or has one been announced? The only ones I'm aware of are Mongram one and the early HB one. Cheers! Graeme
  4. Ohh.. the weathering potential on those utterly filthy RAF birds...
  5. Man, this is looking good! Love that scheme on the Otter!
  6. my mind is blown! This is a paradigm change for the hobby.
  7. Brilliant scratchbuilding!
  8. Good news! Shoot me an email when they are in stock and I'll pick up a couple. Cheers! Graeme
  9. really nice! I'm digging the prop tip chipping
  10. Like Riderfan, I let my IPMS Canada membership lapse around '97 or so. I just renewed it in 2011. I think the main reason was the quality of R/T...there were so many well written, well researched, quality articles that appealed to me, it just made sense to join again. R/T is also the only magazine I currently subscribe to. I was a member of IPMS Edmonton for a few years, and thoroughly enjoyed all the meets we had; the regular monthly ones and the impromptu morning coffees. I believe I've made some lasting friendships that transcend modelling as a result of that club. When I moved to Ottawa, I tried the local IPMS chapter, but for a few reasons (ie distance, meeting date) it just didn't work out. Also, the local IPMS chapter seems weighted towards aircraft. I'm mostly into AFV's, and there's a local AMPS chapter that I belong to get that fix. I find the interaction of the local club great as there are people skilled in a variety of aspects of the hobby, and there's nothing like speaking with them face to face to learn a new technique. I'm not sure if the local clubs would be as succesful with or without a national level parent organization? I suspect they'd survive, but there's little chance of a magazine like R/T being generated without some collaborative oversight from something like IPMS Canada.
  11. Denis - the Late Grizzly is already out..who would have thought we'd see one of these in styrene?!? BTW - I am ex-AD as well. 119 AD Bty / 4 AD Regt / 18 AD Regt, from 93-2003
  12. Yes & no. The ASLAV-PC is more akin to the Canadian Bison. Yes, its an 8x8 LAV, but it does not have a turret, and the upper rear hull is a continuous steep angle from the beltline.
  13. Hiya, when do you expect to have these in stock?
  14. Guess they got delayed. No worries, I'll keep checking.